is prepaying of home loan is a good decision n.
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Is prepaying of home loan is a good decision PowerPoint Presentation
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Is prepaying of home loan is a good decision

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Is prepaying of home loan is a good decision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Document provides you the information regarding the home loans and what are the consequences that are countable when you are prepared to repay the home loan. go through the document for more info.

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is prepaying of home loan is a good decision

Is Prepaying of Home Loan is a Good Decision?

Firstly before you decided to buy any house or property, the lenders will check the current income

and then they decide to sanction home loan based on your eligibility criteria. But the real question

arises only when you got the required money over a time and want to prepay the home loan to

reduce your burden of paying the loan.

Though you have surplus amount or funds to prepay the loan think about the things that you need

to spend your money in future either it may be health related or some other which are unexpected

one. So, after making some savings for these types of things then you can go for prepayments.

Because, if you want to borrow any type of amount then you need to take a personal or gold loan

which is higher in interest than home loans, ensure to have adequate funds for future use.

Tax Considerations before prepaying the loan:

Prepayment of home loan may impact on your eligibility criteria of claiming the deduction of interest

under the section 24(b). In the case of self-occupied properties, you may allow for deductions up to

2 lakh per annum. So any part of prepayment below 2 lakhs will not have any impact on tax liability.

Be that as it may, in the event that the property is let-out, the choice would be unique. Prior, the

whole intrigue instalment was completely impose deductible however from the present year and

onwards, the aggregate misfortune under the head 'pay from house property', which can be set off

against other wage, would be confined to Rs.two lakhs for every one of the properties taken

together. The unabsorbed misfortune (which emerges because of enthusiasm on home advance)

can, be that as it may, be stolen forward for set away against salary from house property, for eight

ensuing years.

Processing fees of prepayment of Home Loans: Processing fees on prepayment of home loan

depends on the terms agreed upon during the time of agreement and executed as per the time it


as per the instructions issued by the national

As per the instructions issued by the National Housing bank, housing finance companies are strictly

ordered not to levy any prepayment charges on the home loans when they are under the floating

rate of interest.

If there should be an occurrence of settled rate home advances, the lodging money organization still

can't charge any prepayment punishment, if the borrower has reimbursed from his own particular

assets. 'Claim assets' mean any source, other than by moving the advance to another bank. In like

manner, the RBI has additionally exhorted all banks not to require any prepayment punishment, on

coasting rate credits. However for settled rate credits, the banks can charge a prepayment


Loaning establishments typically don't charge any prepayment punishment, if the sum paid ahead of

time amid the year does not surpass a specific level of the advance remarkable, which are for the

most part 25 for every penny. Consequently, in the event that you are prepaying inside the utmost,

you can do as such, without paying any punishment.

In case if the ROI in alternative options is similar to the rate of interest then it’s advised not to

prepay the Home loan. Bonds & Bond schemes are other type of investments for surplus money

deployment. Another best way of investments is equity funded investments which will have ROI

after a long term investment nearly about 10years. For this you have to take an overview on post-tax

rates or returns.

Psychological things

Numerous individuals want to not have any obligation on their place of living arrangement and this

psychological reason adds to a critical number of home advance prepayment cases in India.

The most effective method to prepay the home credit

On the off chance that you wish to prepay the home advance before its unique residency, you have

two choices. You can begin a deliberate venture design (SIP) in value reserves, with the surplus cash

that you can spare and increment the measure of SIP, as and when the wage rises. At the point

when the estimation of your interests in such SIPs achieves the measure of the advance

extraordinary, you can recover the interests in value reserves, subsequent to considering the leave

load and assessment suggestions and abandon the home advance.

The second alternative is for the general population who don't have a lot of tolerance. They can

utilize the surplus reserve that isn't promptly required, to prepay the home advance, as and when

accessible and your home credit will be paid up, before its unique residency. In any case, the main

alternative is better, as the profits produced by the interests in value subsidizes in the more drawn

out run, will be superior to anything the intrigue you pay on your home advance.

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