the accomplishments of the greeks l.
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The Accomplishments of the Greeks PowerPoint Presentation
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The Accomplishments of the Greeks

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The Accomplishments of the Greeks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Accomplishments of the Greeks Essential Question: In what fields did the Greeks make great achievements? Art and Architecture Admired human form Painted and decorated vases Built marble temples to their gods Parthenon - most famous temple Literature

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The Accomplishments of the Greeks

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art and architecture
Art and Architecture
  • Admired human form
  • Painted and decorated vases
  • Built marble temples to their gods
  • Parthenon - most famous temple
  • First known people to write drama, or plays; performed in outdoor theatres
  • Wrote poetry; Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey, about Trojan War
greek drama
Greek Drama
  • Athenians were the first people to write dramas.
  • The plays written during the Golden Age were among the city’s greatest achievements.
greek drama6
Greek Drama
  • A tragedy is a serious story that usually ends in disaster for the main character.
  • Several scenes with characters of the story
  • Between scenes, a chorus chanted or sang poems-served as narrators of story
  • Performed at religious festivals as part of a contest
greek drama7
Greek Drama
  • Comedies were also part of the dramatic festivals.
  • The comedies were written to make fun of well-known citizens and politicians and also made jokes about the customs of the day.
greek science philosophy
Greek Science & Philosophy
  • Philosophers believed that people could use the power of mind and reason to understand natural events
greek philosopher thales
Greek Philosopher - Thales
  • Thales was one of the first philosophers.
  • He believed that water was a basic material of the world and that everything was made from it.
greek philosopher socrates
Greek Philosopher - Socrates
  • Philosopher who taught in Athens
  • Eagerly discussed wisdom and goodness
  • He asked questions that made people think about their beliefs.
  • He was famous for quoting to others “know thyself”
  • His questions frightened folks and he was condemned to death. He was urged to escape and flee but he felt this would be unacceptable behavior. Instead he drank poison and died.
greek philosopher democritus
Greek Philosopher - Democritus
  • lived in 400s B.C.
  • thought that everything was made of time particles called atoms
  • 2,000 years later, science showed he was correct
math and science
Math and Science
  • Euclid - figured out basic laws of geometry
  • Hippocrates - father of medical science
  • Archimedes -invented machines
greek religion
Greek Religion
  • worshiped gods and goddesses
  • to the Greeks, gods were immortal, perfect in form, and had power
  • worshiped 12+ great gods led by Zeus + Achilles who had done great deeds in the Trojan War
greek achievements
Greek Achievements
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Math
  • Science