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GBRIA/ABC Craft Training Center Quick Overview

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GBRIA/ABC Craft Training Center Quick Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GBRIA/ABC Craft Training Center Quick Overview. ABC Craft Training Center Overview. Craft Training Center was built in mid 1980’s in response to a lack of trained craft workers

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abc craft training center overview
ABC Craft Training Center Overview
  • Craft Training Center was built in mid 1980’s in response to a lack of trained craft workers
  • Industry leaders and contractors developed an informal agreement to pay for the school and ongoing expenses, which has lasted until today
abc training center overview
ABC Training Center Overview
  • Annual Budget $1.2 - $1.5 million
  • Number of Students Graduating 1100 – 1800/year
  • Avg. Cost per Student Course $833 - $1090
  • Student Fees $40/course/semester
  • Offering = Skills Assessments, Training and Certification Exams using the
    • NCCER standard (National Center for Construction Education and Research,
original and current abc funding methods
Original and Current ABC Funding Methods
  • Original Method

1985 - 1988

  • 1/2 of 1% of straight time wages for all hours worked by appropriate merit shop contractors on plant site $25,000 cap on each plant
  • Example: Sample Chemical Co.
    • Boilermakers – 2000 hours * $12.5/hr*0.005=$125
    • Scaffoldbuilders – 1000 hours*10.25/hr*0.005=$51.25
    • Welders – 5000 hours * $18/hr*0.005=450
    • Grass cutters – not applicable
    • Total Fee to Sample Chemical = $626.25
original and current abc funding methods6
Original and Current ABC Funding Methods
  • 1989 - 1993
  •  3/4 of 1% of straight time wages for all hours worked by appropriate merit shop contractors on plant site.
  •  No cap
original and current abc funding methods7
Original and Current ABC Funding Methods
  • 1994 to present
  • 7 cents per hour for all hours worked by appropriate merit shop contractors on plant site
  • Billing/Collection
    • Contractors include 7 cents on invoices to plants
    • ABC Bills Contractors monthly
    • Some plants pay directly to ABC instead of including in payment to contractors
    • Either method is acceptable
the gbria abc agreement
The GBRIA/ABC Agreement
  • GBRIA and ABC developed the following agreement in 1994 which we encourage to be included in Contract Language
  • ABC Training Center funding will be paid for all merit shop contractors performing maintenance and capital projects in member facilities of the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, Inc. (GBRIA) and whose skilled work force will be primarily comprised of local labor working in the Greater Baton Rouge area.
  • Members of GBRIA agree to reimburse contractors for all on-site labor at the rate of seven (7) cents per craft hour or pay directly to the ABC Training Center this amount on a monthly basis. This includes all craft hours worked for maintenance, cost plus, unit price, and lump sum construction for craft skills listed in Attachment A. This fee will be paid on worked craft hours (straight and overtime) on all construction, shop fabrication and maintenance work.
attachment a
Skills Payable











Craft Helpers

Tank maintenance (boilermakers/welders)

Equipment operators

Instrument fitters/techs


Brick masons


Tower Contractors (boilermakers/welders)

Concrete finishing (e.g. rebar, finishing & forming)



Sprinkler Fitting

Sheet metal

Cooling Tower (millwright, electrical, pipefitter & carpenter)

Electrical testing

Working foremen

Attachment A
attachment a continued
Skills Not Payable






Scale maintenance


Auto repair

Supervisors, clerks & timekeepers


Railroad repair/switching


Attachment A (Continued)
tracking the funding
Tracking the Funding
  • ABC implemented an online accounting system at year end 2003
  • Plants enter their hours monthly
  • Contractors enter their hours monthly
  • Differences are reconciled between GBRIA and ABC to assure accountability
gbria abc joint taskforce
GBRIA/ABC Joint Taskforce
  • Mission

Ensure that the ABC Craft Training Center meets craft training excellence expected by the greater Baton Rouge industrial community while providing a cost competitive educational opportunity now and into the future

  • Members
    • GBRIA – 4 plant representatives and staff
    • ABC – Chair & Vice Chair of ICC
      • Vice Chair of Education & Manpower from ABC Executive Committee
      • Chair & Vice Chair of Education & Manpower Committee
      • ABC staff
    • Meets quarterly
gbria abc joint taskforce18
GBRIA/ABC Joint Taskforce
  • Key Objectives
    • Meet budgetary requirements
    • Maintain NCCER accreditation
    • Provide curriculum that meets the industry needs
    • Ensure that alternate funding ideas/issues are transferred to appropriate committee(s) within ABC and GBRIA.
    • Oversee and improve current funding mechanism.
    • Resource management.
  • Key Measures of Success
    • 80% retention of craft training students
    • 90% of graduates achieving cut score on written assessment
    • 100% collection of contractor work hours reported.
gbria abc taskforce
GBRIA/ABC Taskforce
  • 2006 Goals
    • Increase enrollment
    • Change model from night school for industrial contractors to also include a day school open to public