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Action (Sports) Mode

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Action (Sports) Mode. Photo Imaging * Circle High School Ms. Whiteside. BellWork Video Teaser. Jeff Hinds Sports Photography Slideshow Best High School Sports Photos 2010-2011 Sports photography.

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action sports mode

Action (Sports) Mode

Photo Imaging * Circle High School

Ms. Whiteside

bellwork video teaser
BellWork Video Teaser
  • Jeff Hinds Sports Photography Slideshow
  • Best High School Sports Photos 2010-2011
sports photography
Sports photography
  • Sports mode is usually indicated by the funning figure on the dial of compact cameras.
  • It is good for freezing action, perfect for photographing a subject in motion.
besides sports what else
Besides sports, what else?
  • It can actually be used to shoot ANY subject in motion, from kids running in the backyard to waves crashing on the ocean or a kitten chasing a toy.
  • This mode tells the camera: use a fast shutter speed, shoot quickly.
  • Some cameras have “continuous mode” so you can shoot one picture after another very quickly in a series.
  • It's more difficult for the camera to track moving targets as they get closer. This is because the focus system has to work harder and faster to change the focus as targets approach.
  • No problem, just know this and wait till subjects are further away if you have to.
sports mode and lighting
Sports Mode and Lighting
  • It works best in bright conditions.
  • Brainstorm in your notes 5 pictures that you could shoot movement or sports in bright conditions. You have five minutes!
  • Be prepared to share out.
did you list any of these
Did you list any of these?
  • Water fountains
  • Siblings at play
  • Circle sports practice
  • Friends dancing
  • Cars on the highway
  • Someone riding a horse
  • Someone jumping on a bed or trampoline
  • Gym class
tip 1 time of day
Tip #1: Time of Day
  • Take note of where the sun is and make sure the sun is to your back when shooting. This will ensure you have your shutter speed on it’s maximum without having to worry about exposing for the faces of the players if you were shooting into the sun.
tip 2 location
Tip #2: Location
  • The closer you are to someone, the better you can see them. Sports are no different. You have to get as close to what you are shooting as you can.
  • Typically, for a photographer with a press pass, you can get to the sidelines or other similar locations.
  • You also have to be familiar with the sport to be able to capture the moment. This means knowing where to position yourself for the best action.
tip 3 get the shot
Tip #3: Get the Shot
  • Get the dramatic moments.
  • For instance, in basketball, you will have opportunities to photograph layups, jump shots, free throws, etc. Understanding the timing of these predictable actions allows you to capture the peak moment, when the action is most dramatic.
last tip shoot vertically
Last Tip! Shoot Vertically
  • Think about the shape of humans. They are taller than they are wide.
  • To fill the frame with a person playing a sport, they fit the frame better while holding the camera vertically.
let s meet john todd sports photographer
Let’s meet John Todd, sports photographer
  • (7:52)
  • “All I want to do is get a good image.”
great sports photography
Great Sports Photography
  • Bob Martin
  • Jeff Farsai

Best Sports Photography

self guided website gallery tour
Self Guided Website Gallery Tour
  • Sports Illustrated
  • (go to and click on the “photo” white tab or try…
  • ESPN Photos

Stockton Photo, Inc.

  • Olympics Photos