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Beyond Google:. Getting the Most Out of Searching the Internet. A free workshop sponsored by The Chapel Hill Public Library & UNC’s School of Information & Library Science. Web Search Tools. Search Engines: Google, AltaVista, AlltheWeb MetaSearch Engines: HotBot, Ixquick

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beyond google

Beyond Google:

Getting the Most

Out of Searching

the Internet

A free workshop sponsored by

The Chapel Hill Public Library

& UNC’s School of Information & Library Science

web search tools
Web Search Tools
  • Search Engines:
    • Google, AltaVista, AlltheWeb
  • MetaSearch Engines:
    • HotBot, Ixquick
  • Directories:
    • Yahoo
  • Portals (Super Directories):
    • Excite, MSN, Netscape
deep web search tools
Deep Web Search Tools
  • Gateways
    • Internet Public Library
    • Infomine
    • Digital Librarian
    • Librarians' Index to the Internet
  • Databases
    • WebMD (health information)
    • Expedia (travel)
    • Roller Coaster Database (roller coasters)
    • MySimon (comparison shopping)
but how do they work
But how do they work?
  • Crawler-based Search Engines
    • Listings are generated automatically using software (spiders) that “crawl” the web and index sites.
      • Google
  • Human Powered Directories
    • Humans index the sites into various categories
      • Yahoo (kind of)
meta tags

My World


to help searchers identify relevant pages

creating a search two approaches
Creating a Search: Two Approaches
  • Do you want to:
    • Browse around ?
    • Locate specific information ?
    • Learn as much as you can on the subject ?
  • Solve your own mystery:
    • What, Where, When, How, Why
let s solve a mystery
Let’s Solve a Mystery!
  • Julia works in downtown Chapel Hill. While on her lunch break one fine spring day, she sees a flash in the sky! She looks up to see a bird about the size of a crow diving at high speed after what looks to be a pigeon. The bird then swoops out of sight. Julia is captivated by the gray and white bird with a crooked black and yellow beak.
what do we know
What do we know?
  • Who/what ? gray and white bird, size of a crow, crooked black and yellow beak
  • Where ? downtown buildings, town of Chapel Hill, NC
  • When ? Daytime in the Spring
  • How ? Fast-flying, possibly hunting pigeons as prey
  • Why ? Never seen it before. Is it migrating? Is it lost?
jack kerouac said be concrete like a street
Jack Kerouac said, “Be concrete like a street.”
  • Bird
  • Crow
  • Beak
  • Chapel Hill
  • Spring
  • Hunter
  • Pigeon
  • Migration

The best

queries start with concrete, things, objects, nouns.

consider your terms
Consider Your Terms
  • I want to know more about a bird
    • One term: bird
  • I want to know more about a bird that hunts
    • Two terms: bird, hunter
  • I want to know what birds that hunt live in the Southeast
    • Three terms: bird, hunter, Southeast
think like a thesaurus
Bird that hunts

Bird of prey







North Carolina

Chapel Hill

Think like a Thesaurus
string terms together into phrases
String Terms Together into Phrases

Try these searches in Google:

bird of prey = 353,000

“bird of prey” = 67,200 “bird of prey” “North Carolina” = 1,800

“bird of prey” “North Carolina” spring= 453

  • AND +

Falcon +migrate +spring

  • OR

Falcon (grey OR gray OR yellow)

  • NOT –

Falcon (grey OR gray) “North Carolina”

–car –miami –shoe

tricks of the trade try these
Tricks of the Trade:Try These…
  • Exact quotes

“North Carolina Falconers Guild”

  • Nesting

Falcon (grey OR gray OR yellow)

“North Carolina” (falcon OR falcons)

  • Truncation


  • Advanced Search
searching is organic
Searching is Organic
  • Review words and phrases found on relevant pages and use them to focus your search
  • Click on the “Similar Pages” link