sorry summer vacation is over n.
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Sorry, Summer Vacation is Over! PowerPoint Presentation
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Sorry, Summer Vacation is Over!

Sorry, Summer Vacation is Over!

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Sorry, Summer Vacation is Over!

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  1. Sorry, Summer Vacation is Over! It’s time to open your books and your minds! Welcome to science with Mrs. Nelson.

  2. Don’t tell your other teachers, but… Science is the… BEST!!!!! It’s “out of this world!”

  3. Classroom Rules… You as a student shall……. 1. Come on time & prepared for class. 2. Do the “Do Now”in your science journal, then sit quietly and wait for instructions (Take out homework while attendance is being taken) 3. Do NOT interrupt the class routine. 4. Come with a good attitude & willingness to learn. 5. NO gum or food, & NO Teetering! 6. Respect self, others, and property!

  4. Discipline… Should students make “poor” choices regarding appropriate behaviors, they will encounter the following measures: • 1st infraction…warning from Mrs. Nelson • 2nd (for same behavior)….”am” detention • 3rd…call to parent • 4th…call to guidance to set up parent mtg. involving the parents, student, and teaching team.

  5. Topics we’ll cover this year… … Geology…. ….Chemistry…. ….Astronomy….

  6. Geology Topics… • Minerals…Properties, ID, & Testing • Rocks…Types & Cycle • Geologic Time, Earth History, & Fossils • Continental Drift & Pangaea • Plate Tectonics • Folds, Faults, & Pressures on the Earth’s Crust • Volcanoes & Earthquakes • Mapping

  7. Chemistry Topics: • Phases & States of Matter • pH • Elements • Periodic Table • Chemical Equations • Balancing Equations • Compounds, Mixtures, Colloids, & Solutions • Chromatography • Forensics!

  8. Astronomy Topics… • Atmosphere…Impact project • Early Astronomers • Formations of the Universe • Astronomical Units such as Light Years • The Solar System • Stars & Constellations • The Sun • The Moon • Black Holes, Super Novae, and other Celestial Objects

  9. Grading System… Quizzes…20% Tests…10% Labs…20% Projects…15% Homework…20% Science Notebooks & Journalss…10% Class Participation…5% ____________________ 100%

  10. Science Binders… Every student is responsible for keeping an organized science binder. All papers should be paper punched and placed in order of usage for each topic of study. At the end of a unit, binders will be graded. Do NOTuse pocket folders. I would like all students to have a 3-ring binder that is to be kept neat and organized. ***Dividers will be used to separate topics: (Notes/Handouts, HW,Tests/Quizzes, Labs, Projects, Do Nows)

  11. Notes… Because students have a difficult time taking notes and listening at the same time,I will provide copies of notes. However… *You must keep all of these notes in your binder. IF absent, check with your HW buddy (first), or Mrs.Nelson (second), to see what you missed during your absence. ***One copy per student!!!

  12. Homework… Mrs. Nelson’s HW policy is a favorite with students. Most HW is graded on “effort”. If you try your best, you receive a 100% for your efforts. If it is not done, it is an instant 0%. We correct HW right away each day, so those without it are NOT given time to make it up. This is not fair to those that did it on time. This does not include student absences. Science worksheets should not take much effort, and class time is often given to begin homework.

  13. Group Projects & Labs… Students will often work with partners on projects and labs. Student groups will be changed very often. The “clock partners” guide should be kept at the beginning of the lab portion of the binder. Each member of a group will receive “their own grade” based on their efforts, as well as a group grade.

  14. Lab Format… Students will write often in science this year. It is a skill needed in life. We will follow a rubric when writing labs: Purpose Hypothesis Materials Procedure Data/Results Conclusion Late labs will lose 11 pts per day late, Lab rubrics will be distributed the first week of school and should be kept at the beginning of the student’s lab portion of their binder.

  15. Attendance Policy in Science… Everyone is ill sometimes. This is understood. However, upon your return, you will do the following: 1. Check the “absent folder” first. Your HW buddy should have taken care of you. if not… • See Mrs.Nelson for work. • You will be given the time equal to the time you were out to complete tasks, unless there are special circumstances.

  16. Homework Buddies… • Each science student will count on homework buddies when they are absent. It is just another way that our team “takes care of each other”. • The “Buddy” will gather any notes, handouts, or homework and place them in the “While you were out” folder the day that their buddy is absent. • The returning student should check the absent folder “first” for the work. If not there, then they should see “Mrs. Nelson”.

  17. Current Science… • 8-3 Science students will read Current Science Magazine this year, and be required to answer comprehension questions on the subject matter. • This will count as a project grade, so they should take their time and read to understand. • This represents topics (equivalent to current events) that we don’t have time to discuss in class. It reveals what is going on in our scientific world.

  18. Silent Reading… • All students should bring a book with them daily for silent reading period. Everyone is required to read at this time. • Every so often, teachers might do read-alouds too. • Reading strengthens vocabulary. • Disruptions will not be tolerated during this period. • Magazines are not appropriate….books only!

  19. Communication • Should parents need to reach me, I suggest a quick email as it is VERY tough to get to a phone during the day. We check email often and can zip a line during silent reading or study more readily. • Simply send a message to the following: • The rest of the 8-3 team follows: • mgrassett@………………(Social Studies) • msweeney@………………..(Language Arts) • mburke@………………(Algebra/Math) • @… …………..(Special Education Contact)

  20. 8-3 Schedule 8:25-8:45 Homeroom 8:45-9:30 9:30-10:15 10:15-11:05 11:05-12:00 12:00-12:22 12:25-1:10 1;10-1:30 1:30-2:20 2:20-3:05 *ECB/Strings/Chorus/Rdg Support 3:05-3:10 Homeroom/Dismissal

  21. Leaving the Classroom… • Classes are 45 minutes long. We have much to do in very little time. It is even tougher with science as we have set-up, labs, and clean-up to deal with. • Thus…it is very important that our students remain in class. (This excludes illness, or being called to the office). Leaving the class is discouraged. Please make every attempt to reamain for the entire lesson. Thank you.

  22. Congrats!… • You are on the road to a very successful year with the 8-3 team! • We will go above and beyond to ensure that our kiddos meet their academic and social goals, under the guidelines of our Mission Statement, and expect that our students will do the same for themselves! • Remember…8-3 EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!