“Customer Service Champs”
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“Customer Service Champs”. By Jena McGregor of Business Week. Presented by: Patrick Deenihan Jennifer Griffith . The Story . Passengers waited over 5 hours to take off. Constant updates by the pilot and flight attendants.

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Customer service champs

“Customer Service Champs”

By Jena McGregor of Business Week

Presented by:

Patrick Deenihan

Jennifer Griffith

Customer service champs

The Story

  • Passengers waited over 5 hours to take off.

  • Constant updates by the pilot and flight attendants.

  • Two days later all passengers on that flight received 2 free round trip ticket vouchers.

  • “I cannot believe they acknowledged the situation and apologized…Then they gave me a gift, for all intents and purposes, to make up for the time spent sitting on the runway.” – Bob Emig

  • 6 years ago they created a new high level job that oversees all proactive customer communications.

  • Because of this story JetBlue who was ranked 4 on the Business Week’s top 25 was completely removed from the list.

Customer service champs

Top 10 of 25 Business Week Customer Service Champs:

1) USAA:Rating: A+ Recommend: 79%

2) Four seasons:Rating: A+ Recommend: 60%

3) Cadillac:Rating: A+ Recommend: 51%

4) Nordstrom:Rating: A- Recommend: 57%

5) Wegmans Food Markets: Rating: A Recommend: 60%

6) Edward Jones:Rating: A Recommend: 58%

7) Lexus: Rating: A+ Recommend: 55%

8) UPS:Rating: B+ Recommend: 40%

9) Enterprise Rent-a-Car:Rating: A- Recommend: 44%

10) Starbucks:Rating: B+ Recommend: 45%

Customer service champs

What Makes Them Champs?

  • They emphasize employee loyalty as much as customer loyalty, keeping their people happy with generous benefits and perks.

  • They know how to respond when service goes wrong.

  • The need to improve continuously, no matter how many accolades they receive.

  • Allowing people to talk to real not automated people, and refrain from outsourcing call centers. (Nordstrom)

  • Helping employees become more empathetic with customers. (Four Seasons)

Customer service champs

Importance of customer service:

  • Poor customer service is paralyzing American companies

  • 2007 Harris Poll, which reported 80 percent of customers saying they will never return to a business after a negative customer-service experience. That's up from 68 percent in 2006.

  • Surveys show people are willing to pay at least 10 percent more to get better service on a consistent basis.

  • Customer service isn't one size fits all. It needs to address what the company wants to accomplish.

  • It comes down to training, experience and having a good role model who knows the techniques of the trade.

Customer service champs


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