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Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park

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Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park. Brittany Mullinax 11 th Grade Mrs. Dowling. Click here to view my portfolio. Here holds my work that I am proud of and that I believe means something to me and could possibly mean something to you as well. I hope you enjoy!.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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creative writing portfolio 2006 2007 forest park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007Forest Park

Brittany Mullinax

11th Grade

Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio

Here holds my work that I am proud of and that I believe means something to me and could possibly mean something to you as well. I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents

table of contents
Portfolio 1

Journal Entry 1

Journal Entry 2

Journal Entry 3

Journal Entry 4

Journal Entry 5

Character Sketch

Additional Assignment



Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 2
    • Journal Entry 1
    • Journal Entry 2
    • Journal Entry 3
    • Journal Entry 4
    • Journal Entry 5
    • 1942
    • Destiny
    • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
    • Journal Entry 1
    • Journal Entry 2
    • Journal Entry 3
    • Journal Entry 4
    • Journal Entry 5
    • Monologue
    • Commercial
    • Poetry Pieces
    • Reflections
journal entry 1
Journal Entry 1

"The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr" believes Mohammed, however I do not. I believe that passion, which could be considered the blood of the martyr, is far more motivating than knowledge alone. If you are passionate about something, than you will be hungry for knowledge about that something. It really is not whether knowledge is more scared than passion, but it is the two coinciding and working together that is the most scared of all. However, passion is a choice; no one can force you to love or not love. Knowledge, can be learned unconsciously and unwilling, and found without seeking. When passion for something consumes your heart, you are driven to find out more and learn how to make others hear about it. Whether you do that by writing a book, knowledge, or dying for your cause, passion, is your personal interpretation. Above all, nothing can overpower the majesty of knowledge and passion. Passion is love and knowledge is power, with those two concrete foundations for your belief, you can never lose.

journal entry 2
Journal Entry 2

What would life be like without freedom? What if you could not speak your mind or believe in the religion of your choice? Every night before I sleep, I pray. I could not imagine being persecuted for doing so. Some countries around the world are controlled in every aspect of their lives by the leader of their country. Many nations are told what to wear, what to do for money, and what to say. Freedom is taken for granted in this world. Freedom means you have the ability to do what you want, when you want, and how you want to do it. Countries like America enjoy this luxury and embrace it with arms wide open. Americans do what they want and believe in what they like at no cost or fear of persecution. Freedom means far too much to be taken for granted.

journal entry 3
Journal Entry 3

Dear Susan B Anthony,

I’m sitting here at my desk late tonight contemplating running for president. I have held office in multiple positions and have become a major impact and personality in politics. None of this could have been accomplished without your efforts. Your fight for women’s rights and the right to vote not only molded my life to how it is, but shaped millions of women’s nation wide. Thousands of women get up early every morning to go to work, not cooking and cleaning, business. I owe all of my success and political rights to you. Would you have ever imagined…a woman president? I may be the first thanks to you and your strong willed efforts to give women like you and I equal rights. Women impact today’s world in way you would have never imagined! Doctors, lawyers, governors, politicians, scientists, the list is endless as well as the opportunities that are now accredited to you.

journal entry 4
Journal Entry 4

I am an ordinary object. Some how, I seem to be invisible. People take me for granted but with out me, you’d be cold and dirty and wet. So why would people take for granted something the protects them from such unwanted feelings? I’m looked through but not looked at, I’m knocked on but not noticed. It’s necessary things that come with out asking and that are there without thinking that are taken for granted. You need me to conceal you from the outside world when you need some seclusion. You ‘d miss me if I was gone. I am the window in your room, the window to your heart. I’m the barrier between you and the outside world, keep me closed your safe; open me and take a breath of fresh air; forget me and I’ll break.

journal entry 5
Journal Entry 5

You never know what have until it’s gone.

Everyday things are take for granted.

The sun in the sky, the grass on the lawn;

Even the little things like those make a difference.

What are some things in your that are always there?

Your parents? Food? Your bed?

How about your dearest friend? Their love and care?

What if it was gone?

Hold the things you do not notice any longer

Close and dear to your heart.

Their consistency makes them disappear;

But their absence could break you apart.

Something so common and what seems not important

Maybe vital to life, vital for love.

Without it, with out love where would you be?

Lost in the abyss; floating above.

So love, could be the greatest example.

Without it life’s nothing, without it life’s empty.

Hollow and cold may just be a sample

Of how you’d feel without life’s simple consistencies.

character sketch
Character Sketch

“I’ll do what I want, you can’t tell me what to do!” A demanding phrase commonly spoken by my sister, sums up the strong willed personality that posses my sister. Ashley, my sister, overflows with ambition that pushes her to her limits with everything she does. At the awkward age 15, in which she felt like an adult but was treated like a child, she strongly believed that moving out and living on her own would be the solution to every problem, talk about independence. Spoiled, is not the correct word to describe my dynamic sister; but the fact that there’s a fight or a fit when something does not go the way she believes to be correct, seems to make spoiled, the word of choice. Her “I’m right and you’re wrong” mindset misleads people to believe that she is spoiled, but it’s that very mindset that molds Ashley into her unique self.

Never had Ashley put forth strenuous effort to appease the people around her by looking and dressing a certain way. Yes, her appearance may mean a great deal to her, but going out of her way to be someone she is not, just is not her cup of tea. She never had to go shopping, but when she did go to the mall, budget was always of bigger importance than fashion. She liked to stand out, but it was not until college, that she fully embraced the special person she had been all along. It took many years for her to look in the mirror and love the young woman that stared back at her.


As a baby her imagination brought her to extraordinary places only she could go, always coming up with new games and creative ways to explore new limits her little body could reach. She believed she could do anything, and still does today. If she could not reach her bottle on the counter after jumping once, she would keep jumping, bound and determined to get her bottle. She would reach as far as her little arms would, in hopes to grow an inch or two, because God forbid she had to ask mommy for help. Reaching for that bottle until her goal was ultimately achieved foreshadowed the high goals she would set for herself and her future.

My sister has grown up trying to do what is right in every situation. Always, she looked for an outlet away from the moments that were bad and found alternative solutions for the wrong. She pursued what was right with the best intentions, making life easier, and avoiding side tracking obstacles that would hesitate her achieving her goals. Her complaisant attitude towards others and her natural positive outlook on life overpowers the bad in her and has placed her on a path towards her ultimate highest goal, success.

my other half
My Other Half

There is nothing that could be as close as two sisters. There are people in life that say they will always be there for you, but no one means it like sisters do. Obliviously, there are bumps and obstacles on the road to two sisters becoming best friends, but what makes getting past the bumps and hurtles worth it is sitting and laughing at them years later. Sisters especially close in age have the worst fights, but always get over it and move on. To each other they are the one person they can always rely on to love them no matter what.

My sister and I are about four years apart from one another. From the time I was a baby and she was four we were all each other had. We were closer then most sisters because as we grew up we moved every year and a half; new schools meant new friends, which were hard to make. After a bad day of no friends at a new school, coming home to a familiar face was always relieving. Growing up so close to things never got too out of hand because we knew we were all we had. Once my family settled down in one place, about the time I became a teenager, we began to fall apart.

Moving to Virginia really hurt my sister and I’s relationship. I had more friends then ever and she was almost a grown up, getting jobs, and of course acquired an interest for boys. All of our efforts were put towards making friends and boy friends we knew we would be around for more then a year and half. That was about the time the fights got worse then ever and we lost total understanding of each other. Things became worse when my parents decided on separating. My sister’s solution to that problem was to never be around. By her doing that, we drifted even farther apart. A year later, things began to look up when my sister left for college.


I was going into my 9th grade year when she left for George Mason. It was as if she had not gone anywhere because I was used to her not being around. She would scarcely come home and when she did, it was all fights. It was not until her and I both grew past our young and naïve attitudes that we had a defining moment in our relationship. It was summer 2006 when my sister and I sat down and talked for 2 hours. We came to the conclusion that we are more a like then we thought. We laughed so hard that night and rekindled the connection we has so many years ago, playing Barbie’s in the tents we would make out of sheets. The best part was we laughed about all the fights that we swore we would never laugh about.

Things are taken for granted in this world. The love of a sibling is something that so many never realize it’s importance, until it disappears. It is not that my sister and I lost those years of our lives together because, that night we picked up where we left off five years earlier. I will never forget that night. We now have a better relationship and more importantly a better understanding of what a true sisterly bond is. Never will I take for granted the love my sister gives to me and me to her.

you can only be yourself
You Can Only be Yourself

High school, a time when every teenager girl wants nothing more than to fit in. Sarah, like many girls, she fights with her mom just about everyday and wears her heart on her sleeve. Unlike most girls, Sarah is driven by the promises her future holds for her, she never really has cared about the approval of her peers. She stayed focus on school work and kept her two best friends, Laura and Michelle, close to her heart. The people in her life like her parents and teachers all saw the potential Sarah had. They presented her with new opportunities everyday to help her advance towards her goals and learn who she was as a person.

Sometimes people change. High School can do two things; it can bring out the best in a person, or bring out the worst. It is up to each individual person whether the experience will make or break them. Sarah stressed each and everyday, “O my goodness, I have loads of homework…sorry I can’t go out tonight.” And every time Michelle and Laura would respond, “Sarah, all you ever do is homework, especially since we started high school.” However, no matter what those two supported Sarah and everything she was working so hard for. About the second week of school, for the first time, Sarah noticed “the girls.” The girls that everyone looks at and says, “I wonder what it’s like?” Sarah became determined to do whatever it took to belong with those girls; it was the beginning of the end.

“Mom, I have to go shopping, I need this outfit, I’ll just…die with out it!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Honey, you know we can’t afford it right now, money’s tight, just wait until the neighbors call for you to baby-sit.” Answered Sarah’s mother.

“Mom! No one else at school has to work for clothes. Especially not Linda and Marie…”

“Linda and Marie? I’ve never heard of them, knew friends you made?”

“Um, not exactly mom, they’re to popular girls, I just need that outfit mom.”

“I’m sorry Sarah, but no is no.”


Storming out the door and screaming in what seemed like another language to her mom; Sarah came to terms that she must pull something together for tomorrow; Sarah sits at the table next the Linda and Marie. Lunch time came before she knew it, shaky about her outfit; she came across a new problem…Michelle and Laura. “What with “the girls” think if I’m sitting with them?” Sarah thought, “Oh no!” Right then she did something completely out of character, she looked Michelle and Laura dead in the eye and said, “I’m not sitting with you guys anymore, it’s just not cool.” Shocked the two girls walked away and looked for a new table. “Hey new girl, that was pretty harsh, what’s your name?” said Linda. Stumbling over her words, Sarah could barely get her name out.

“Sarah, I’m sorry if that offended you, those girls just kind of follow me everywhere!” Explained Sarah.

“Well looks like you alone now, want to sit with us?” invited Marie.

“Wow lunch with the popular girls,” thought Sarah, “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Eventually Sarah and “the girls” became close, but it was a close on the surface, never did their relationships become real friendships. Sarah had turned into the opposite of who she was that first week of high school. She struggled with grades, and she fought a never ending battle over right and wrong inside her torn heart. “Is it better being popular and hating who you’ve become, or being a nobody and loving yourself and loving your true friends?” Sarah questioned herself. The answer seemed pretty obvious, but when you are so far in the “dream life” it seems quite impossible to go back. Laura and Michelle don’t even make eye contact with Sarah any longer and refuse to speak her name; after all, there was no harsher thing then what Sarah had done. Sarah’s pride overcame her integrity and everything she thought being popular would help, ended up hurting her and everyone around her.

Unfortunately it was not until she made the mistake of inviting a “few” friends over while her parents were out of town. She knew it was a risk, but “this will make me look so cool” kept ringing in her head. The so called “friends” Sarah had invited completely took advantage of the fact that her house was unsupervised and empty. Sarah loosened up a little when she was reassured by the people who supposedly cared for her that everything would be fine. Then things took a rapid turn for the worse. “Sarah Lynn Hemming! What is this? How could you! Everybody out before I call parents!” Sarah’s parents unexpectedly came home early.


Immediately, Sarah came to terms with that fact that she had gone way astray. She had gone down the path that her parents always warned her to stay clear of. All of the lectures from her parents and teachers, and her true friends, that she sat through saying to herself, “that will never happen to me.” All of it blew up in her face that night; all of it came back to her and filled her with a guilt that surpassed all understanding. It’s unfortunate that it took Sarah becoming this far in before she realized it was time to go back to who she really was. It was too late for some things, like keeping the trust her parents had in her, and withholding a reputation of doing what is right. Both of those things, which made her successful before, would become her enemy Monday. She would be labeled, as she herself did to so many before, as a hypocrite.

Although Sarah fully learned her lesson, it could not take back what she did to the two people who truly loved her for who she was inside. However, a simple apology from the heart was enough to convince Michelle and Laura that Sarah was sincere and missed them more than life it’s self, reflecting the good character and fine quality friends Sarah had had all along.

judgment day
Judgment Day

When have you taken the time

Out of your busy day

To talk to someone you would not usually

You day tomorrow, I say today.

Just five minutes could brighten someone’s day,

Could brighten someone’s week.

Just a smile or a kind word

No, because you don’t know them? Or No because you’re weak?

It takes a kind of courage that most do not posses

To step out unto the unknown

Take a chance explore something new

Tell a lonely person, their presence is known.

People underestimate the power of a smile

Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Give someone a loving chance,

Their true colors will break through their hidden disguise.

My hairs not perfect

Neither is my make up

This morning was a struggle to get out of bed,

Let alone get all made up

So now today is all funny looks

As if I did something out of the ordinary

You judge me, but you don’t know me,

This I find extraordinary

When have we held a real conversation?

A laugh? A cry? You a heart-to-heart?

Never, sounds about right.

So how can you judge me, if you don’t know my heart?

No one has the ability to jump to a conclusion

Without all the facts

Unless you know everything, about everyone

Now, that’s not a fact.


The alarm blasts; oh, it’s Monday morning.

It’s like I just shut my eyes two minutes ago.

My dream, short and sweet

The rude awakening left me feeling pretty low.

“Just five more minutes,” I plead with my alarm clock,

I’m not ready for reality. No, not today.

Can’t I just stay in my warm slumber forever?

I’ll wait here, in my cocoon of blankets, until tomorrow’s sun ray.

Maybe, just maybe then I’ll awake

24 hours later I’m refreshed, 24 hours later a new person lies here.

My minds no longer boggled with stresses of yesterday

My minds no longer fuzzy, my minds clear.

Yeah, maybe tomorrow I’ll face realities trials;

The obstacles, the hurdles, the long hard hours.

But today, is my day; just me and my bed,

I can do what I want; I can be what I want. Today, I have superpowers.

additional writing assignment
Additional Writing Assignment

What is your outlook on life? Is it negative or positive? This man’s eye that was captured in this still moment, gives a viewer an inside look about his attitude about everyday life. People say that, “the eye is the window into the soul,” for this man, his eye reveals a gloomy soul. At the moment this picture was captured, he may have been thinking about his future, and what lies ahead for him. After all, as you live your life day to day, trying to make the best of it, everyone knows what ultimately lies ahead, death; hence the skull.

my three wishes
My Three Wishes

If I had three wishes, I would wish for happiness. I wish I could be content with who I am as a person. I wish that I would no longer act like someone I am not and that I could figure out who I was. I would love to lay in bed at night at peace with what I have done and not wrestle my thoughts like I wrestle my sheets in my bed. Wishes are far fetched dreams that are blind-sighted thrown up and foolishly believed in. No wishes are ever truly granted but they linger, giving false hope to hopeless human. Wishes keep us pushing, keep us running through this life. Without them we would have no expectations or disappointments. No expectations, not let downs. No wishes, no heartbreak.


What would life be like without freedom? What if you could not speak your mind or believe in the religion of your choice? Every night before I sleep, I pray. I could not imagine being persecuted for doing so. Some countries around the world are controlled in every aspect of their lives by the leader of their country. Many nations are told what to wear, what to do for money, and what to say. Freedom is taken for granted in this world. Freedom means you have the ability to do what you want, when you want, and how you want to do it. Countries like America enjoy this luxury and embrace it with arms wide open. Americans do what they want and believe in what they like at no cost or fear of persecution. Freedom means far too much to be taken for granted.

day to day
Day to Day

Early in the morning I awake With wishful thinking I through up a prayer That the sun will take a break. But day light calls loud and bright I drag myself out bed, walk to the shower In high anticipation for the night. The day passes by, much like a dream When I arrive home in the afternoon My state made everything not quite what it seemed. I'm left with questions about the day What was my homework? What did I do? Who did I talk to? What did I say? They say you sow what you reap Or is it reap what you sow? How am I suppose to know When I'm suffering from serious lack of sleep.


Is superstition real or fantasy?

Do we make it up to tickle our fancy?

Is it a cover-up for a harsh reality?

It is a contribution to our society or a malady?

Does superstition only give us false hope,

Or gives us something more, teach us how to cope?

It is our personal choice, but a bandwagon.

Is superstition only an incentive to run?

Run further away from what we are scared of,

We place reality aside and five truth a shove.

Only to find this false hope of ours

We are enriched with abilities and blessed with super powers.


I have never been in a place with so many rules

Never have I been so controlled.

My every step

My every breath

Controlled by the death stare of a superior

And a monotonous bell that resounds in my head.

No you may not do this

No you may not do that

Have you seen the Code of Behavior?

Pages and pages filled with endless rules

Telling teenagers what not to do;

But is that not the essence of rebellion?

Why say you can not?

Why not, “Why don’t you do this instead?”

Rules are placed to avoid chaos

But in the midst of it all

The true problem is being covered up

And a bigger one is unraveling.




It was 1942, a summer that ended so soon but it made a lifetime. The essence that lingered in the hot Georgia heat was that of destiny and passion. Just out side of the city life of Atlanta, Aubrey Hamilton live in a mansion that was a mere speck on the horizon of acres of rolling hills and painted skies. People would say she was fortunate to belong to such a well off family that stood in high social standing which was evident by the annual holiday extravaganzas her socialite mother threw every year. Aubrey was “free” in the eyes of outsiders, and she believed in the false freedom as well. Everyday, a strict schedule left little time for her to be the 17 year old she held inside of her. She knew no difference. Aubrey woke up to find the next morning that it was the start of the rest of her life, it was summer.

Yawning, she gazed out of the large Victorian windows and slowly breathed in the scent of the cool morning air that consumed the Deep South. Lying in bed for a couple more moments in serenity of the beautiful pastures, Aubrey contemplated on what to do to celebrate the momentous day. “Some city shopping seems like the best way to make the best of this occasion,” she said aloud.


“Who are you talking to my dear?” called her overly concerned mother as she entered the double doors into Aubrey’s room.

“Oh, nothing mother. Just thinking about what to do today,” answered Aubrey. As her mother carried on the conversation, her doing most the talking, Aubrey kept waiting for her mother’s orders and direction about what Aubrey can and cannot do. “What about college?” “Don’t waste your time?” “Shouldn’t you just stay here darling?” Aubrey loved her mother dearly but never realized until that moment how little of control she had over her own life. “Mother, I am going into the city. Please fetch the driver,” she interrupted.

Walking around the city, Aubrey was overcame by the potential of freedom that was held in the concrete walls. She began to daydream about all her life could be and fantasize the future that was in store for her, “OUCH!” her thoughts were intruded by the sudden appearance of a grate beneath her. She screamed as she tripped and nearly fell into a road of whizzing cars. In the midst of her shock and nearly destructive experience, Aubrey did not realize that something was holding her back.


“Uh…oh…uh,” the gaze of her savior left her at a loss for words. His eyes captivated her, leaving her speechless, never will she forget those eyes, so full of safety and curiosity. Setting her upright and keeping her balance, he uttered the simple and kind words Aubrey would keep in her dearest memories for the rest of her life.

“Miss are you alright? Do you need a doctor?” he spoke.

“Oh, no I’m okay thank you sir, you just saved my life, I’m so embarrassed.”

“No need for embarrassments, as long as you are alright,” said the stranger, “I’m Nathan Cadon, your hero.” He smiled.

“I assume so, Mr. Hero, thank you so much, I have to go my drivers waiting for me, but what could I ever do to repay you?”

“Maybe a date? Tonight eight o’clock?

“Oh, but I just met you. We barely know each other. That would be improper…you know nothing about me. Uh...” excused Aubrey, stuck in an awkward predicament, again at a loss for words, she looked down refusing to make eye contact, worried that with one look at his deep blue eyes she would agree, “I have to go, I’m sorry.”


Aubrey turned and ran off, not looking back. Later that day she saw Nathan again by chance, by fate. He was up on a tall scaffolding type fixture that rested up against a building. He was a construction worker. “He would never be acceptable to Momma and Daddy,” she regretfully thought to herself. She could not help but think about him, since the accident early that morning he consumed her mind. Something over came her, she ran to him and said, “8 o’clock hero, don’t be late.” He smiled in approval.

The rest of the day she waiting in anticipation for her doorbell’s sound and the sight of the tall, dark, and handsome construction worker who’s heroic image has constantly been the picture in her mind all day. Ding-Dong. Her heart drops and she run to the door, trying to look casual she opens it. “You look amazing,” complimented Nathan. Aubrey really did, her bright blue summer dress, high heels, and shoulder length curly hair that was in smooth curls that waved across her head. Aubrey caught the eyes of her judgmental mother and saw the look of refute she knew she would receive. She hurried Nathan out the door, and set out for the best night of her life.


She did not come home until late that night. She and Nathan were busy walking down by the river, gazing at the stars, and spending hours upon hours conversing about everything they could think of. She and Nathan were busy falling in love. It only took Aubrey one night to realize what she had been missing. It only took Nathan, an unusual risk she decide to take, she never took risks, to show her what it was like to be free. They continued falling deeper and deeper in love as the months went by until they woke up one morning and found their worlds changed forever; Pearl Harbor was attacked, the United States was at war.

With the entering of the war, Nathan, like all other strong, prideful men in the U.S., went into the draft, ready and willing to fight for their country. Aubrey was devastated by this when she came to terms that this meant Nathan would be leaving her. She did not know what hurt more, his absence or the question of when he would return. The goodbye was the hardest this she’d ever done but not once did she question the love’s existence during the time he was gone.

The war changed the country, it changed women. Women, including Aubrey, headed for the factories and fought a war of their own. Aubrey had no question in her mind that the factories were where she needed to be. It was the only way she could support her beloved overseas. Her mother, of course, automatically frowned with disapproval of Aubrey working and blamed it all on Nathan just life she had for everything else.


Aubrey waited a year of writing back and forth from Nathan. They would write of their undying love and their plans of marriage upon his return. It was as if all hope was lost when Nathan was claimed missing in Action. Grasping for any beam of light at the end of the tunnel, se refused to believe the new. Fighting and praying against reality, she slowly lost hope, she slowly let go.

Years went by, time changed and Aubrey had fallen in love with a new wealthy mean, who had her parents approval from the start. They had plans to marry when a knock at the door shook her life like an unexpected earthquake, like the nearly escaped death that whizzed past her the day she met Nathan. Opening the door of suspicion, Aubrey falls into the sea of deep blue she was captivated by so many years back. In that moment, there were no questions, there was no conversation. There was only a peace that lingered over the two like lost souls were finally back home. The peace was a heavy curtain, weaved by love and held together by faith and never-ending hope, that closed them off from the world, it was just the two of them at last. This was what she desired for long, this was her future, this war the picture she had painted in her mind on that young day of summer, She knew at last, this was her destiny. Aubrey has realized it was never her mother or father that controlled her destiny, it was not even herself. It was love, it was fate.

sunday mornings
Sunday Mornings

As of right now

I can barely get out of bed

In the mornings I lie there,

Half dead.

My alarm clock is on a monotonous drone

That goes on and on forever.

The loud song blast in my ear

But only put me farther in to a coma.

I live for those rain Sunday afternoons

Home from church,

Back into your pajamas,

An afternoon splendor.

Wake up when you feel like it

To the pounding of the rain drops.

The rhythmical beating slowly

Lulls you back into your dreams.


The heat pours on your face

As your skin begins gather droplets of sweat

Beading on your cheeks.

Summer’s here.

Finally, be gone with the cold winter ice

And the cool autumn breeze,

The spontaneous spring showers,

And hello to melting ice cream.

Summer is a miraculous thing.

It’s a beautiful form of love.

It’s the perfect example of sweet relaxation,

And the spitting image of serenity.

The love I feel for the sweet name of summer

Is only described by the look

On my anticipating face,

June 14th.

future legacy
Future Legacy

My grandmother left me with my determination to succeed. My life has been shaped by hard work and its brought me to where I am today. I am CEO of a very successful company and make a good amount of money doing what I love to do. However, it is not only that I have succeed in, my life is a happy one, which is enough success to last a life time.


Everything around us could be considered symbol. Literature is famous for its unique ability to capture the most ordinary object and make it extraordinary at the end of its untold story. I am contemplating about symbols because of a book I just recently read, The Great Gatsby. The true beauty of an authors authoritative power to instill in anything an alter ego is beyond fascinating. As in the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses the weather as constant symbol for his emotions at the time. When he was happy it was always sunny, when he was suspicious, it was cloudy, and when everything went down hill, it would thunder storm.


So in a week I’ll be a senior?

The year I’ve been looking forward to all my life.

This is the year, I threatened my mom with

And constantly remind her that it’s her last one with me.

She laughs and says, “you’ll be back.”

Which probably is true, but the feeling of independence is over whelming.

My life seems to be going good right now

I’m a little stressed because it’s the end of the year,

But summer is so close that there is no point in panicking.

I just can’t wait for the lazy summer

And the fun filled senior year that is so close I can almost touch it

Finally, I’ll be an adult

I can make my own decisions

And most importantly start my journey into the real world.


Me: Wow! I can not believe my junior year is over. I have two weeks until I am a senior, A SENIOR. I wonder what it is like to be on top again? I cannot wait to see all the freshmen and how tiny they will REALLY look this year. I can seriously taste the freedom the lingers on my lips when I murmur the words, “I am a senior,” A SENIOR! Yeah, I still can’t believe it. But wait, that means that I have to apply to college…oh goodness…and pay my tuition!Oh no! And oh my gosh…live on my own! Wow this is going to be harder than I thought…I’ve never lived on my own before or paid my bills…I mean my mom still tells me to clean my room! Maybe this whole growing up thing isn’t as glamorous as the movies make it. What happens if I get sick? I don’t care how old you are, everyone wants their mom when they feel bad. This is unavoidable though…right? Everyone has to go through it…right? I guess I just have to prepare myself as well as possible and hope for the best…right?


(A teenager and her mother are yelling at each other because of the teenager’s messy room. Clothes are everywhere and the carpet is barely visible. She has not made her bed and a month, or changed her sheets, the dust is weirdly thick, and the smell is awful.)

The Room: “Hey kid, are you sick of your mom nagging you? Do you here it every single day, “You need to clean your room,” “As long as you’re living under my roof your room will be spotless,” “You better clean your room or you’re going to be grounded this weekend!” Yeah I hear it everyday, don’t you think if you just picked up a little she would stop? I mean come one kid, I can’t even see my own carpet and the smell is appalling. I seriously wonder sometimes whether or not you’ve run out of clean clothes yet…or are you just wearing dirty ones? Gross. I think there needs to be a change. My allergies are starting to act up because of the awful collection of dust hanging on the dresser and from the lights. Oh, and under your bed…lets not even go there; no wonder you have nightmares! Ten minutes a day, that’s all it would take to keep me looking and smelling much, much better. There I go, sounding just like your mother, I apologize. Let’s just put it this way, there’s this new product out from New Technologies Inc. it has worked wonders on disaster areas like yours and fights like you and your mother constantly have. It is a simple remote and at a push of a button…bam, all is clean. This tiny miracle worker vacuums carpets, folds clothes, changes sheets and makes beds, and even dusts away layers of allergy causing particles. So let’s solve this sanitation problem and buy the new “Instant Action” Remote. It easy and for only three simple payments of $59.99! How can you beat that? Call 1-800-BECLEAN today!”



Sacrifice, passion, trust, patience

Love is only sent from above.

What is night?

Is it when the sun hides in fright?

Or is it just a time for the sun to sleep,

Making my dreams that I so tightly keep.


There is no feeling that can compare

To pen in your hand

Everything becomes fair.

No rules, just exceptions.

The notebook is your canvas,

Your words, your masterpiece.

No need for fancy frills or elaborate colors

Words paint their own lustrous rainbow.

Only you can find the pot of gold, its hidden to others.

You control its destiny.

The pen is your tool,

Your ink, your supplier.

With words there are no limitations

Endless boundaries and endless roads.

Here there should be no hesitations,

You can go on for forever.

Your mind is the open road,

Your heart, your map.


You're an angel that nobody can see, Still, an angel is what you are to me.An angel from heaven is what you are, In my sky you're definitely a heavenly star.You're an angel with beauty and grace, You're kind and sweet, you've an angel face.You have very graceful angel wings.Happiness, joy, and love are just some things, That an angel can give, and to me you've given.In my heart and on my mind, is where you're livin'.You have hair that is as soft as cotton.A guardian angel is what I've gotten.


Content to sitand listen to itstapping softlyat the glass.Returning to the pageuntil I’m called againthis time by thunderdemanding my attention.Until at last

While readingduring a thunderstorm, my thoughts seemto wander, as I’m calledto watch the rain flow gently downthe windowpane.

Between readingand the rain, my eyelids grow heavyand I’m overcomeby sleep…while the raincontinues tapping softlyat the glass.

  • I have developed my imagination which was not too great at the beginning of the year. The calls has really helped me trigger my creativity.
  • I can apply the lessons learned in creative writing, like how to be imaginative, to classes like English and writing papers for it.
  • I think my poetry is pretty well written, although I did enjoy my monologue because it is my exact feelings written down in a communicative way.
  • I overcame the problem of not letting myself truly unleash my creative side. I always had held myself back because of fear of breaking an English grammar rule or norm.
  • My strengths in writing are definitely writing analytically and use a broad variety of vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • This year, I learned the possibilities writing can take you to. I also found it to be a great stress reliever to sit down and write what ever is on my mind at the moment, especially after a long day of school.
  • I need to continue to develop my creativity and how to better express my thoughts and emotions. Also, I need to learn how to take an ordinary idea and make it into an incredible story.