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“New York Catch Up”

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“New York Catch Up”. Stage 3 Design and Craft. Seminar 2 – what was covered?. Identification and editing of potential research topics How to plan and structure the essay. Potential research topics. Broad ideas relating to studio Too broad? Too vague?

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new york catch up

“New York Catch Up”

Stage 3 Design and Craft

seminar 2 what was covered
Seminar 2 – what was covered?
  • Identification and editing of potential research topics
  • How to plan and structure the essay

Potential research topics

  • Broad ideas relating to studio
  • Too broad? Too vague?
  • Family secrets – concealment. The past and the self, psychoanalysis, Freud, Jung ….….…photography, truth, Barthes…..
  • Childhood and motherhood – where has this been a concern? – within painting, within psychoanalysis, within photography, within advertising - within sociology, within femininist writing on identity
  • Aim to integrate studio interests and motivation with the approaches and content that interest you most

Potential research topics

  • Aim to ‘map’ potential areas of interest through your reading and place a ‘magnifying glass’ on one or two
  • To do this effectively you will need to have begun your research by sourcing texts and materials relevant to your developing interests and themes
  • Research is ‘open’; it is hunches and clues. Gather evidence, follow your interests. Can you explore what you have through your Notebook?

What does a comparison of artistic and scientific process offer the contemporary printmaker?

What is the relationship between war photography and truth and how has it changed in the twentieth century: a study of four key photographers?

What would femininity be if women’s consciousness were released?

What is the impact of digital technology on contemporary textiles; a study of 3 key designers?

the essay
The Essay
  • A journey towards your final research question?
  • Explore and draft possibilities
  • Discuss the structure with your tutor

“Writing is not a McDonald’s hamburger. In the beginning you are not sure whether a roast or a banquet or a lamb chop will be the result”Natalie Goldberg. Writing Down the Bones.

how to begin
How to begin?
  • Brainstorm – Writing Frames – Text
  • Frames
    • Question Mark (128)
    • Visual Mind Map (p129)
    • Grid
    • Other Maps

(Brainstorm – Writing Frames – Text)

Writing Frame 3: Topic Grid


What is expected at Seminar 3 on Thursday?

  • potential research topic/s
  • evidence of research
  • see tasks and complete as far as you are able
  • The assignment is based on the assertion that you cannot formulate a good research question/proposal for Stage 4 until you know what you are talking about?
  • Semester 2 provides time to explore potential themes and identify a focus for Stage 4
  • Your exploration is the focus of Semester 2, the focus of your Notebook and the content of your essay