alternate assessment data system internet aadsi n.
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Alternate Assessment Data System, Internet (AADSI) PowerPoint Presentation
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Alternate Assessment Data System, Internet (AADSI)

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Alternate Assessment Data System, Internet (AADSI) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alternate Assessment Data System, Internet (AADSI). AADSI Introduction. Lorrane McPherson TUSD, Assistant Superintendent, Central Services

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Presentation Transcript
aadsi introduction
  • Lorrane McPherson TUSD,Assistant Superintendent, Central Services
  • Leila Williams TUSD,Special Education Program Specialist, Exceptional Education
  • Cathy Taylor TUSD, Assistive Technology Specialist, Exceptional Education
  • Ralph Giles TUSD, Lead Research Project Manager, Accountability and Research
alternate assessment update
Alternate Assessment Update
  • Window for reporting Alternate Assessment data to ADE is: 1April through 30 April 2003
  • No paper copies are acceptable
  • Two ways to report data:
      • AADSI
      • Common logon
  • Last year’s concerns:
      • Old forms and “0” vs. “1”
      • Scoring every performance objective on all forms
      • Form 5 (Activity based assessment) has four parts
      • Ungraded eligibility dates
alternate assessment update1
Alternate Assessment Update
  • Memo to directors with attachments
  • Updated forms
      • Revised Form 1
      • DESTROY all unused Forms dated before 10-01-01
      • Form 2 and AST dated 10-01-01 is mandatory
aadsi presentation overview
AADSIPresentation Overview
  • Overview of AADSI Project
  • AADSI Demonstration
  • AADSI Specifics
  • Training Opportunities
  • Questions
aadsi overview
  • Cooperative project between TUSD and ADE ESS
  • Automate the raw data collection and reporting functions for AIMS-A and ASAT
  • Internet based
  • State-wide data entry by teacher
  • District or AADSI data reporting to ADE
aadsi overview1
  • Eliminates computational error
  • Minimizes need for paper copies
  • Only editing required in subsequent years
  • Eases student assessment data transfer from present teacher to next—one school or district to the next
aadsi demonstration
AADSI Demonstration

This AADSI demonstration is a self-contained conceptual version of the program.

aadsi specifics
  • Program utilizes
    • SQL database
    • Vbscript and HTML programming languages
    • SSL 3.0 Encryption
    • FERPA controls
    • Windows Browsers (IE or Netscape 4.xx)
      • Currently testing for Macintosh
aadsi specifics1
  • Requires
    • Student unique identifiers presently on regular AIMS and Stanford 9 tests
    • Student SAIS or CENSUS number
    • School type (charter or public)
    • School name from pull-down menu
    • Teacher’s name and e-mail
aadsi specifics2
AADSI Specifics
  • Teachers WILL need to KNOW child’s:

name, gender, ethnicity, dob, start year at this school, years at school, years in district, enrolled grade, special program membership, and primary language in addition to SAIS and/or CENSUS number

  • These unique student identifiers are identical to regular AIMS & Stanford 9 requirements
aadsi district responsibility
AADSIDistrict Responsibility

Districts who choose to participate in AADSI:

  • Must provide an administrative point of contact to .
  • Will receive a Form 8 and, where applicable, a Form 6 for each child that is entered into AADSI.
  • Will receive their student’s raw data in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Will receive all their data on a CD with a unique authorization code.
aadsi district responsibility1
AADSIDistrict Responsibility


  • Will verify their Form 6 and 8 data.
  • Are responsible -NOT AADSI- for the accuracy of their data
  • Will determine who and how (district or AADSI) will report district validated data to ADE
aadsi district responsibility2
AADSIDistrict Responsibility

Districts may choose to:

  • Inform AADSI that their data are correct and to electronically transmit to ADE. NO data will be transmitted to ADE without a district’s EXPRESS e-mailed permission.
  • Request AADSI to correct their raw data and when corrected, electronically transmit that district’s data to ADE. NO data will be modified without a district’s EXPRESS e-mail request.
aadsi district responsibility3
AADSIDistrict Responsibility
  • All e-mails involving authorizations for AADSI action must include that district’s unique digital code assigned on that district’s CD.
aadsi timeline
  • Interagency Agreement

13 Aug 2002

  • AADSI available to users

10 Jan 2003

  • Last day for data entry

16 Mar 2003

  • Data to districts for validation

21 Mar 2003

  • Last day correction/validation

15 April 2003

  • AADSI validated data to ADE

30 April 2003

aadsi summary
    • Serves all districts regardless of size
    • Accessible from any internet connection
    • Cost effective – single implementation
    • “Real-Time” data entry and summary reporting
    • SAIS or CENSUS number required
    • Districts have explicit responsibilities




Latest training info can be found at




Further Information concerning the AADSI may be obtained from:

  • Ralph Giles, Cathy Taylor, or Leila Williams
  • 520-225-5414