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Memoir/Narrative. Group 5 Judith Barragan Elizabeth Proud Pando. Driving Question. Why do people share their experiences through stories, art, songs, or poems?

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memoir narrative


Group 5

Judith Barragan

Elizabeth Proud Pando

driving question
Driving Question
  • Why do people share their experiences through stories, art, songs, or poems?
  • Students will read and analyze memoirs in various mediums to understand how an author/artist creates mood, tone, imagery, and why they share their experiences in this medium
  • Common Core:
    • Compare and contrast texts in different forms or genres. (6.RL.9)
    • Use technology, including internet, to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others. (6.W.6)
  • NET-s: 1b, 2a, 6a-d
depth of knowledge
Depth of Knowledge
  • During the implementation of this PBL we will be using technology to address all levels of Depth of Knowledge. Our project's driving question is: Why do people share their experiences through stories, art, songs or poems? This question requires that students know the meaning of genre and they would also have to recall information about characteristics of literature--level 1 DOK.
  • Students must work collaboratively and approach the problem in which they will be engaged ---level 2 DOK.
  • After the students have been exposed to different genres of literature and various examples of narrative/memoirs, the question could be answered in many different of ways and requires more demanding cognitive reasoning—level 3 DOK.
  • In the last step students are expected to make connections relatedtothe driving question and select onetechnology tool to apply their connections and learning – level 4 DOK
jcb song memoir song
JCB Song – Memoir Song

Early in this project

1. Reading various genres and identifying and analyzing the author/artist craft, and try to answer the driving question (Formative)


1. Students will write short answers and partner share.  Collaborate with each other to further understanding. 2. Students review previous day learning with 5 questions

During the Project:

1. (Formative)

2.  Writing Process (Formative)

Describe 1. Students will create a poster illustrating an aspect of how an author/artist conveys mood, tone, or imagery.

2.  Students will use googledocs to begin memoir, and teacher will provide feedback throughout process

End of the Project:

1. Voice Thread

Describe 1. Students create a multimedia presentation with pictures, dialogues, and their own recording of their memoir.

sample final project
Sample Final Project
extensions of learning
Extensions of Learning
  • Students can try to publish to a teen magazine, or blog
  • NWP: A Spotlight on Teen Ink Magazine