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Dear Colleagues, We cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE, which will take place in the beautiful and exceedingly comfortable Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm.

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Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE, which will take place in the beautiful and exceedingly comfortable Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm.

This year’s conference will have two main focuses: The symposium “Tissue Engineering in Head and Neck Surgery” on Monday is directly supported by the EXPERTISSUES “Network of Excellence”, which aims at developing novel therapeutic strategies for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage using second generation biomimetic scaffolds. Clinical applications of tissue engineering products will be discussed as well as novel cell sources and optimized biomaterials. The clinical needs in reconstructive head and neck surgery has revealed the vast potential of tissue engineering in otorhinolaryngology. This symposium aims to intersect clinical insights in head and neck surgery with recent developments in biomaterial and stem cell technology. A day long presentation will be followed by an evening reception and dinner allowing partcipants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and foster collaborations.

Wednesday, the workshop “Clinical Cell Therapy for Myocardial Regeneration” will attempt to summarize the current clinical experience in the fast-moving field of cardiovascular cell therapy. Since numerous clinical trials are already on the way, there will certainly be enough substance for discussion. This is not to say that we have overcome the need for basic research, but to give clinicians who try to exploit the potential of regenerative therapy an opportunity to exchange their experience, to determine where they stand, and to reflect on where they want to go.

The joint workshop on Tuesday will address educational, industrial, and legal issues that are relevant for both tissue engineering and cell therapy approaches. Clinicians, scientists, and biotech companies together will work on accelerating the “bench-to-bedside” process to be benefit of our patients

3rd BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE will be held under the auspices of the ScanBalt BioRegion “network of networks”. ScanBalt is funded by the Nordic Innovation Center and the European Commission and promotes the development of a globally competitive meta-bioregion.

We look forward to welcoming you in Rostock-Heiligendamm!

Christof Stamm Nicole Rotter Tomasz Siminiak

Gustav Steinhoff Stephan Lang

Organizing Secretariat

University of Lübeck

Medical University of Poznan

University of Rostock

Janica Schütz

Klinik und Poliklinik für Herzchirurgie

Universität Rostock

D-18055 Rostock



Fax: +49 381 494 6107

Phone: +49 381 494 6106


Initiative for an

European Institute of Regenerative Medicine


Tissue Engineering in Head and Neck Surgery



Clinical Cell Therapy for Myocardial Regeneration

The 3rd BALTIC STEM CELL Is endorsed and sponsored by:

August 22 – 25, 2005

Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Germany

Organized by:

Dept. of Cardiac Surgery, University of Rostock

ENT Dept., University of Lübeck

Dept. of Cardiology, Medical University of Poznan


Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Monday, 22 August 2005

ExpertissuesWorkshop : Tissue Engineering in reconstructive Head and Neck Surgery

Joint Workshop: European Education Concepts for Tissue Engineering

Consortium Myocardial RepairWorkshop: Clinical Cell Therapy for Myocardial Regeneration

1. Overview of regional programs

08:30 German Efforts in Tissue Engineering

Gustav Steinhoff, Rostock

08:45 Tissue Engineering in Portugal

Rui Reis, Braga

09:00 The baltic tissue engineering perspective

Nureddin Ashammakhi, Finnland

09:15 Graduate studies in Europe

Anselm Fremmer, German Research Foundation, Bonn

2. Integrating European Research Efforts

09:30 iPOOL: A digital tissue engineering platform for Europe

Jürgen Beier, Augsburg

09:45 European PhD in Tissue Engineering

Christof Stamm, Rostock

10:00 Discussion

Stem cell mobilization in cardiology

08:30 G-CSF in acute ischemia: Is it safe?

Wolfram Franz, München

08:50 The FIRST-LNE-MI study

Christoph A. Nienaber, Rostock

09:00 Welcome address

Nicole Rotter, Lübeck

Clinical Background

09:10 Clinical point of view: What type of tissue do we need?

Frank Riedel, Mannheim

09:30 Tracheal surgery: Clinical requirements

Stephan Lang, Luebeck

09:50 Surgical reconstruction of the auricle: Clinical state of the art

Konrad Sommer, Luebeck

10:10Data acquisition and rapid prototyping for head and neck applications

Wilfried Vancraen, Materialise, Belgium


Intracoronary cell delivery

09:10 Intracoronary infusion of BMC: A multicenter trail

Andreas Zeiher, Frankfurt

09:25 The BOOST study

Helmut Drexler, Hannover

09:40 Growing experience with intracoronary BMC delivery

Bodo Strauer, Düsseldorf

09:55 Intracoronary delivery of purified marrow stem cells

Jozef Bartunek, Antwerpen


Coffee break

Coffee break

Novel tissue & cell products: From bench to bedside

11:00 Clinical stem cell applications: Requirements and perspectives

Ralph Huss, Munich

11:30 How a tissue engineering product gets to the patient

Michael Sittinger, Berlin

12:00 What GMP means for the clinician

Martino Introna, Bergamo

12:30 What does the law say?

Hans-Dieter Kleine, Rostock


Cell Sources

11:00 Ear chondrocytes as a source for cartilage tissue engineering in different anatomic regions

Gerjo van Osch, Rotterdam

11:20 Embryonic stem cell differentiation into chondrogenic cells

Jürgen Rohwedel, Luebeck

11:40 Salivary glands as a source for stem cells

Charli Kruse, Luebeck

12:00 Molecular Imaging applications in stem cell tracking

Robert Krieg, Siemens, Germany

12.20 Discussion

Coffee break

Myoblast delivery to the heart

11:00 Bench-to-bedside: History and milestones

Philippe Menasche, Paris

11:15 Clinical Myoblast delivery methods

Tomasz Siminiak, Poznan

11:30 Myoblast therapy in Spain

Felipe Prosper, Pamplona

11:45 MAGIC Phase 2 Study: Current status

I. Boltje van Hooft, Genzyme

12:00 Discussion

Coffee break

Lunch break

Clinical Grade Cell processing

14:00 Centralized BMC preparation

Torsten Tonn, BSD Hessen

14:20BMC preparation for cardiovascular use

Wolfgang Rüdinger, Cytonet

14:40Clinical grade cell selection

Elmar Burchardt, Miltenyi Biotec

15:00 Long-term cell storage

Heike Opitz, Vita34, Leipzig

15:20 Clinical grade MSC expansion: Ready to go?

Uriel Barkai, Pluristem

15:40 Human myoblast preparation for transplantation

Maciej Kurpisz, Poznan

16:00 Discussion

Intramyocardial stem cell delivery

13:30 BM-MNC injection Uwe Mehlhorn, Köln

13:50 CD133+ BMSC injection Christof Stamm, Rostock

14:10 CD133+ PBSC injection Giulio Pompilio, Monza

14:30 TMLR and BMSC injection Hans M. Klein, Düsseldorf

14:50 Mesenchymal stem cell: Is clinical use justified?

Anthony D. Ho, Heidelberg

15:20 Discussion

Lunch break


14:00 Inflammatory responses to biomaterials

Pio Conti, Chieti

14:30 NewBiomaterials for application in head and neck surgery

Paul Hatton, Sheffield

14:50 Marine collagens – a new scaffold material

Holger Notbohm, Luebeck

15:10 Vascularisation of bone and cartilage transplants

James Kirkpatrick, Mainz,

15:30 Discussion

Coffee break

Do we move too fast?

16:00 Public perception of cardiac cell therapy

Müller-Emke, DGRM

16:30 The scientists view of clinical cell therapy

Jürgen Hescheler, Köln

Coffee break

19:30 Dinner Party / Get Together

17:00 Hands-on workshop CliniMacs, Miltenyi Biotec