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Arrow Services Surround Training Series

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Arrow Services Surround Training Series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arrow Services Surround Training Series. HP Data Center Services (HPTS 201) May 2009. Arrow Services Surround Training Series. HP Technology Services Product Offerings (HPTS 101) HP Technology Services Sales Training (HPTS 102) HP Data Center Services (HPTS 201)

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Arrow Services Surround Training Series

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Presentation Transcript

Arrow Services Surround Training Series

HP Data Center Services(HPTS 201)

May 2009

arrow services surround training series
Arrow Services Surround Training Series
  • HP Technology Services Product Offerings (HPTS 101)
  • HP Technology Services Sales Training (HPTS 102)
  • HP Data Center Services (HPTS 201)
  • HP Proactive Select Services (HPTS 202)
  • HP ASMP or Renewal Services (HPTS 301)Getting you up to speed FAST on how to sell the complete range of HP Technical Services offeringsSchedule available via
hp data center services

HP Data Center Services

Bryant Bell

HP Service Program Manager

© 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

  • Data center challenges
  • HP’s Vision of Data Center Transformation
  • HP Critical Facility Services
    • Basic Capacity Survey
    • Infrastructure Condition Capacity Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Data Center Efficiency Beyond the Facility
  • HP Data Center Services Overview
    • HP Security Services
    • HP Relocation Services
  • Data Center Services Call to Action
target audience customer profile
Target audience/customer profile

• CIO is the senior executive responsible for all Information Technology solutions being developed and deployed in support of a company’s enterprise business operations. The CIO is accountable for the total cost, quality, processes, data and tools used to deliver IT solutions.

• Data Center Manager: Responsible for managing the data center’s cost and budget; internal and external communications; delivery of work products and services; planning efforts; personnel; scope of the data center’s mission, objectives and requirements; Schedule of dates and milestones as well as the overall monitoring and management of data center risks.

• Data Center Facilities Manager: Responsible for all facets of data center facilities management including deployment, support, major site infrastructures (power, cooling, etc.), downtime windows, security, maintenance procedures, budgeting, and relationships.

• Industry: Services are horizontal in nature and, therefore, apply across all industry segments

• Company Target:

− Companies of all sizes with medium to high density data centers

− Companies of all sizes with legacy data centers, challenged with power and capacity issues

business and data center pressures
Business and data center pressures


  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Growth
  • Globalization
  • Environmental
  • Innovation


IT Infrastructure

  • Floor space
  • Excessive heat
  • Location
  • Aging facilities
  • Regulations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • IT complexity
  • Under utilized assets
  • Integration needs
  • Security and continuity
  • Serve extended enterprise


  • Globalization
  • Seasonal spikes
  • Sourcing decisions
  • 24x7 expectation
  • Management complexity
  • Lack of skilled resources


10 March 2014

data centers need our attention now
Data Centers need our attention now
  • Average age of data centers is over 15 years old.
  • In 2006, the energy used by data centers was about $4.5 billion- similar to the amount of electricity consumed by approximately 5.8 million average U.S. households
  • By 2010 more than half of data centers will have to relocate to new facilities or outsource some applications
  • By 2015, pool of qualified and senior technical management will shrink by 45%
  • Power failures and limits on power availability will interrupt data center operations at more than 90 percent of all companies over the next five years
  • Breakdown of facility costs
  • Power & Cooling Equipment depreciation (including generators) – 36%
  • Power consumption – 33%
  • Maintenance – 14%
  • Security – 6%
  • Other (includes white space) – 11%
it risks
IT Risks
  • The risks IT Managers face…
  • Does you data center have the appropriate power & cooling structure to accommodate new racking?
  • How do you avoid typical downtime and unexpected issues when migrating data?
  • How do you avoid potential configuration errors & pitfalls when your staff are unfamiliar with the new technology?
  • How can you accommodate the extra workload without jeopardizing day-to-day tasks?
  • How do you insure your systems are performing at a level that matches their current workload
  • Do you fully understand all of your people and processes as well as the technical risks of downtime?
  • Are your continuity plans up-to-date and rigorously tested?
  • Is your storage configured to provide the best possible performance?
  • Where will you get the specialist skills needed to address niche performance issues?

Typical customer examples

  • Migration to new technologies
  • Virtualization
  • Consolidation
    • Server
    • Storage
    • Data center
  • Data center power & cooling
hp ts americas 2009 attach service portfolio
HP TS Americas 2009 Attach Service Portfolio

Event Services

Education Services and Technical & Data Center Services

Mission Critical Support

(Packages Reactive & Proactive)

Proactive Support Options

HP Proactive Select

May be quoted standalone or with Reactive Support

Critical Service (CS)

  • 24x7 HW & SW
  • 6 hr CTR f/HW
  • 30 minute critical response f/SW
  • SW updates
  • Immediate response f/critical problemsProactive services
  • Change management
  • Support plan
  • System Health Checks
  • Remote diagnosis

Enhanced Virtualization Service (EVS) for VMWare

Requires reactive 24x7 SW Support

Proactive 24 (P24)

  • 24x7 HW & SW
  • HW 4 hr response
  • SW 2 hr response
  • SW updates
  • Account support manager
  • Support planning
  • System Health Checks
  • Remote diagnosis

Reactive Support

Hardware Only

  • Software Only
  • SW Subscription
  • Technical Support (24x7 or 9x5)
  • Subscription + Technical Support 24x7 or 9x5
  • Support Plus & Support Plus24
  • HW 4 hr response
  • SW Tech Support
  • SW Subscription
  • 13x5 or 24x7 coverage
  • NBDE
  • NBD
  • 9x5 NBD
  • 9x5 4 hr
  • 24x7 4 hr
  • 6 hr CTR

Product Warranty

Support is ongoing across 1, 3, 4 or 5 years and can be renewed

hp data center services10
HP Data Center Services




  • Migration services
  • Data migration service
  • Site planning services
  • Data center site planning (includes site preparation audit, environmental evaluation, site logistics)
  • Relocation services
  • Relocation service (includes install, de-install, relocation, configuration)
  • Project management services
  • Project management service
  • Deployment Services
  • Factory Express
  • Installation
  • Installation & Startup
  • Implementation
  • Custom Deployment
  • Server operation services
  • Custom operations services
  • Performance tuning
  • Storage operation services
  • Storage operation services
  • XP/EVA performance analysis
  • Data sanitization service
  • Software operation services
  • Performance analysis for SAP
  • Change alert service
  • Cluster consistency node service
  • Transaction volume measurement
  • HP OpenView operations service
  • Microsoft operations service
  • Network operation services
  • Custom network operations service
  • Resource & technical assistance
  • HP resource offer
  • Additional technical assistance
  • ITSM services
  • ITSM Assessments (Quick, Intermediate, Comprehensive, Custom)
  • Data center assessment services
  • Data center assessment service (audit)
  • IT Security & risk assessments
  • HP security quick assessment
  • System, database, intranet security health checks
  • Custom security assessment
  • Power & cooling services
  • Quick thermal assessment
  • Comprehensive thermal assessment
  • HP quick assessment for BladesSystem
  • Infrastructure optimization assessments
  • VMware Capacity Planner
  • HP ServiceGuard Audit
  • System Healthcheck Services
  • Assessment for SANs service
  • Cluster consistency assessment
data center transformation business outcomes
Data center transformation business outcomes
  • Up to 30% savings from IT consolidation, apps rationalization
  • Up to 40% energy savings from modern facilities
  • Up to 25% real estate, location savings
  • Lower IT maintenance costs, staff requirements

Reduce cost

  • Centralize and standardize IT and data center processes
  • Establish compliance with industry best practices
  • Protect company revenue, brand & reputation from outage or disaster

Mitigate risk

  • Increase data center capacity
  • Provide global reach to data centers
  • Serve extended enterprise
  • Support new business initiatives faster

Grow business

Reduce costs and increase control through industry-leading end-to-end data center consolidation solutions from HP


10 March 2014

scope of data center transformation domains
Scope of Data Center Transformation Domains
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Server, storage, network consolidation
  • Virtualization
  • Application infrastructure
  • Unified communications
  • Facilities
  • Strategy and design
  • Consolidation and relocation
  • Cabling and racking
  • Power and cooling

Your Clients

Data Center


  • Applications & Information
  • Application discovery and profiling
  • Application and database migration
  • Application rationalization and modernization
  • Management & Operations
  • Service Management
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure, facilities, application management
  • Security and business continuity


10 March 2014

hp data center services14
HP Data Center Services
  • All of the services that will be discussed during this webinar are available through one of the following HP Technology Service families.
    • HP Data Center Services
    • HP Critical Facilities Services
    • HP Proactive Select Services


March 10, 2014

hp facility critical services for data centers
HP Facility Critical Services for Data Centers
  • Basic Capacity Survey
    • How much power and cooling does a data center have?
  • Infrastructure Condition and Capacity Analysis
    • What is the facility infrastructure and how is it being used?
  • Thermal Assessments
    • Can the data center support cool the equipment the client is buying?

HP Critical Facilities Services can help customers identify a strategic entry point for data center transformation. When this is combined with our other data center transformation solutions, HP can comprehensively address the customers’ whole data center domain, from facility and technology, to service and operational management.

how energy efficiency can cost your business
How energy efficiency can cost your business

Business impact related to power and cooling issues

Increased operational costs

Server or system downtime

Data center outage

Inability to add capacity

Fail to support business growth

Lowered customer satisfaction

Loss of revenue


power cooling is a top challenge for data center managers

Power & Cooling spend

Data center infrastructure spend

Power & Cooling is a top challenge for data center managers

Worldwide data center infrastructure and Power & Cooling Expense, 2006–2011

Source: IDC Special Study, "Power and Cooling in the Datacenter 2007: Challenges, Impacts, and Forecast," Doc #13448, September 2007

basic capacity survey
Basic Capacity Survey
  • Determines the existing electrical and cooling load levels
  • Provides quantitative capacity and availability information
  • Help your client prioritize and allocate resources effectively.
  • Proactive Select – number of credits based on square footage of data center
infrastructure condition capacity analysis
Infrastructure Condition Capacity Analysis
  • Evaluates the critical infrastructure power and cooling capacity of the infrastructure
  • Benchmarks against availability classification tier-level standards
  • Identify high-level energy saving opportunities
  • Helps determine priorities for improving overall reliability of the facility
  • Proactive Select – number of credits based on square footage of data center

Comprehensive Analysis

Proactive Select – 130 Proactive Select credits

  • Data collection, including 3D under & above floor modeling
  • Data analysis
  • Scenario modeling options
  • Thermal ZONE mapping
  • Comprehensive analysis report & recommendations
  • Cooling load vs. capacity
  • Airflow management
  • Heat recirculation
  • Racking practices
  • Airflow obstructions
  • Row orientation/placement
  • Gap analysis
  • Infrastructure management practices

Power and cooling analysis

HP delivers a variety of standardized thermal assessments

Quick Assessment

HB6399E List $9600

Quick Analysis

Intermediate Analysis

Thermal Quick Assessment is based on interviews with Customer staff and HP observations of customers’ data center environment, the service provides an assessment of the physical infrastructure and service management practices.

Thermal Comprehensive Assessment builds on the Quick Assessment with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of the entire supply and return air flow thermodynamics, including above the floor where hot air recirculation is often a problem in high-density installations.

comprehensive thermal analysis
Comprehensive Thermal Analysis
  • Determines potential capacity
  • Helps your client gain a better understanding of space, power and cooling resource requirements
  • Identifies potential strategies and best practices for improving operating efficiency through use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of the entire supply and return air flow thermodynamics.
  • Helps your client optimize data center cooling to reduce operating costs, its capacity, and improve reliability
data center services framework
Data Center Services framework

Data Center Services are a comprehensive collection of short term service engagements and resources that help to optimize cost, increase efficiency and provide quality

Data Center Services




Datacenter Project services and resources from project inception to delivery and deployment

Datacenter Optimization services & assessments for improving strategic performance

Datacenter Expertise and Resources to address operational or skill gaps as needed

  • Migration services*
  • Site planning services
  • Relocation services*
  • Project management services
  • Deployment services*
  • Server operation services*
  • Storage operation services
  • Software operation services
  • Network operation performance
  • Resource & technical assistance*
  • ITSM services*
  • IT security & risk assessment services*
  • Blade Readiness Services*
  • Infrastructure optimization assessment services*

* Available through Proactive Select services

hp it security and risk assessment services
HP IT Security and Risk Assessment Services
  • The services consist of:
  • Remote Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • HP Security Quick Assessment
  • System, Database and Intranet Security Health Checks
    • Intranet Security Health Check
    • System Security Health Check
    • Database Security Health Check
hp security services

Security has become THE major concern for businesses:

    • “82% of enterprises are investing in security (#1). It is a precondition for e-commerce…”
  • Security has become THE major concern for businesses:
    • “82% of enterprises are investing in security (#1). It is a precondition for e-commerce…”
HP Security Services
  • Why HP Services?
  • Security is the #1 CIO concern today
  • Threats of all types have increased significantly, e.g., hackers, viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, etc.
  • There’s an increased reliance on IT to meet business goals
  • There’s an increased need to keep IT available and operating at its best

"Help me keep my business going in light of all

these threats" is priority #1

-CIO Advisory Forum, 9/03

td ameritrade says hacker stole customer info
TD Ameritrade says hacker stole customer info

OMAHA — TD Ameritrade (AMTD) said Friday that one of its databases was hacked and contact information for its more than 6.3 million customers was stolen.

Spokeswoman Kim Hillyer said the information included names, addresses and e-mail addresses, as well as "miscellaneous account activity information" such as the number of trades conducted the past six months…

By Josh Funk, Associated Press

creating the right security plan
Creating the right Security Plan
  • Creating a security plan is easy. Creating the RIGHT security plan is a challenge.
  • The RIGHT plan must:
    • Protect your business and its operations from the maximum number of threats
    • Provide a way to deal with any threats that break through your defenses
    • Ensure the most effective and focused use of your dollars and resources
hp security assessment services
HP Security Assessment Services
  • HB069A1 – List $7,200
  • Criteria-based questionnaire based on industry standards & HP experience
  • Awareness of security concepts & information security management best practices, identifying security strengths & potential weaknesses in the delivery of reliable IT services
  • Analysis & presentation of workshop findings with best practice recommendations

HP Security Quick Assessment Service

HP-facilitated 1 day workshop that allows Customers to compare their security practices, policies, processes and IT infrastructure with industry best practices for information security management.

Recommended for Customers who are seeking awareness of potential security vulnerabilities in the people, processes and technologies supporting their business.

remote security vulnerability assessment
Appropriate for any size customer

Focuses on identifying key IT security vulnerabilities

Provides you with a trusted partner with industry-certified credentials to lead you through the complex security field

Includes expert assistance to help identify security solutions that will deliver the results needed

Delivers confidential and expert advice to help protect your business from malicious attacks

Provides a trusted partner with industry certified credentials to guide you through the complex security issues

Offers two service levels – Basic and Enhanced - to provide a match for your realities and requirements

Basic Service

Part #U9619E list $1995

Security Architecture & Policy Review

Infrastructure & Security Policy Review

Penetration Tests of Perimeter

Up to 15 IP Addresses

Physical Security Review

Review of VISIO or other diagrams

Best Practices Comparisons

Discovery & Recommendations Report

Best Practice Sharing/Consulting

Remote Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Enhanced Service
    • Part #U9620E list $2995
  • All the deliverables in Basic...
  • PLUS:
    • Perimeter penetration test of up to 50 IP Addresses
    • Additional hours of Best Practice Sharing/Consulting Session
    • Security Patch Strategies
    • Discussions and Recommendation


hp security assessment services32

Covers a selected database instance and provides:

  • Assessment of security vulnerability and threats for business-critical databases
  • Database scan to identify security vulnerabilities without affecting the Customer’s production environment.
  • Presentation written report outlining recommendations for authentication, authorization and system integrity
  • Covers a selected server and includes:
  • Server-based security scan of identified system, analyzing security weaknesses that are not visible to network scanning.
  • Analysis of the results of the scan
  • Presentation of written report detailing key findings & specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Covers a selected set of IP addresses and provides:
  • Scan of identified devices on the network (key servers, network switches & routers) to identify security weaknesses.
  • Analysis of the results of the scan
  • Presentation of written report detailing key findings & proposed follow-up plan.
HP Security Assessment Services

System Security Health Check

HA185A1, $9600

Intranet Security Health Check

HA190A1, $9600

Database Security Health Check

HA191A1, $9600

benefits of hp it security assessments
Benefits of HP IT Security Assessments
  • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the customer’s current security posture and vulnerabilities to security risks.
  • Provide a clear view of the technical, resource, and process controls your customer can use to manage security risks.
  • Prioritizes additional security needs identified from the assessments.
  • Helps the customer understand what regulatory compliance and policy enforcement are needed and how to perform them
  • Boosted data protection, business critical system protection and a better view on risk management

HP Relocation Service

often all require

the relocation of

IT facilities

(Part #HB242A1)

  • HP Relocation Service is specifically designed to coordinate the equipment relocation activities and appropriate resources necessary to implement and conclude a variety of moves:
    • • From a single system up to a complete computing environment
    • • Across the room, across the country, or around the world
    • • Sensitive or mission-critical environments
  • HP Relocation Service based on a customer pre-approved HP SOW, have been able to resell a quantity of Relocation Units of Service (HB242A1), which are HP reseller discountable


10 March 2014

hp relocation services features
HP Relocation Services features

Site evaluation

Relocation Planning


  • IT environment
  • Power factors
  • Site logistics
  • Ventilation/air conditioning
  • Network topology conflicts
  • Timetables
  • Reporting
  • One site or multi-sites
  • On-going management
  • Assigned relocation Project manager
  • Creation and management of detailed statement of work
  • Fully detailed project plan
  • Total coordination of manpower and activities
  • On-site management if applicable
  • Professional, bonded, IT equipment movers
  • Items prepared for shipment
  • Supervision of packing and unpacking
  • Movers handle, load and ship equipment



Insurance & coverage

  • All identified equipment is properly de-installed
  • All identified equipment is prepared for transportation
  • On-going management
  • Unpack and position equipment
  • Reinstall, connect cables and network links
  • Run system diagnostics
  • Report system status
  • On-going management
  • Coverage for national and international relocations
  • HP makes all contacts
  • Full replacement-value coverage, not pro-rated
  • Priority one claims resolution
  • On-going management
hp relocation service key features
HP Relocation Service: key features
  • Complete responsibility
    • One price
    • One vendor
    • One contract
  • Proven experience
  • Knowledgeable HP personnel
  • Professional, insured movement of equipment
  • Coverage in the event of equipment damage
  • Customized price with convenient purchase (HP Care Pack)
benefits to the customer
Benefits to the customer
  • Reduce business operations disruption
  • Free up the customers key personnel to maintain focus on normal business activities
  • Minimize customers risk
  • Reduce downtime during move
    • Contingency planning
  • Eliminate unexpected and costly budget overruns
  • Ensure an effective operating environment for the customers equipment
working opportunity
Working Opportunity

Work with Customer to complete Channel Specific Questionnaire

Located on Partner Portal

Send Completed Questionnaire to

Receive SOW from HP Relocations

Submit SOW to Arrow Inside Sales Rep for formal quote based on quantity of Part #HB242A1 referenced in SOW

Provide SOW and Quote to customer

Receive customer signed SOW and order from customer

Send signed SOW to HP for counter signing

Place order through Arrow Inside Sales Team and attach signed SOW to order.


10 March 2014

journey to success
Journey to Success!

If interested in receiving additional information about HP’s Campaign Central please contact Marilyn Thaxton, at Arrow.

For Campaign Central, login to the HP Partner Portal and select “Marketing Toolkit,” then select “Campaign Central.” Then search on “Services” campaigns.




Discovery Questions to ask

  • How is your facility strategy aligned to your technology strategy?
  • • Have you recently benchmarked your IT processes and service levels against
  • industry best practices?
  • • Are your IT departments integrated and working in a cohesive way?
  • • Can you identify your key areas of business and IT risk?
  • • Are you spending too much of your budget on operational support as
  • opposed to innovation?
  • • Are your users satisfied with the quality of service?
  • • Are you dealing with excessive downtime, and is this related to performance
  • issues? Security issues?
  • • What is your approach to problem management?
  • Can your data centers meet anticipated capacity demand?
  • Do you have existing cooling issues prior to high density deployments?
  • What is the size and age of your data centers? How many sites do you have?
handling objections
Handling Objections
  • Q: My infrastructure is working very well. I don’t need more management.
  • • A: Would you like to improve your infrastructure? There may be opportunities to improve your processes that are waiting to be uncovered with an HP-delivered ITSM assessment.
  • • Q: An ITSM assessment is expensive and takes a long time to implement.
  • • A: The HP team has a variety of assessments, from a Quick Assessment to give your customer a high level overview of their current service management position in relation to the wider ITSM industry… to a Custom Assessment, a flexible, cost effective assessment that can be individually tailored to your customer’s specific concerns. HP Channel Partners work with their customers to decide which one will fit the needs of their organization as it stands today.
  • • Q: An assessment will make us look bad.
  • • A: Because HP ITSM Assessments are criteria based, customers will be able to see the positive elements as well as the areas of concern. ITSM Assessments are delivered as a positive activity, with the goal of seeing how to make things better, not to point fingers or apportion blame.
  • • Q: We have management tools to manage IT services.
  • • A: How are these tools used? Are they effective in proactively managing IT service delivery; do they enable or disable your processes?
handling objections43
Handling Objections
  • Q: I can’t afford to do this right now.
  • • A: Security is expensive. Not taking care of your security could cost you your business. It can result in legal action if you are responsible for the loss of confidential information such as patient records, credit card information, student information etc. At the same time, it’s good to know that we offer extremely competitive pricing. Our Remote Vulnerability assessments are priced to meet anyone’s needs while providing the highest level of service anywhere. You can’t afford not to attend to your security and we can help you do it without breaking the bank – or losing the bank to hackers.
  • Q: I already have very efficient equipment in my Data Center in terms of power and cooling technologies. How can I improve on that?
  • • A: HP’s Thermal Assessments supplement efficient equipment and work at the Data Center level to best utilize all of your Data Center resources together. For example, if you focus on cooling one system that appears to be over heating (by consuming a lot of power) it can change the overall air flow in the Data Center and create a new hot spot.
data center services call to action
Data Center Services Call to Action
  • Ask your customers if they have a Data Center initiative in place
  • Focus on selling Relocation Services
    • 35% of your customers are actively working on a relocation project!
  • Utilize the Relocation Journey to Success Relocation Kit and education Kit to drive awareness
  • Ask if your customers are interested in accelerating project implementation while reducing risk
  • Ask your customers about their Security Plan and testing

Arrow Exclusive– MY Way Promotion featuring HP Proactive Select Services

  • Description
    • Partner can earn rewards from Arrow ECS for up-selling and closing select HP Proactive Select Services!!
  • Rewards
    • Graduated Promotional Rewards from $1,000 to $4,000
  • Audience
    • HP Partners (US only)
  • End Date
    • July 31, 2009

Promotional material located on Arrow ECS ISSY Partner Portal at

Click “Services Surround” button, then “tools & resources”.

arrow resources
Arrow Resources
  • Arrow ECS HP Sales: 888-228-2101
  • Arrow ECS Website:
    • ISSY Login (partner portal login)
    • Services Surround Program – Tools & Resources
      • HP Technology Services Product Offerings course (HPTS 101)
      • HP Technology Services Sales Training (HPTS 102)
      • HP Data Center Services (HPTS 201)
      • HP ASMP or Renewal Services (HPTS 301)
    • HP SMART System tool
    • HP Quick Reference Guide
  • Other:
    • HP Services/Arrow Business Development Manager: Holly Sell,
    • HP Services/Arrow Marketing Manager: Marilyn Thaxton,
hp resources
HP Resources
  • Your local HP Technology Services Specialist
  • Partner Portal
    • HP Learning Center can be accessed from the Partner Portal. Click on the Train/Certify link on the left
    • For Marketing Tools go to “Marketing Toolkit”
    • Additional Resources on the Services page:
      • HP Services training course catalog: Updated!
      • Channel Partner Calendar FY09
      • Cost of downtime tool
      • HP Services Playbooks
      • HP Quick Reference Guide
      • Proactive Select Menu