welcome to the combined federal campaign cfc 101 n.
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Welcome to the Combined Federal Campaign CFC 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Combined Federal Campaign CFC 101

Welcome to the Combined Federal Campaign CFC 101

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Welcome to the Combined Federal Campaign CFC 101

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  1. Welcome to the Combined Federal Campaign CFC 101 The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How!

  2. Workshop Objectives • To provide an overview of the campaign the process and regulations • To explain the essential players and components of the campaign • To discuss the interaction of LFCC’s, PFCO’s and non-profit charities • To address issues/concerns related to the campaign

  3. Agenda • What is the CFC? • Three C’s of CFC • CFC Regulations • CFC Structure • Timeline • The Real Deal • Trends and Challenges

  4. What is the • The only authorized workplace giving program for federal employees • The largest workplace giving program in the world • Established in 1961 to provide a ‘combined’ campaign, in lieu of separate solicitations • 50th Anniversary of CFC was celebrated in 2011 • Has raised nearly $7 billion dollars since 1961 • 200+ local campaigns

  5. Why the CFC? The Three ’s • Confidence • Applicant organizations are reviewed to ensure they meet all requirements of the campaign • Annual audits to ensure proper receipt and distribution of pledges • Choice • Employees designate to the charity that means the most to them • May pledge cash, check or payroll deduction • Convenience • Payroll deduction makes larger gifts possible • Most campaigns are providing electronic pledging


  7. CFC Rules and Regulations • 5 CFR 950 • CFC Memoranda • DoD Directive 5035.1 • Army Regulations (AR600-29) • Guidance from Specific Agencies • Ethics Officer • General Counsel

  8. CFC STRUCTURE Sets Policy & Procedures Conducts Local Campaign Leadership of LFCC Manages Local Campaign

  9. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)Office of CFC (OCFC) OPM Publishes CFC Regulations Establishes Timelines Provides Direction and Guidance Develops & Disseminates National / International List Establishes Rules on Local Applications Final Appeal Audits

  10. CFC STRUCTURE Federal Executive Board or Association Committed Federal Employee Volunteers LFCC Hires PCFO Approves Budget Conducts Local Agency Review Oversight and Management of PCFO Approves Campaign Material Conducts Compliance Audit

  11. CFC STRUCTURE Federal Employees LFCC Cabinet LFCC CABINET Membership Chair & Vice Chairs Leadership Element of LFCC Members from Federal Community (Federal Civilians, Military & Postal) Liaison to Federal Agency Final Campaign Decisions

  12. CFC STRUCTURE Must be federation, charitable organization or combination thereof. Applies and/or is reviewed annually (Jan -Feb)* PCFO Daily Operations Facilitates Eligibility Process Develops Campaign Materials Serves as Fiscal Agent Collects, Processes, Distributes Pledges Honor Designations Trains Loaned Executives and Campaign Personnel Submits Financial Audit & Compliance Reports

  13. CFC STRUCTURE Charities: Local, National and International • Charities are vetted annually by federal employees; PCFOs may conduct initial completeness review • Charities are partners in the campaign: Invite them to LFCC meetings & encourage them to market their participation • Include charities in kick-offs, trainings & special events • Ensure they are knowledgeable of pertinent rules and that they are followed

  14. CFC STRUCTURE Local Federal Agencies • Gain support from Agency Director’s by meeting with them annually, if possible • Review their giving trends and ask for their assistance • Directors provide volunteers to administer campaign in their agency: Loaned Executives, Coordinators, Key Workers, Event Coordinators, etc. • They can initiate a communication plan & allocate time to ensure all employees are provided the opportunity to participate • Remember to Thank them publicly (if possible) for their assistance in making the campaign the best ever!

  15. CFC STRUCTURE Loaned Executives • Federal personnel ‘on loan’ to the campaign (full or part time) • Being a Loaned Executive (“LE”) is a career building opportunity • LEs are ambassadors for the CFC • Participate in highly visible, major kick-off activities • Provide training for Coordinator’s and Key Worker’s • Assist Coordinators and Key Worker’s in development a campaign plan • Ensure timely delivery of materials and pick-up of pledges • Keep Agency Directors informed and updated on progress • How CFCs, Agencies and LEs gain • LEs receive Leadership training and experience with community charities • Employer gains FREE training for LEs (public speaking, strategic planning, etc) • CFC has necessary resources to manage campaign, provide direct services, and deliver a more effective, efficient and meaningful process

  16. Timelines

  17. Calendar of Events - LFCC • OPM Updates Each Year • Receipt/Decision of PCFO Application (Jan/Feb) • Receipt/Review of Local Applications (Jan-Mar) • Local Application Workshops (Jan/Feb) • CFC Workshop (Feb-Mar) • Review of Upcoming Campaign Materials (Apr-Jun) • Finalize Decisions on Charity Applications (May) • Leadership Level Visits (Apr-Jun) • Compliance Audit (Jul-Sep) • Ongoing LFCC / Cabinet Meetings

  18. Calendar of Events - PCFO • January • Finalize previous year’s campaign results • Thank you letters and appreciation events • Review successes & lessons from previous year • Develop campaign plan and strategy • Works with LFCC to Recruit Campaign Leadership • Charity applications accepted & charity workshops conducted with LFCC • February • PCFO selection results and/or review • Attend annual CFC Conference • Submits campaign results to OPM (form 1417)

  19. Calendar of Events - PCFO • March • Initial review of charity applications • Submits donor and pledge reports to charities (3/15) • Submit campaign results (form 1417) to OPM (3/16) • CFC Charity Registry data entry (ready 3/19) • Make final disbursement of 2010 campaign funds (3/31) • April • First disbursement of 2011 funds (4/1) • Deadline for charity application period (4/2) • Assist LFCC in conducting application review • Deadline to notify charities of eligibility decisions, use certified mail for denials (4/30)

  20. Calendar of Events - PCFO May - July LFCC receives appeals within 7 business days of LFCCs 4/30 letter or 14 calendar days from the 4/30 mailing (5/14) Submit eTechnology report to OPM (6/1) LFCC to mail appeal decisions to local charities (6/4) Update 2012 Charity Registry (ongoing) Meet with Agency Directors (request LEs, discuss goals, etc) Prepare Charity List (using OPM guideline’s) for LFCC approval PCFOs Auditor to finalize 2010 Audit & Agreed Upon Procedures; PCFO to finalize compliance report LFCC selects incentives 2nd disbursement of 2011 funds (7/31)

  21. Calendar of Events - PCFO August Submit audit reports to LFCC (8/1) 2012 CFC Charity Registry complete (on or before 8/31) Provide training for Loaned Executives, Coordinators & key Workers September - December Campaign solicitation period (9/1-12/15) Kick-offs & distribution of materials LFCC submits audit reports & supporting documents to OPM (9/17) 3rd Disbursement to charities (11/1)

  22. The Real Deal on LFCCs • Usually part-time assignment • Limited resources • Limited time • Must make a plan • Must prioritize • Collaborate • PCFO • OPM • FEB / FEA / Agency Heads • Federal Agencies and Volunteers • Partner with other LFCCs / Campaigns Please attend the LFCC Track on Day 3

  23. The Real Deal on PCFOs • Hopefully full time, but many times, a part time job • Collaboration is Key! • LFCC • OPM • FEB / FEA / Agency Heads • Federal Agencies and Volunteers • Partner with other Campaigns Please attend the PCFO Track on Day 3

  24. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESPrimary Objective: To conduct an efficient and effective campaign in a fair and even-handed manner. • PCFOs are entrusted with the management of the local CFC & LFCCs are entrusted with it’s leadership. • The CFC encourages employee choice in charitable giving; therefore PCFOs encourage diverse charity inclusion. • Honor employee designations & privacy requests. • Adhere to OPM regulations. • Facilitate charitable eligibility process.

  25. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign (cont) • Prepare campaign materials that are consistent with regulations (with input and approval from the LFCC) • Absorb cost of reprinting of materials caused by non-compliance with regulations. • Absorb campaign costs that exceed 110% of approved budget. • Design & implement a CFC awards program. (with input and approval from the LFCC) • Respond timely to inquiries.

  26. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign (cont) • Notify recipient organizations of contributions. • Disburse funds according to receipts. • Give federations & charities an opportunity to review material and provide input on campaign operations & activities. • Retain campaign documentation 5 years.

  27. What We Know Now… • Set goals, have a plan • You need to prioritize what’s important • You won’t be able to do everything • Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t… • Use the resources available to you…we’re all in this together! • Partner and collaborate…don’t reinvent • Find innovative ways to supplement resources • Interns, community partnerships, agency partnerships

  28. An Effective Campaign • Campaign theme • Management endorsement • Kick-off event • Special events • Agency speakers / charity fairs • Scheduled meetings with staff • Track goals • Trusted, well-liked Keyworkers • Testimonials from respected colleagues • LE involvement

  29. Trends and Challenges • Dollars continue to increase, while participation continues to decrease • Transition of donor base from ‘mature’ to younger generation • Decreasing volunteer base • Downsizing / contracting • Limited availability • Technology • Electronic Pledging • eGiving via credit card (one-time gifts) • Social Media

  30. Helpful Websites

  31. Questions?

  32. Make the Most of the Workshop • Attend as many sessions as possible • Join us for breakfast… • OPM ‘Tracks’ for PCFO and LFCC to optimize your ability to learn what you need to know • Meet new people, make those contacts • Take the knowledge back, make a plan! • Share what you’ve learned with your staff • Follow up with presenters, OPM staff, other contacts you made while here