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Writing for Change

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Writing for Change. Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D., stevensd@pdx.edu Portland State University Presentation for Texas A & M October 12, 2012. A veteran journal keeper.

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writing for change

Writing for Change

Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D., stevensd@pdx.edu

Portland State University

Presentation for Texas A & M

October 12, 2012

a veteran journal keeper
A veteran journal keeper
  • “When I want to know what I really think, I write in my journal. It is more than a mirror. It does not reflect me. It is an evolving me: it is an organic process; it is discovery work.
  • Writing in my journal changes me. I am growing and I am evolving as I write.”
            • Barbara
a new journal keeper
A new journal keeper
  • “My journal has become a symbol of independence. It allows me the luxury of time to myself. My family would consider journal writing self-absorbent, selfish and a waste of time. I had to overcome and reframe this mindset. It was a slow process to change my attitude… I found that writing in my journal gave me justification to spend time focusing, venting or thinking metacognitively. The professor said it well when she said, “writing is thinking.”
  • Laura
  • To connect the power of writing with the power of reflection for personal change
  • To show how journal writing can propel change
  • To practice some strategies for change
  • Tell me some of the personal challenges that students experience..
power of reflection
Power of Reflection
  • JK book, p. 37, Barbara quote
  • Objectifies experience
  • Deepens understanding
  • Promotes identity development
  • Think about thinking
  • Invite perspective-taking
  • Develop repertoire of strategies
  • Log of experiences to reflect on
  • Linked to success
doorway to health
Doorway to Health
  • Significant health benefits
  • Decreases stress
  • Offers safety
  • Write about traumatic events
  • Explore alternatives
journal keeping
Journal Keeping
  • Reflect in writing
  • Affirms growth
  • Documents growth
  • Fosters creativity
  • Becomes lifetime tool
an activity dialogue
An activity: Dialogue
  • Whom can you dialogue with?
  • What can you dialogue with?
  • Why dialogue?
  • Answer after activity.
activity secret selves
Activity: Secret Selves
  • List 5 secret selves…
  • e. g. Marilyn the messy
  • Peggy the perfectionist
  • Judy the judge
  • Dianne the devilish
  • Suzie the studious
  • Write a dialogue with one of your secret selves. Use pattern below.
  • 10 minutes
  • D: Hello, Madeline the messy
  • MM: Hi, Dannelle, well, you discovered me.
  • D: Yep, I kick you out when I have visitors but, you are….
activity listing
Activity: Listing
  • Listing: What lists do we have?
  • Quote from Rainer, p. 85, JK book
  • List:
  • The things that bug me…
  • The things I am grateful for…
  • The things I am proud of…
  • The things I do well…. Etc., etc.
how to keep a journal
How to keep a journal
  • Bound copy
  • Private: Can photocopy pages for reflections
  • Two-columns
  • Pages numbered
  • Table of contents
  • Front and back
  • Remember archival!
how to get students to keep a journal
How to get students to keep a journal
  • Must be taught!

how to reflect

need to practice

Must be integral with your contacts

Must be modeled

a final thought
A final thought…
  • Reflection with Metacognition with Health Benefits leads to powerful personal change
  • Thank you…..