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Symbiosis. Parasitism, Mutualism, and Commensalism. What is symbiosis?. Symbiosis occurs when two species live together in a close long-term association . All living things have the same basic requirements:. • Food/Nutrition • Shelter/Living space • Water

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Parasitism, Mutualism, and Commensalism

what is symbiosis
What is symbiosis?
  • Symbiosis occurs when two

species live together in a close

long-term association.

all living things have the same basic requirements
All living things have the samebasic requirements:
  • • Food/Nutrition
  • • Shelter/Living space
  • • Water

In a symbiotic relationship at least one of

the organisms involved is meeting one

of the basic needs for living through the


  • In your science notebook, give two

examples of how two living things can:

  • #1. Benefit, or be helpful, to one another
  • #2. Be harmful, or hurt, one another.
three types of symbiosis
Three types of symbiosis
  • There are three main types of symbiotic relationships. They are:
  • Parasitism-One organism is helped,while the other is harmed.
  • Commensalism- Neither organism is harmed…live peacefully.
  • Mutualism-Both organisms benefit from living together.
  • Parasitism

• Relationship in which one organism feeds on and usually lives on or in another.

• Ex: tape worm.

• + the tape worm lives inside the animals

intestines and gets shelter and food.

• - the animal looses nutrition, may loose

weight and become ill.



• A symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and one is

neither harmed nor helped.

• Example: Epiphytes also known as “air plants.” live on the bark of trees.

• + the epiphyte gets space to live.

• 0 the tree is not harmed nor does it benefit in any way.



• a symbiotic relationship in which both participating species


• EX: Ant & Aphid: + ant gets nutrition from

the aphid’s honeydew—a sugary secretion from

the aphid’s body.

• + the aphid gets protection from the ant

against predatory insects like ladybugs.