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Tonight’s Agenda

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Tonight’s Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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tonight s agenda
Tonight’s Agenda
  • Election Results
  • Economy
  • Europe Calendar/Greek Default
  • Technology
    • Smart Phones/Tablets
administrative stuff
Administrative Stuff
  • $15 Club Due
  • $5 more will get you a shirt
    • Oct 9th last day to order shirt
election results
Election Results
  • President: Carl Dick
  • Vice President: Darryl Cornish
  • Director of Marketing: Kyle Hasenmiller
  • Director of Group Simulations: Suyang Zhou
  • Director of Technology: Hunter Tebbitt
  • Director of External Affairs: Andrew Rymarz
  • Treasurer: Nick Melrose
are we on a front end of a recession
Are We on a Front End of a Recession?
  • Europe Derailing our economy again
  • Economic Data is Weak
  • Fed Running out of Tools
  • Fiscal Policy limited by politics

Thu 22 Sep 11 | 07:00 PM ET

Global Market Meltdown

entering a bear market
Entering a Bear Market?
  • Bear Market is technically a 20% decline
  • Europe has experienced 30%-40% declines already
  • Are we next?
how to trade in a bear market
How to Trade in a Bear Market
  • Very Volatile
  • News Driven
  • Bear market Rallies
  • Buy the dips, sell the rips
Consumers say current economic conditions are deteriorating in what is a bad sign for the September employment report
Economic growth for the second quarter ended up stronger than previously estimated but remained anemic
effects of greek default
Effects of Greek Default
  • Future of Europe Depends on Politics
    • Not healthy for the market
  • Many Europeans Don’t want to bailout other countries, could tank the markets
  • Europe Better off in the Long-run without Greece and maybe Portugal
  • Sigh of relief in the euro-zone today as Germany voted to expand the rescue fund for European countries in crisis

| 1:08 PM ET

Greek Default Outlook

effects of greek default1
Effects of Greek Default
  • Will Greece Default?
    • Greece Runs out of Money in a couple weeks
  • Orderly or Disorderly?
  • Will Euro Banks be Ready?
  • Will the Market Worry about Portugal and Italy?
    • Expect a lot of Volatility
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Cloud Computing
smart phone market share handsets
Smart Phone Market Share: Handsets
  • Apple-18.5%
  • Samsung-17.5%
  • Nokia-15.2%
  • iPhone 5 design release on Tuesday
  • What will this mean for the stock?
  • How has apple reacted to past iPhone releases?
  • iPads doing well

Wed 21 Sep 11 | 05:18 PM ET

Time to Take a Bite Out of Apple?

  • Example of a Failing Tech stock
  • In ’08 had Market Cap of $70 billion
  • Currently Mkt Cap is $10 billion
  • Will it eventually get acquired by MSFT or Intel?

Fri 16 Sep 11 | 12:30 PM ET

Is This the End for Blackberry?

patents are in high demand
Patents are in High Demand
  • Google buys Motorola (MMI) for $12.5 billion
    • 17,000 patents
  • Nortel sells 6,000 for $4.5 billion to a consortium
    • Apple EMC, Ericsosson, MSFT, RIMM, and Sony
  • Who’s Next?
  • Apple & Samsung in major legal battles in Germany and Australia
  • HTC suing Apple
  • Google just bought $18 worth of patents from IBM
potential takeout targets
Potential Takeout Targets
  • IDCC (9,000 patents)
    • Wireless protocol
    • 3G, 4G/LTE
  • EK (1,100 digital camera patents)
  • RIMM (thousands)
  • NOK (thousands)

| 1:08 PM ET

FOMC Meeting: Fed Launches Operation Twist