the curse in chapter 7 n.
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The Curse in (Chapter 7) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Curse in (Chapter 7)

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The Curse in (Chapter 7)

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  1. The Curse in (Chapter 7) MEMBERS GROUPS: FatinAthirah Susanti Tan Yong Ren Jianhui

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  3. Plot • Exposition: • Asraf’s grandmother is sick and he wants she get fine. Then HajiGhani visit his late wife,Madhuri’s grave. After that,he sees a woman in a flowing white dress strolling past the trees. He call out Madhuri’s name suddenly,he remember the Madhuri was died. The woman has halts. • Rising action: • At home,afterDatinSharifah calls, Azreen’s father back home.Azreen get scolding from her father for leaving the chicken coop open. But Azreen remember that she was locked the chicken coop. Anyway,the dead carcass of a chicken with its neck broken.

  4. plot • Climax • Azreen receives Madhuri’s writing letter before she died from Julian’s letter,Madhuri tells Azreen that she has a secret to tell her when she returns home. • Falling action • PuanNormala tells a gossip. She says Madhuri’s death probably a curse.A sign to make true what she said is raining of two days in their village and being causes hajighani and fatihah a loud argument.

  5. plot • Resolution • Asraf has disassemled the emotion wall she had erected against him the last two years she was away. Then Azreen back home. She was back to retrieve the crumpled letter but Madhuri’s letter is missing.

  6. THEME Mystery of Madhuri’s death. Have 2 sign at here to make us suspen how Madhuri was died. Example: probably Fatihah jealously with Madhuri because Haj i Ghani more liking Madhuri than Fatihah. Example: Maybe it is a curse. Mainly the rain had been two days in the village without stopped.

  7. Character and characteristics • Fiery-tempered: • Asraf say that Azreen is fiery tempered.

  8. Asraf • Caring person. …..always take care of his grandmother.

  9. Puan Normala • Nossy person …..always saying to villager about the curse of madhuri’s death.

  10. Madhuri • Love her younger sister,Azreen. ……she daring send letter to Azreen at London.

  11. Haji Ghani • Unfair person …….he more love Madhuri than fatihah,his first wife.

  12. Fatihah • Jealousy …….jealous with Madhuri because her husband more love Madhuri than her.

  13. SETTING; • Chicken coop ….Azreen has been latched the chicken coop but when she looks again it was unlatched and the chicken was died.its neck was broken.(page123) • Marketplace ….Asraf mets Azreen outside the market.They talked together after have been desperated

  14. MORAL VALUE • Caring ….Asraf take care of his grandmother.His grandmother is sick tickle in her throat.He always worry about his grand mother. • Loving …loving between madhuri and Azreen.Madhuri send a letter to London for Azreen to ask how is Azreen in study.

  15. The end… Thank you for listening…^_^