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A Common Gel Defect PowerPoint Presentation
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A Common Gel Defect

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A Common Gel Defect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Common Gel Defect. Crazing,. Here seen along a length of the MuMetal. GE 6156 has been the baseline gel since Amanda. Not sold as an optical Gel Color is uncontrolled Processing controversial ~$50.00/DOM Dow Corning Q3-6575 is being considered as an alternate.

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a common gel defect
A Common Gel Defect
  • Crazing,...

Here seen along

a length of the MuMetal

Daniel Wahl

rtv gels
GE 6156 has been the baseline gel since Amanda.

Not sold as an optical Gel

Color is uncontrolled

Processing controversial


Dow Corning Q3-6575 is being consideredas an alternate.

Unmixed samples have all been water clear.

Dow Corning processes their electronic grade silicones differently to decrease the level of volatile materials. Observed out-gassing behavior is much less active.

~$30.00 to $40.00/DOM Depending on packaging.

RTV Gels

Daniel Wahl

Optical/Mechanical coupling of PMT to Benthos Sphere

Greater than 10% transmission at 300 nm

50% transmission at lambda <= 325 nm

85% or better transmission at 350 nm

Must not scintillate or fluoresce (300nm < lambda < 600nm).

Must tolerate temperatures from –70C to 45C with no more than 2% loss of room temperature transmission.Perhaps two GEL types, one for IceTop, one for In-Ice?


Daniel Wahl

comparative tests
Comparative Tests
  • Optical transmission
    • Cary (Varian) 300 Scan UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Stiffness, Depth(Force,Temperature)
    • MOHR DIGI-TEST Fruit Quality Testing System, (yes fruit)
  • Visual Inspection (Before and after FAT)
    • Blue eyes

Daniel Wahl

gel stiffness data
Gel Stiffness Data
  • Both Gels mixed at production ratio 1:1.08 A to B

Daniel Wahl

visual inspection
FAT #1 of 96 DOMs

3 Crazing Improved

13 New Crazing Appeared, (Minor)

FAT #2 Data Collected and unavailable

Visual Inspection

Daniel Wahl

dow corning gels to consider
Q3-6575 as shown in previous slides.

Five DOMs in FAT 2

Three Degass methods: Mix A&B degass 20 minuets.

75 torr Bubbles, 25 torr Perfect, 7.5 torr Perfect.

FAT Data?

Q3-6646 Highly purified version of Q3-6575

One DOM in FAT 3, No Data Yet

Q3-4154 Less Pt catalyst for clarity. (-45C)

Q3-6679 Fluorogel Good to -70C, (expensive)


Dow Corning Gels to Consider

Daniel Wahl

ge verses dow corning

Quality perception low

Unwilling to provide information

Dow Corning

Provides 100% Raw Material for GELs Worldwide.

Responsive with samples, and technical assistance.

Willing to “tweak” standard GELs, or Develop New.

Distributor authorized to repackage.

Prices lower or competitive.

GE verses Dow Corning

Daniel Wahl