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Work supported by EU RP6 project JRA1 FutureDAQ RII3-CT-2004-506078

A D ata A cquisition B ackbone C ore library Jörn Adamczewski , Hans G.Essel, Nikolaus Kurz, Sergey Linev GSI, Experiment Electronics: Data Processing group. Motivation and use cases Core design: dataflow, modules, manager object Application plug-in mechanism

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Work supported by EU RP6 project JRA1 FutureDAQ RII3-CT-2004-506078

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  1. A Data Acquisition Backbone Core library Jörn Adamczewski, Hans G.Essel, Nikolaus Kurz, Sergey LinevGSI, Experiment Electronics: Data Processing group Motivation and use cases Core design: dataflow, modules, manager object Application plug-in mechanism Controls and configuration interface Status and Outlook Work supported by EU RP6 project JRA1 FutureDAQ RII3-CT-2004-506078 J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  2. Detector Detector Detector FEE deliver time stamped data ~50000 FEE chips ~1000 collectors CNet collect data into buffers collect ~1000 active buffers data dispatcher TNet time distribution ~1000 links a 1 GB/sec switching network ~10 dispatchers →subfarm BNet sort time stamped data event dispatcher subfarm subfarm subfarm PNet process events level 1&2 selection ~100 subfarms ~100 nodes per subfarm processing HNet high level selection to high level computing and archiving ~1 GB/sec Output CBM data acquisition plan W.F.J.Müller, 2004 J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  3. non MBS FE DABC DABC DABC DABC DABC Eventbuilder Eventbuilder Eventbuilder DABC Eventbuilder Use case: DAQ m x n topology Detector Detector Detector Detector Triggerbus Readout ADC ADC Readout ADC ADC Readout ADC ADC Readout ADC ADC ADC ADC ADC ADC Trigger ADC Trigger ADC Trigger ADC Trigger ADC MBS Crates Network Multi Branch System GSI Standard DAQ (~100 installations) J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  4. CBM GSI Motivation for DABC Use cases: • Detector tests • FE equipment tests • Data transport tests • Time distribution tests • Switched event building • MBS event builder Requirements: • build events over fast networks • triggered or self-triggered front-ends • time stamped data streams • data flow control (to front-ends) • connect (nearly) any front-ends • interface for application plug-in code • connect MBS readout or collector nodes • interface for several controls frameworks => DABC for CBM DAQ testing and as future „general purpose“ DAQ system J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  5. DABC design: functional overview DABC PC datainput sorting tagging filter analysis frontendDataCombinerr frontendReadout scheduler GE frontendother IB PC PC analysis archive scheduler sorting tagging filter analysis datainput archive GE: Gigabit Ethernet IB: InfiniBand • DABC data flow J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  6. GUI Example: Network event building for MBS Linux PCs lxi013 LynxOS lxi015 TCP MBS frontend input eventbuilder x86-7 sender MBS frontend x86g-4 DIM, Java GE lxg0517 lxi016 lxi014 Event generator sender eventbuilder controller TCP input No common trigger for demo GE: Gigabit Ethernet • DABC structure J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  7. Example: DABC with MBS plugins MBS Second node Device Transport DABC Module DABC Module port port port port Sender Formatter port Local or over network DABC Module DABC Module port Transport port port port Receiver EventBuilder port Device Second node File J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  8. separate threads Data flow engine: Software objects and threads A module processes data of one or several data streams. Data streams propagate through ports, which are connected bytransportsand devices DABC Manager DABC Module DABC Module port port process process port port Central data managerMemory pools Bufferqueue Bufferqueue locally (by reference) Transport Transport Network Device Device J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  9. create BNet-Plugin Bnet modules connect XDAQ controls monitor Event builder modules Application Plugins user modules.. user commands MBSDevice define configuration set up xml-configuration configuration Object organisation and Plug-in mechanism DABC Manager Controls interface Object registry Memory Pools Plugins Devices Modules Commands Parameters SocketDevice J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  10. DoError DoHalt F X H C E R DoStop DoEnable DoStart DoConfigure DoHalt DoHalt Controls interface: Generic finite state machine • State machine is defined by controls interface of DABC core • ApplicationPlugins implement state transition actions („user code“) • Nodes in B-net may set up state machine hierarchy: (e.g. 1 master node, n worker nodes) J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  11. framework for CMS, see http://xdaqwiki.cern.ch following screenshots of first implementation Controls with XDAQ runtime environment XDAQ Executive (process, addressspace) Web browser Web server (SOAP) SOAP client: Java GUI DIM server DIM client: Java GUI LabView GUI EPICS GUI XDAQ Application State machine Infospace* DABC Core Modules command queue GRIDCC * Infospace: remotely accessible parameters DABC core is not depending on XDAQ environment! J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  12. Start MBS Stop DABC J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  13. Full parameter table of DABC and MBS Parameters can be set here, if not locked J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  14. Commands of DABC and MBS Output of DABC and MBS J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

  15. Summary and Outlook DABC is a new „general purpose“ DAQ system Achieved • Core infrastructure • Data flow engine • XDAQ runtime environment • Generic Java GUI • PCI(e) support • MBS event building • Programming Interface definitions Todo • Controls, GUI c't • Data formats • Combiner / time sort • Programming Interface implementation c't • Configuration DB • Packaging and deployment • Documentation Network performance tests: see next talk (S.Linev) J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, N.Kurz, S.Linev

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