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Introduction to Literature Circles PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Literature Circles

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Introduction to Literature Circles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Literature Circles. Mrs. B’s 5 th Grade ROCKSTARS!. What are Literature Circles?. Literature Circles are small reading groups (book clubs). Each group consists of 4 or 5 students.

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Introduction to Literature Circles

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introduction to literature circles

Introduction to Literature Circles

Mrs. B’s

5th Grade ROCKSTARS!

what are literature circles
What are Literature Circles?
  • Literature Circles are small reading groups (book clubs). Each group consists of 4 or 5 students.
  • Groups will be created based on novel choice and Lexile level. Students may not move groups after they have been made.
  • Literature Circles allow students to read a book of their choice and talk about it with classmates.
what are literature circles1
What are Literature Circles?
  • Groups read at their own pace.
  • Each group will make a calendar before beginning a novel to set page assignments and goals.
  • Groups get together to respond to and discuss what they’re reading.
how literature circles work
How Literature Circles Work
  • In preparation for each week’s Literature Circles meeting, ROCKSTARS read their assigned pages/chapters and complete one of five Literature Circles jobs.
  • Tuesdays – Reading and Planning Day
  • Wednesdays – Reader’s Response Day
  • Thursdays – Meeting Day! Roles are DUE!
literature circles jobs
Literature Circles Jobs
  • Discussion Director
    • Writes high-level questions to be used for group discussions
  • Word Finder
    • Locates and defines unknown and/or interesting vocabulary words in the book
  • Connector
    • Takes events from the book and connects them to real-life experiences
literature circles jobs1
Literature Circles Jobs
  • Correspondent
    • Writes letters to characters in the book
  • Illustrator
    • Illustrates scenes from the book
group member qualities
Group Member Qualities
  • Active Listener
  • Supportive
  • Participates
  • Cooperative
  • Prepared
  • Personal Best
literature circles meetings
Literature Circles Meetings
  • Group members find a comfortable, but professional, spot in the classroom to meet.
  • They bring their books, reading response journal, and completed job sheets.
  • ROCKSTARS use their “Meeting Procedures” sheet to guide the meetings.
  • During meetings, it’s everyone’s job to…SHARE, in an advanced (yeah, ROCKSTARish) way! 
  • Reading ROCKS!
  • It’s more fun to read with friends!
  • We want to become better readers!
  • Mrs. B is crazy…about reading!