adrano town in the province of catania on the east coast of sicily
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Adrano town in the province of Catania on the east coast of Sicily.

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Adrano town in the province of Catania on the east coast of Sicily. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adrano town in the province of Catania on the east coast of Sicily.

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Adrano is a town at the foot of the mountain Etna situated on the southeastcoast at about 38 km from the main city Catania. The Adrano territoryis of veryancientsettlement and rich of archaelogicaltestimonies . Going back to the prehistorictimesithadalreadybeenunhabitedbecauseits fertile land. ItwasfoundedbyDionysus the Elder in 400 BC and wasnamedAdranon in honourofthe homonymousgod.
Between mountain Etna and the riverSimeto Adrano territoryhasa big variety of beautiful landscapes . Itiswellknownfor the olives and citrusfruits, orchardsand vegetablescoltivationthatrepresentitsmostimportanteconomicresource. Higher up, at about 1100/1200 metresabove the sealevelthereis the Etna Park withitsflows of petrified lava , rarities of nature and uncontaminatedenvironmentsthatextendfrom the summit of the vulcano to the townssurroundingit.
the norman castle
The Norman castle

The Norman Castlewasbuilt on the ruins of a Saracenfortby the Noble Norman Roger I in 11th century . IthousesaninterestingarchaelogicalMuseumwithfindingsfrom the Neolithic and Bronze AgestoByzantineDomination.

monastery of st lucy
Monasteryof St Lucy

Monastery of Saint Lucy 1931

The Monastery of St.Lucywaserected in 1596 and rebuiltafter the earthquake in 1693. Todayitisusedas a public school. Connectedto the Monasteryis the Church of St. Lucy rebuilt in 1775.

saracen bridge

Saracens’ Bridge isanarab-norman bridge going back to IX centuryover the Simetoriver. Itisoutside the town at about & milesnorthwest. TodaySaracens Bridge isaninterestingattractiontovisitorsoffering a beautiful view on the Simeto and on the amazing and naturalsicilianlandscape.


Saint Nicolò Politi

Theheremit Nicolò Politi is Adrano’s patronsaint. Hisfestivityiscelebrated on 3 rd August with the traditionalso-called “Volata dell’angelo” in “piazza Umberto “whereeveryonemeetstoremembertheirfellow citizen. On Easterdaythereisanotherimportantfestivity in Adrano: the so-called “Diavolata”, a sacredrapresentationwhere the actors are devils and angels.