automatic conversion of science news e mail to hypertext format l.
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Automatic conversion of science news E-mail to Hypertext format PowerPoint Presentation
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Automatic conversion of science news E-mail to Hypertext format

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Automatic conversion of science news E-mail to Hypertext format - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automatic conversion of science news E-mail to Hypertext format

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  1. Automatic conversion of science news E-mail to Hypertext format Minor Project Presentation By Neetu Bharti National Centre for Science Information Indian Institute of Science Bangalore-560012 10th Jan 2002

  2. Contents • Introduction • Significance of Science News • Science News and Moreover Technology • System Design • News format in e-mail • Screen Shots • Conclusion • Future Development • Demo

  3. Introduction • The fresh information being generated almost every second in the Net resulted in “information explosion”. • We need to locate the right place to gather the right information and for this the Net has a concept called Content Syndication. • Content Syndicate's gather varied information available at different sites that generate content, organize it properly in a database and keep it for others to access from a single point. • At Scigate, we are providing all about Science and this project is further enhancement of the services of Scigate.

  4. Significance of Science News • Science News acts as a current awareness information tool. • It can be helpful for scientists, researchers and students working in different discipline of science. • With the help of Science News, one can avoid the duplication of research. • Scientist can also focus their research area based on Science News.

  5. Science News and Moreover Technology • Moreover Technology is based on syndicate content. • Moreover finds and extracts new information from almost 3000 web sources. • Moreover integrates this custom-filtered information into client intranets, extranets, and websites in the form of headlines, updated as often as every 15 minutes. • Moreover has divided subjects into 330 sub-subject categories.

  6. System Design Text file Date Extract Extract News Content Input file Module-1 Module-2 HTML file Output file Cont…

  7. Cont… • Module 1 Extract the Date, which includes Time and convert Time from GMT format to IST format. • Module 2 Extract News content and convert it into HTML format.

  8. News format in e-mail The News through the E-mail, I have got looks like this. News Format

  9. Screen Shot

  10. Conclusion • Science News is important for the scientists and researchers to get the latest in the field of science and technology. • Science News is an important part of any science portal to keep abreast its users and Scigate is one such service provided by NCSI. • The main users of this portal are the scientists, research scholar and students of IISc working in the area of different disciplines of science. This project can be considered as another enhancement of the Scigate portal. • Through this service, we can inform our users with the latest developments in the field of science and can improve their productivity as they can focus more on latest developments and can change/enhance their research area.

  11. Future Development There is always scope of improving any service. This is also true here. In future, we can have these developments. • Now there is only News headline and Source is given. We can also provide some detail about the news itself in 2-3 lines so that the user can immediately come to know about the news contents. • We can also provide the daily news e-mail alert service to our users. Cont….

  12. Cont… • We can also archive the news. Till yet, we are providing the news on daily basis. Now if any user forgot to logged-in in any particular day, s/he can not access the previous days news. To facilitate them with all the news, the archive can be maintained so that if any user comes after sometime, s/he can access old news also. • Provision can be made for taking the text file automatically and save it and run the program regularly or frequently.            

  13. DEMO

  14. Thank You