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COM 597 Streaming Media. Class 5 July 6, 2006. Fortune 1000 Companies expectations on Streaming Budgets 2004. The debate of late is less about platforms and more about how do you make money? Business models is the current focus Better mouse trap?. Issues at hand.

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Com 597 streaming media l.jpg

COM 597Streaming Media

Class 5

July 6, 2006

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Issues at hand l.jpg
Issues at hand how do you make money?

  • How large does your media library need to be?

  • What are the licensing issues?

  • What is Fair Use?

  • “Inventory leakage” vs.

    “Content monetization”

  • How does this technology enhance the brand? Generate revenue? Connect with customers? Increase sales? What is the ROI?

  • Channel Control

Digital darwinism l.jpg
Digital Darwinism how do you make money?

  • 1st digital content delivery network in 1996

  • Sandpiper Networks 1997

  • FastForward Networks 1997

  • These were absorbed by other networks

  • Other once promising companies:

    • Razorfish

    • Scient

    • Viant

    • Zephyr

Four keys to a profitable digital media business l.jpg
Four Keys to a Profitable how do you make money?Digital Media Business

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Intelligence

  • Quality

  • The choices you make around these four issues will make or break your business

Scalability l.jpg
Scalability how do you make money?

  • Marketshare does not equal profitablity

  • Free v. ad revenue supported content

    • MTV example

    • Live webcasts expecting the ad revenue would follow

    • What is the true cost to reach viewers?

Security l.jpg
Security how do you make money?

  • Digital Rights Management

Intelligence l.jpg
Intelligence how do you make money?

  • You must get accurate, reliable and useful usage and audience intelligence

  • You can’t underestimate the importance of constantly measuring the success of your business.

    • Server logs

      • Total megabytes transferred

      • Views by clip, visitor and time period

      • Player and version type

      • Average view duration

Intelligence 2 of 2 l.jpg
Intelligence 2 of 2 how do you make money?

  • Server logs continued

    • Maximum number of simultaneous users

    • Unique users

    • Most frequent visitors

    • Storage utilization

    • Total number of user sessions

    • Maximum number of simultaneous users per clip

    • File popularity

    • Successful requests, failed requests, incomplete file transfers

Quality l.jpg
Quality how do you make money?

  • Garbage in, garbage out

  • Today’s users expect to give up some quality in the image when compared to television

  • The issue is not just encoding choices, but the entire delivery path. Servers, routers, wiring, and the entire infrastructure must be examined

Four components to a digital media business l.jpg
Four components to a how do you make money?Digital Media Business

  • Licensing the technology

  • Securing the content

  • Distributing the content

  • Quality metrics

    • Getting the message across


    • Getting the consumer to pay

What player do you choose l.jpg
What player do you choose? how do you make money?

Some examples of digital media on the web l.jpg
Some Examples of how do you make money?Digital Media on the web

  • iTunes

  • MSN

  • AOL

  • Yahoo!

  • YouTube

  • Google Video

  • But wait, there is more

What is brightcove l.jpg
What is Brightcove? how do you make money?

Brightcove l.jpg
Brightcove how do you make money?

  • Presenting video on the web is more than just recording, editing and publication

  • You need the infrastructure and tools to widely distribute, syndicate, package and monetize video content

Brightcove 1 of 4 l.jpg
Brightcove 1 of 4 how do you make money?

With Brightcove:

  • Create and start using an Internet broadband video distribution channel, literally in a matter of minutes.

  • Your channel maybe a collection of hundreds of videos in different thematic categories, or just one short clip.

  • Brightcove supplies the tools and server space

  • Videos are .flv (Flash Video files)

Brightcove 2 of 4 l.jpg
Brightcove 2 of 4 how do you make money?

  • You can use canned players or create and modify your own, based on branding needs

  • You can create playlists for your users, create RSS feeds and even let others republish your content for that truly viral video experience

  • You can offer selected “players” to other sites, in essence syndicating your content, while controlling your drm and distribution

Brightcove 3 of 4 l.jpg
Brightcove 3 of 4 how do you make money?

  • Brightcove also allows you as a content publisher to earn a revenue from the profit that large channels such as AOL may in the future generate around your video

  • For those smaller online video publishers that do not already have an ad sales department, Brightcove has set-up its own advertising network,

Brightcove 4 of 4 l.jpg
Brightcove 4 of 4 how do you make money?

  • On the minus side, as a content creator you can do all that Brightcove allows only from IE and only from a PC. At least for now. For viewing, all you need is Flash in any browser.




Additional qucktime notes l.jpg
Additional QuckTime Notes how do you make money?


  • The QuickTime Server runs only on Mac Hardware

  • Apple also offers the Darwin Streaming server and that will run on Unix and Windows.

  • The nice part is Apple offers the Server software for free.

  • RealServer can stream QT as can Sun’s StorEdge Media Central

Slide23 l.jpg

  • Blog for Tuesday July 11 how do you make money?

    • Review two of the Brightcove partners and compare and contrast how they are implementing the technology

  • Workshop

    • demo compression

    • demo creating a streaming metafile using Catalyst