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A Dialogue between. Science. Buddhism. - Cause and Effect - Interconnectedness - Space and time. on. Classical view: The universe is Deterministic. Universe: mathematically predictable movement of particles and waves God gives the initial push and the universe evolves deterministically.

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A Dialogue between



- Cause and Effect

- Interconnectedness

- Space and time


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Classical view:

The universe is Deterministic

Universe: mathematically predictable movement of particles and waves

God gives the initial push and the universe evolves deterministically.

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Classical universe:



God’s initial push

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(x2, v2)

(x1, v1)

(x3, v3)

So matter composed particles with well defined trajectory: position and velocity. Their motions are mediated by energyin the form of waves

Is this still true in the subatomic world ?

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Uncertainty principle: The more accurately we know the position


of an object,

the more uncertain the



Wave-particle duality

Quantum Reality

Classical picture

The truth: Superposition of paths

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Which “path” does it take?

Superposition of A and B if we don’t observe

Either A or if we observe

B but not both





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Superposition of life and death if we don’t observe

Either alive or dead but not both if we observe

Schrodinger’s cat

Alive or dead?

It’s not seen in real world due to quantum decoherence (too many quantum objects each interfere in there own way)

Quantum theory: The Universe is non-deterministic

Is there a more profound “inherent cause” ?

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God rolls the dice?

In the realm of Buddhism:

Inherent Law of Cause and Effect

Transcends space and time: Simultaneity

Penetrate all previous and project to all future life existences

Consciousness may help create reality

Three Thousand Realms in a Single Moment of Mind

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Not necessarily a dilemma …

Question: wave or particle ? Classical theory

Ans :wave-particle duality (Quantum Theory)


The universe is like an ocean. Lives are water waves momentarily emerge and annihilate from this big ocean

- Josei Toda

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After rippling through causal space time

Interconnectedness (classically): Butterfly effect

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Interconnectedness: Quantum Entanglement

Pre condition : Spin_A + Spin_B = 0





not bounded by causality (speed of light)





or if

Quantum reality is non-local

/ (transcends space-time)


Quantum Entanglement : Besides up/down, similar correspondence of causally unconnected events appear if we measure left/right or other spin directions

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Oneness of Self and the Environment

Compassionate Universe

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“Time line” of our universe


Big bang

Quantum foam of space and time -Time undefined

Let’s say our universe is here

Quantum Cosmology

Universe Multiverse

Each universe has its own physical constants and geometry

Mature universe

Extincting universe

Baby universe

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nam myoho renge kyo

What Buddhism said ?

It label the law of universe as

= Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra (cause and effect)

  • which includes the following laws

  • - inherent law of cause and effect

  • oneness of self and environment

  • eternity of Life

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(already varied experimentally)

Every entities in this universe are profoundly linked

* oneness of self and environment

non-deterministic universe

(for most existing philosophical schools of interpretation)

Our consciousness and belief can affect the reality instantly

* Three thousand realms in a single moment of life

Quantized time and space

(in current leading theories)

* Eternity of Lives

If Quantum Theory is the ultimate foundation where scientific law can reach, this opens ways for various religious interpretations. Conversely, religious teachings need to be compatible with known laws of science

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Not yet !


Quest of wisdom of nature and spirit is a forever undertaking.

There is no beginnings and ends !