the dell kace systems management appliance advantage n.
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The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance Advantage PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance Advantage

The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance Advantage

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The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance Advantage

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  1. The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance Advantage Your Name Here

  2. Introducing Dell KACE™ Appliances • Saves you time • Saves your organization money • Comprehensive • Affordable • Easy-to-use

  3. Systems management remains difficult Systems Management Mixed environments, including BYOD Patching Inventory New security threats Remote-site management Windows 7/8 Migration License compliance Strategicprojects Deployment Mobile device management With limited staff and budget it’s difficult to focus on strategic projects

  4. Today’s endpoint management solutions leave large market needs unaddressed • Management Suites • Have long,services-heavydeployments • Require complex,expensive architectures • Have highmaintenance costs • Point Solutions • Are not integrated • Are difficult to manage • Create inefficient processes • Offer limited functionality • Scalable • Low TCO • Right-sized • Simple to • maintain • Company size • IT budget • Functionality

  5. Endpoint systems management

  6. Dell KACE Appliances • K1000 Management Appliance • Comprehensive systems management capabilities for laptops, desktops, servers and tablets. Improve security, meet compliance requirements and decrease user downtime • K2000 Deployment Appliance • Integrated systems provisioning and deployment, fulfilling tasks including inventory assessment, OS and application provisioning, migration and recovery • K3000 Mobile Management Appliance • Extending systems management capabilities to enforce security and policy management for mobile devices running iOS and Android

  7. Dell KACE: The appliance difference Software Suites vs. • Extensive configuration • Multiple licenses and hardware to buy and configure • Pre-integrated • Easy to install and manage • Faster deployment • Plug-n-play architecture gets you up in a day • Lengthy deployments • In-depth customization needed to get started • Reduced costs • Web based training • No additional professional services required • Extensive training • Requires lengthy offsite sessions • Costly maintenance • Expensive to support and maintain • Simplified maintenance • Automatic updates and back-up

  8. KACE streamlines systems management Full PC, Mobile Device and Server lifecycle management Comprehensive • Deploy, manage and secure all your devices, across all your locations from a central console Simple, Web interface is easy to learn and use • Monitor and manage systems from any device with a Web enabled browser Easy-to-use Affordable Low total cost compared to software-only solutions* • Nothing else to buy or configure speeding your time to value *Source EMA 2012

  9. Comprehensive end-to-end systems management • Systems Deployment: Centralized management and automation for efficient OS deployment and maintenance • Systems Management: Complete systems inventory, application deployment, patch management, service desk and security solution • Mobile Device Management: Extending systems management, security, and policy management to mobile iOS and Android mobile devices “Dell KACE has made significant strides in improving functionality to achieve a comprehensive solution on par with Altiris, LANDesk and Microsoft SCCM in critical disciplines, while at the same time managing to actually reduce the cost of its management solution.” Steve Brasen, EMA Analyst

  10. Easy-to-use, so faster to value 63% of KACE customers report they deployedthe appliance in less than one week* • Plug and play: Auto discovers everything on your network – hardware and software • Integrated: Unified view of all your systems enables you to quickly identify and remediate issues • User-centric design: Enables IT administrators of all levels to minimize time spent on routine tasks * Source: KACE Annual Customer Survey, November 2012

  11. Affordable for organizations of all sizes Rapid ROI – 80% of KACE customers see ROI in just six months* • Scalable: 100-20k managed nodes per appliance • Low TCO: All-in-one appliance includes hardware and software – nothing else to buy • Right Sized: Three appliance configurations allow you to match the appliance with your needs * Source: KACE Annual Customer Survey, November 2012

  12. Key ROI drivers Save Time Streamline common tasks such as patching, systems imaging and redeployment What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, freeing resources Optimize Software Licensing Complete software inventory and license metering Save money with comprehensive license management Scan, patch and ensure standard configurations Minimize system vulnerabilities to secure your network, reduce downtime Reduce Security Risks Enforce power management profiles for all of your systems Shrink energy costs, minimize your carbon footprint Increase Power Savings Improve Employee Productivity Enable anytime, anywhere, any device productivity and BYOD Improve efficiency and reduce mobile device capital costs

  13. KACE advantages for Dell PCs and Servers OpenManage • KACE Appliances link with OpenManageto offer hardware monitoring for all datacenter assets • Ensure IT infrastructure health – proactively manage critical hardware events Dell Warranty Dell Configuration Services IntelTMvPro® • Supports vProAMT 7.0/8.0 for offline management / systems recovery • Manage systems with are blue-screens, hardware or startup issues • Develop and export your images to the Dell factory to deploy on new systems • Save time and money by letting Dell do initial systems imaging • Complete warranty information on systems within the KACE console • Monitor warranty compliance and address warranty service needs Direct Driver Feeds • Dell driver and BIOS updates imported daily, direct from Dell Update Server • Keep endpoints up-to-date with latest systems drivers to ensure compatibility

  14. Dell KACE: More than just great products Training Support and maintenance ITNinja℠community • Rapid: Hours, not weeks • Customized: Based on your needs • Web-based: Remote and recorded • Ongoing: Continuing education • Responsive: Web, email and telephone • Online: FAQs, forums, training videos • Complete: Upgrades and patches • Integrated: Support tab in appliance UI • Dynamic: Leading product-agnostic system administrator community • Accessible: Direct from the KACE Appliance • Best practices: Application packaging scripts

  15. K Series models Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliances Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliances Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliances Virtual appliances available.

  16. Capabilities available by operating system

  17. Dell KACE Appliances and today’s challenges Software license compliance and metering Patch management BYOD SCAP scans and FDCC configuration compliance System imaging/user state migration Power management Security audit and compliance enforcement Win 7 migration • Windows 8 support Practical ITIL implementation Mobile device management The list goes on. . . Solutions for many common IT challenges

  18. Latest release of the K1000 Appliance

  19. New features KACE K1000 v5.5 release Dell software Catalog integration * Source: Gartner, Terry Cosgrove February 2, 2012

  20. K1000 GO App

  21. Dell KACE Gartner Magic Quadrant forPC lifecycle management tools Top 10 Products VMWorld 2008 Editor’s Choice, 2010 Nearly 9,000 global organizations rely on Dell KACE Appliances Dell acquired KACE in 2010 Recognized for innovation and excellence

  22. A worldwide view: map of active K1000 users *Location based on regional data of installed server.

  23. Hear what Dell KACE customers have to say Without KACE we would have had to hire two or three more people in the IT group. 80% of KACE customers report the appliance paid for itself in less than six months* Michael Williams Director IT Dexter Southfield Schools 63% of KACE customers report they deployed in less than a week* The KACE Appliance literally saves me hours a day. 78% of customers rate KACE extremely high in customer satisfaction* Ron Marshall Desktop Support Manager TechSoup Global *Source: KACE Customer Survey, November 2012

  24. Next steps Watch a live demo See how easy KACE Appliances are to setup and use in a live Webcast Try it free Download a KACE Appliance and use it in your environment ROI Step through a personal ROI assessment with one of our experts Contact us! Phone: (877) MGMT-DONE/(877) 646-8366 Email:

  25. The best IT decision I’ve made in years. Keith Goodman Chief Technology Officer Cancer Research and Biostatistics 25

  26. Thank you Your email address

  27. Appendix 1 Solutions Enabling BYOD Green IT – Power Management Software License Compliance Win 7 / Office 2010 Migration

  28. Enabling BYOD Secure corporate content: • Protect corporate data on personal devices • Track security policy adherence • Revoke access privileges on violation • Remove all corporate content when employee leaves or device is lost Support BYOD in a scalable way: • Reduce support calls with user self-help • Save IT administrators time by enabling users to enroll devices, download applications and view inventory Segregate personal and corporate content: • Separately control corporate content

  29. Green IT – Power Management • Develop and enforce power management: A wizard-based interface makes creating power policies simple without the need for complex scripting • Wake on LAN: WoL enables IT staff to easily configure, schedule and WoL commands to power up PCs and Macs • Power management reporting: Predefined and custom reports ease the confirmation of savings from power management policies The average desktop consumes $150 of power per year* * EMA: “Energy Eco-nomics” – Best Practices in PC Power Management, Steve Brasen, September 2011

  30. Software License Compliance: add new language • License overpayment: Develop a complete and current inventory of all software licenses and types by machine so you know what you have • Software metering: Harvest and reallocate licenses to ensure compliance with number purchased • Reporting and audits: Easily provide reports for internal and external audits for all your Windows, Mac and Linux systems • Inventory • Asset management • Software distribution • Reporting

  31. Now is the time to begin Win 7/8 Migration Windows XP Extended Support Office 2003 Extended Support Office XP Extended Support Cutting it right down to the wire – start end of Q1 Typical OS Migration 14 – 18 months Typical Office Migration 14 – 18 months End of support is driving change NOW! Allowing for some slippage – need to start NOW! Typical OS Migration 14 – 18 months Typical Office Migration 14 – 18 months

  32. KACE Appliances automate Windows 7/8 migration Inventory Readiness Initial OS Deployment User State Migration Software Distribution Patch Management Asset Management KACE Appliances include the tools you need to ensure a successful migration

  33. Windows Migration: Time is running out and it will cost you…. XP Extended Supports Ends Today Custom Support $$$$$$$ 2013 2014 2015 Typical OS Migration 18– 32 months $150k - $5m Microsoft extended XP support costs for year 1 for 750 – 25,000 devices $870 vs. $168 Annual cost per PC per year for XP vs. Windows 7 1Gartner - Gartner estimates that fewer than 40% of larger organizations are finished with their Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade project

  34. Windows Migration: What is the cost of doing nothing? 50-90% The amount of apps you can eliminate through rationalization $3,000 The avg. amount each retired app saves an org $870 vs. $168 Annual cost per PC per year for XP vs. Windows 7 $150k - $5m Microsoft extended XP support costs for year 1 for 750 – 25,000 devices 12-24 Months is the average amount of time needed for a OS migration 50% The amount of time and money you can save through automation

  35. Appendix 2 Other Dell Offerings

  36. Dell KACE and Dell AppAssure • Unified Data Protection and Systems Management • Reduce amount of backup data • Maximize disk space • Help cut network costs • Identify machines in your environment that are not protected with the K1000 and protect them with AppAssure • Push AppAssure software updates automatically

  37. Dell KACE and Dell Data Protection and Encryption (DDP|E) • Improve visibility and protection of data assets • Centrally manage software patching processes, port controls and encryption policies • Achieve software license compliance • Manage and protect system configurations

  38. Dell KACE and Dell OpenManage Essentials Unified server and client management • Centralized inventory and management of data center assets • Control heterogeneous configurations • Keep systems, drivers and firmware current • Maintain security via patch and configuration management • Perform system monitoring and fault resolution

  39. Dell KACE and Dell SecureWorks • Reduce time-to-security via expert assessment • Enhance compliance for greater efficiencies • Enforce stronger security leveraging proven solutions • Streamline operations with combined systems management and security services • Accomplish effective endpoint protection • Reduce day-to-day security tasks

  40. Dell KACE and Dell SonicWALL • Network protection from the outside in and inside out • Improve security from network perimeters to endpoints • Increase productivity through minimized downtime • Enable dynamic network visibility • Ensure simplicity without sacrificing security and performance

  41. Appendix 3 Software Asset Management

  42. Software Audit Trends Increasing complexity of licensing agreements Lack of investment in Software Asset Management tools Software vendor opportunism 51% of IT pro’s don’t feel their software assets records are up-to-date & accurate 59% of org’s have been audited at least once in the prior 12 months • 63% • of vendors audit with revenue generation as an objective Adobe, Attachmate, Autodesk, IBM SAP, Symantec and VMware Infor, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle

  43. Software Asset Management with KACE

  44. Appendix 4 Partners

  45. Dell KACE remote management and recovery capabilities with Intel vPro • Enable administrators to manage systems without having to be physically present • Manage offline systems starting with vPro AMT 7.0/8.0; admins can discover, group, provision and control systems even with no agent running • Force systems into recovery mode to save files and re-image systems remotely Decrease the time needed to resolve PC issues with remote diagnostics

  46. KACE and Bomgar for better remote support • Increase the effectiveness of remote support with Bomgarand KACE • Bomgar integrates with the KACE UI for robust remote support, secure chat and incident based mobile device support • Launch a secure remote support session directly from the KACE service desk and inventory features to immediately begin remotely diagnosing and resolving a problem • Remotely control and repair blue-screened PCs equipped with Intel® vPro™ Technology Two free Bomgar licenses for Dell KACE customers! Contact your Dell KACE sales representative to get started.

  47. Appendix 4Customers

  48. Dell KACE in Business Services “ Now with the KACE Appliance we have our field machines checking in and the installs just run in the background. That’s a huge cost savings.” – Daralyn O’Connell, IT Support Manager, SeatonCorp See More Customers at

  49. Dell KACE in Education “ The thing I like best about the KACE Appliance is its simplicity. It has a very easy learning curve. We got the appliance, hooked it up, did our discoveries and we were off and running.” – Peter Perez, IT Operations, Battle Ground Academy See More Customers at

  50. Dell KACE in Financial Services "Immediately after deploying our KACE Appliance we began reaping benefits that we long wanted with our other software solution, but simply were not able to achieve. Along with being easy-to-use and offering incredible time savings with the tasks that we perform each day, we found the KACE Appliance to be incredibly flexible and reliable." – Jeff Jones, Supervisor of Computer Operations, Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company See More Customers at