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Content. Settings – Slums of Mumbai very big, compact of waste, lots of people living together representation of poor. Washing, eating, live animals, trading together)

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  • Settings – Slums of Mumbai very big, compact of waste, lots of people living together representation of poor. Washing, eating, live animals, trading together)
  • Who wants to be a millionaire studio (representation of general UK public, though mocking the slumdog and laughing at him gives bad representation of public/ working class aboard. Not understanding.
  • lovers train station typical place for lovers to meet, representation of lovers that want to escape,
  • Gangsters house (shows the rich who have become

corrupt. Through crimes have been able to get

money, therefore in setting being able to afford

fridge, food a kitchen).

  • Officers – shows authority throughout Mumbai, as officers watch as slum is torn apart not doing anything. This represents the corruption within Mumbai and the working class.
  • Waste land- Shows poor of living, where slums live. Shows the very low class and how bad the state of living really is.
  • Who wants to be a millionaire, recognisable TV program that is watch in Mumbai (as said in film, people watch it as a 'chance to escape to live another life.' This represents how bad of living for the poor and the community of Mumbai
  • Autograph shows the celebrities that has influenced the culture. Have seen such a good lifestyle through TV that this is what they wish for. Has been seen as a role model.
  • Girl in Yellow dress - the main female lead throughout the film, from when she was a girl, teenager & adult. She has always worn yellow
narrative themes
Narrative/ Themes
  • Through the story of the young Jamal, Malik and Letika this shows the horrors and realistic view of the slums in mumbai touching on the corruption and the poor state of living. The story becomes the narrative, from which the 'present jamel' is able to answer questions from who wants to be a millionaire

Looking at themes in this film, this film is a love story, but underlying messages of the culture of India, and the slums of Mumbai are revealed.

  • 'The three musketeers’
  • Jamel – The youngest brother, who falls in love with Letika. Seen as the heroic good guy this is represented through his actions that he never stops looking for letika.

Sadim – The oldest brother who turns to corruption, there is a very strong brotherly love between these two charters due to living with each other from a early age who have always looked out for each other. Represented as the good guy turn't bad, through corruption and deceit

Letika – The heroine of the film, seen as the most beautiful woman in the world of which Jamel would cross for. Through using a very beautiful woman as this role makes the audience praise more sympathy for. A typical heroine stereotype. Is always seen in visuals as in a yellow dress.

textual analysis
Textual Analysis
  • Editing – As the characters grow up during the film, clever editing has been used to effective show. The first change over was through the boys rolling off a training, from this fast movement we can’t tell the exact difference in the age groups. Therefore becomes a effective change over of characters. Again when a door shuts on the two teenagers Likika and Salim. This shows again another change over of characters, to show characters as they grow.
  • Music – The theme tune of ‘who wants to be a millionaire is used within the film, due to it is recognizable. Therefore the audience will recognize the background and music with the famous TV show.
  • Camera – Long shots and background shots are used within the film, to show the culture of Mumbai and show the great vastness of the slums.
  • Main Company – Cleador film and Pathe.
  • Co – production made
  • Director Danny Boyle – also known for shallow Grave, Transpotting and 28 days later.
  • Writer – Simon Beaufoy, (screen play) very well known writer for very good stories such as The fully Monty, yellow, closer, this is not a love song. Vlkas Swarup (novel)‏
  • Cast – Jamel – Dev Patel, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar &Tanay Chheda.
  • Salim – Madura Mittal, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail. & Ashutosh lobo Gajiwala.
  • Latikia –Fredia Pinto, Rubina Ali & Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar
  • Was shown at the London film festival which was a hit with the press, The independent , ‘Oliver Twisted as Boyle goes 'Trainspotting' in modern Mumbai express.’
  • Distributors – channel 4 films
  • Targeted – At the rich, to make them think twice how well off they are. Think about poverty. Another point of view.
  • Genre – Documentary & realistic
  • Typical Themes – Love prevents all, realistic view, a film that makes you think. Good vs. corruption.
  • Poster description - 'Slum dog millionaire' unusual text, eye catch title. Bright vibrant colouring reflection of India culture. Not very well known stars reflects on small production.
  • A lot of press to begging with when making the film, low cut film making it big.
  • Types of press – trailers on films and posters.
  • Feel good film of the decade – News of the world
  • Brilliant in a million different ways – daily mail
  • Five stars – Empire, Daily telegraph, Heat, daily express, look, Sunday express.
  • Shown in multiplexes,
  • Advertisement – Posters and trailers
  • Big box office in UK, started at 2 then in the next week went to number one breaking box office records of 47% increase. This is the "biggest ever increase for a UK saturation release,"
  • Channel 4 was first channel able to view film on TV.
  • Cost – Overall $15 million & within seventeen days in UK ernt 10.24 million, within UK made 31.6 million
  • Won 8 Oscars including best picture and director.
  • Release dates – UK -9th January 2009

India - 22 January 2009

Japan on 18 April 2009

South Korea on 19 March 2009

China on 26 March 2009

Vietnam10 April 2009

Philippines 1 April 2009

North America - 30 August 2008

Australia 2009

Release of DVD – 1 june 2009