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Glennallen Community Workshop: Public Image PowerPoint Presentation
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Glennallen Community Workshop: Public Image

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Glennallen Community Workshop: Public Image - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Glennallen Community Workshop: Public Image. External and Internal Audiences. External Audiences. Potential Clients/Visitors Travel Trade Travel Agents. External Audiences. Media Relations Press Kits/Press Releases Interesting stories to potential clients Familiarization Tours

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Presentation Transcript
external audiences
  • Potential Clients/Visitors
  • Travel Trade
  • Travel Agents
external audiences4
External Audiences
  • Media Relations
    • Press Kits/Press Releases
    • Interesting stories to potential clients
  • Familiarization Tours
    • Packaging unique and authentic experiences
  • Internet Site/Links

Key Findings

  • Alaska features differentiated, high quality visitor experiences
  • Visitor distribution challenges affect industry management
  • Resident rebellion must be avoided

Source: Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.


Published June 22, 2000

Chilly reception

Going north to Alaska? Expect to cruise into fears that if tourism thrives, the wild won't survive.


Media Affects Perceptions

  • Quality of visitor experience
  • Sustainability of industry
  • Resident perceptions of impact of visitation

Source: Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.


The Grand Canyon Experience

Negative characterizations have dramatically impacted both business at one of the world’s seven natural wonders and efforts to preserve its environment.

Source: Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.


Negative Publicity

  • “The Grand Canyon is running out of room,” The New York Times, 9/3/95.
  • “Crunch Time at the Canyon - Overflow crowds, antiquated facilities and a budget crisis threaten the crown jewel of national parks,” Time Magazine 7/3/95.
  • “Ahead at national parks: more crowds and blight,” US News & World Reports, 12/25/96.
  • “The Grand Canyon should be a place of mesmerizing beauty. Instead, it is a tourist free-for-all.” The Economist, 8/31/96.
  • “On an average summer day, 6,500 cars show up at the South Rim . . . there are only 2,400 parking spaces.” Consumer Reports, 6/97.

GCNP Visitation Trends

Source: Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.





No Growth

Source: Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.

other public image tools for external audiences
Other Public Image Tools for External Audiences
  • Hospitality and quality service.
  • Business/Gateway Beautification
hospitality and quality service
Hospitality and Quality Service
  • Attract high-end travelers (spending more and staying longer).
  • Help visitors establish an affinity for a place.
  • Encourage repeat visitation.

Hospitality and Higher EarningsWhen visitors are satisfied that they are receiving quality for their money, they are willing to pay more for their experiences.


Hospitality Can Lead to Repeat VisitationVisitors who are treated hospitably develop a propensity for repeat visitation as they begin to feel comfortable in a strange place. The visitor will often feel encouraged to return for other activities or in different seasons of the year.


Repeat Visitation Can Lead to Increased Profitability“A five-percent increase in good customer retention can increase profitability by twenty-five to eighty-five percent.”Source: Harvard Business Journal


Business/Gateway Beautification Our overall travel experience is highly influenced by our first impressions as we enter through a communities gateway or entry corridor for the first time.Heidi Brett, Swaner Memorial Park, Park City, Utah


Business/Gateway Beautification “The economy in gateway communities is very dependent upon protecting the local scenery, quality of life, and outdoor recreation opportunities.”Luther Propst, Executive Director, Sonoran Institute


How can a community enjoy the benefits of tourism without sacrificing its character?...Preserve authentic aspects of local heritage and culture. Ensure that buildings and shops fit in with the surroundings.Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities

internal audiences

Internal Audiences

“No external public relations program can be expected to be fully successful without a fully developed internal relations effort.”

--Nichols Gilstrap, Inc.

internal audiences21
Internal Audiences
  • Residents
  • Government
  • Other Tourism Businesses
  • Local Media

Generating Local Support

  • Communicate Economic and Social Benefits of tourism to the Community.
  • How does or will your business contribute to your communities economic well-being?

Generating Local Support

  • Establish and Communicate, and Adhere to Good Neighbor Policies.

Generating Local Support

  • Community Appreciation Day

Generating Local Support

  • Community Service
  • Charitable Contributions
technical assistance
Technical Assistance

Our office offers technical assistance as you start or expand your business. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Phone: 907 465-2012