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  1. ALDINE ISD Dress Code This information is on pages 6&7 of the Discipline Management Plan in the Student/Parent Handbook

  2. Pajamas and slippers are not permitted to be worn on campus.

  3. Jogging, biker and Spandex shorts are prohibited.

  4. Tights worn alone are prohibited.

  5. Tights may not be worn with skirts/shorts or dresses that do not adhere to the dress code. No banded dresses

  6. Shorts/skirts/dresses must be finger tip length or longer. Finger tip length all the way around the garment. Do the fingertip test…

  7. Allowable Skirts/Dresses/Shorts YES!

  8. Sagging pants and oversized clothing are not acceptable.

  9. Properly Worn Jeans YES!

  10. Cut, torn, frayed, or ripped clothing is prohibited.

  11. Chains and straps are prohibited.

  12. Spaghetti straps and muscle shirts are prohibited.Undergarments cannot not be seen.

  13. Allowable Sleeveless YES! YES!

  14. Strapless, low cut, backless and shirts that show midriff are prohibited.

  15. All electronic devices are prohibited. $15 fee for return of cell phones – 1 week wait on other electronic devices.

  16. Hats, caps, headbands, do rags, scarves and bandanas are prohibited unless they are part of a school uniform or are for religious or medical purposes.

  17. Hoodies Hoodies are fine, however, students may NOT wear the hoods up while in the building.

  18. Sunglasses • Sunglasses may not be worn on the face, head or back of head.

  19. Piercings Earrings are permitted for girls only. ALL other piercing jewelry is strictly prohibited.

  20. No visible or written messages likely to cause a disruption such as drugs, weapons, violence, vulgar or obscene language or images, insults to race, religion, gender or ethnicity, or gang or cult affiliation may be worn or displayed.

  21. Hair & Makeup • Hair styles, colors and makeup must not detract from or interfere with the learning and school environment.

  22. Grills • There are no GRILLS allowed in school.

  23. Boys Hairstyles • No beads or designs in the hair. • Mohawks are not allowed. • Any hair style that is distracting is not allowed.

  24. Hair Length for Boys • Boys hair needs to be neat and clean. • Clear of eyes and face and not longer than the bottom of a regular shirt collar.

  25. Facial Hair • All boys must be clean shaven at all times.

  26. ID’S • ID’s need to be on and around the neck upon entering the building and at all times while in the building. • Temporary ID’s will be sold at entrance points for $1.00 • Color-coded ID’s for each grade

  27. Go ahead, look cute – but appropriate!