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France Food. By: Graham Zorian. H istory.

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France food

France Food

By: Graham Zorian

H istory

  • The history of French food is different form the different centuries to the present. In the 18th century the nobles and rich would eat fancy soups and meats. Though the third estate which are the presents would eat mostly bread sand some small portions of meat they could get

  • Now adays people eat all kinds of dirrentoods like soups and meats.

G eography

  • The food that is grown in the France depends on what part of the countries its framed in parts that. Most farming can be done out side of Paris where its flat and the soil is good for crops

  • Towns that are on the coast of franceusassaly have meals that contian seafood in the some way. They have things ;ike salmon, cod, clams of sorts and lobster.

R eligion

  • Christantinty allows most modern white foods to be cooked from breads to soups and meats of all kinds

Movement of people
Movement of people

  • Most of French has been developed so people can live mostly anywhere in the country. People who live anywhere in the country eat the same sorts of foods. Just because these people live in France dosent mean all they eat is French food.