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Christine Gerpheide Iraklis Karvasonis – May 2010. Achieving Advanced Web Presence with TYPO3. 05.22.10. Agenda . Introduction Who we are Why TYPO3 The CML Distribution Case Studies Museum of Science and Industry Chicago Wyeth Insight Reports Series customedialabs

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Presentation Transcript

Christine Gerpheide

Iraklis Karvasonis – May 2010

Achieving Advanced Web Presence with TYPO3




  • Introduction
    • Who we are
    • Why TYPO3
  • The CML Distribution
  • Case Studies
    • Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
    • Wyeth Insight Reports Series
    • customedialabs
    • eCampaign
    • CML 10th Anniversary
  • Conclusion

Who are we?

  • customedialabs Interactive Media Agency (CML)
    • Full service interactive agency
    • Specializing in advanced web presence
    • US and Greece
    • Servicing global enterprise level clients
  • 10 years using TYPO3 for websites and microsites (remember TYPO3 v3.5?)

Our objective

  • How to use TYPO3 to achieve enterprise level web sites
  • Our audience today: Business people, marketers, and developers
  • …but feel free to ask technical questions 


  • Advanced Web Presence
  • Optimizing your virtual visibility and effectiveness on the web
      • SEO
      • Analytics and Metrics
      • Rich media
      • Interactivity
      • Scalability
      • Site design and content

Why TYPO3?

  • TYPO3 is one of the most extensible and customizable open-source CMSs available
    • Comprehensive extension development framework
    • Straightforward integration with various architectures
    • Sophisticated BE record management
  • Enterprise features
    • Workspaces and versioning
    • Multilingual support
    • Caching framework
    • FE Editing
  • Strong pipeline

Why TYPO3?

  • Our distribution
    • CML Skin
    • CML Utilities package
      • DAM, email functions
      • Template rendering helpers
      • Page browsing
      • Custom analytics tracking
      • Logging
      • Ajax (extbase)

Case Studies:

Museum of Science and Industry Chicago


MSI: Background

  • Provides interactive, online museum experience
    • View exhibits, make reservations, plan itineraries, purchase tickets, purchase membership, online scrapbooking…
  • Many parties involved
    • Museum departments (reservations, membership, ticketing…)
    • 3rd party developing web services
  • Infrastructure
    • Failover servers, rsync replication
    • Galaxy, Raiser’s Edge, Windows SBS
      • SOAP XML requests
      • MVC with service architecture (for extensibility)

MSI: Record management

  • Custom extensions for MSI:
    • MSI Exhibits, Activities, Calendar, Map, Media Viewer, Polls, Plan Your Visit, Topic Based Search
  • Constants extension
    • Store values used throughout MSI extensions (hours, age ranges, etc)
  • Rich media content management
    • Carousels, slideshows Flash modules easily updated in TYPO3 producing XML output
    • DAM methods provided by CML Utils

MSI: My Scipass Album

  • Online scrapbooking
    • Authenticated website users access media assets (images, videos, text) created during a museum visit
    • Social network sharing
  • All assets are imported into online albums through web services
  • BE management of assets by museum editors
  • => TYPO3 used to integrate with museum infrastructure and extend scrapbooking functionality

MSI: Plan your visit

  • Users create an itinerary with a rich, ajax-driven user interface
  • Events, exhibits, museum hours, interest topics managed in BE
  • All itinerary data stored with web services
  • Recommendation engine run with web services

MSI: User-targeted messaging

  • Customized messages shown to each user when logging in
  • Message templates defined in BE (site editor selects 1 of 7 message types with required parameters)
  • => Dynamic messaging, but easily editable by regular site editors

MSI: User-targeted messaging

Date ranges

Account interests

User info

Asset updates

Scipass Album content


MSI: Summary

  • Multiple backends simultaneously (TYPO3, web services)
  • Integration between different extensions (old and new)
  • Rich user interfaces
  • Enterprise BE record management

Case Studies:

Wyeth Insight Reports Series Website


Wyeth Insight Reports Series

  • Registered users can browse reports
  • Rich flash interface
  • Manage and download report assets and manage account
  • Actions through MVC extension
    • Assets defined in an XML Singleton object
    • => freedom of architecture

Case Studies:



customedialabs: Background

  • Full Flash website
  • Content management
    • Content edited in TYPO3
    • TYPO3 outputs content in XML
    • Flash read content from XML
  • Extensions used:
    • News with RSS Feeds
    • mailformplus
    • ePortfolio
  • Near future
    • Mobile site

Case Studies:



eCampaign: Marketing System

  • Email and SMS marketing system (similar to direct_mail, but in FE)
    • Creating and sending campaigns
    • Managing subscriber lists
    • Managing analytics profiles
    • Viewing reports

eCampaign: Marketing System

  • Interfaces with both EM and SMS gateways, and analytics tools
    • Currently mailchimp and google analytics
    • EM gateway given URL to page
  • Created using TYPO3’s new framework, Extbase/ExtMVC

eCampaign: Marketing System

BE Implementation

  • Agnostic architecture thanks to Services
  • Uses gateways and TYPO3 DB as backend
  • Highly extensible, modular
      • EM
      • SMS
      • Analatyics integration
      • Workspaces
      • Advanced reports

eCampaign: Marketing System

Technical Details

  • Core edits to allow FE editing only on campaign pages
  • Templavoila table to signal an email template and client
  • Adding analytics events
      • Hook to alter link selector popup
      • Hook in content processing to convert all links
      • ..And cache remotely

eCampaign: Marketing System

Templates defined as “email templates”

FE Editing

(hook to add GA events)


eCampaign: Metrics Framework

  • Communicates with Marketing System to create cached pages with Analatyics tracking for your campaign
  • Converts “cid” and “event” values to analytics code


Case Studies:

CML 10th Anniversary


CML 10th Anniversary

  • Multi-platform site (Rich web app and mobile)
    • Powered by multiple custom TYPO3 extensions (extbase)
    • Extensions output XML and HTML5
  • => easily accommodates different media/templates with same content


  • TYPO3 can be used to realize advanced web presence in the face of any business and technical needs
    • Integration with existing infrastructure
    • Advanced platform and design requirements (Flash, HTML5)
    • Extendable architecture (elegant extension framework)
    • Enterprise user and workflow management

Contact Us



Twitter: customedialabs



eCampaign: Marketing System

  • Email and SMS marketing system (similar to direct_mail, but in FE)
    • Creating and sending campaigns
    • Managing subscriber lists
    • Managing analytics profiles
    • Viewing reports
  • Created using TYPO3’s new framework, Extbase/ExtMVC

eCampaign: Marketing System

  • Agnostic architecture to accommodate multiple gateways as well as multiple analytics tools, depending on Client
    • Currently using Mailchimp and Google Analytics
  • Interchangeable backends
  • Extensible (agile)
  • Utilizes modified versions of TYPO3’s FE Editing, user accounts, templates