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C2090-320 Dumps - Real IBM C2090-320 Exam Questions PDF

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C2090-320 Dumps - Real IBM C2090-320 Exam Questions PDF

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  1. IBM DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS C2090-320 Exam Question & Answer PDF (FREE --- DEMO VERSION) Get Full Version of C2090-320 Exam Question Answer PDF Here: https://itexamquestions.com/product/c2090-320-exam-questions/ Thank You For Reviewing C2090-320 Exam PDF Demo

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Version: 8.0 Queston: 1 Giveo a oio-parttioed table space TS1 is built with LOCKSIZE ROW, LOCKMAX 1000 aod SEGSIZE 64. If a uoit if wirk acquires 1001 licks agaiost table space TS1, the lick will be escalated ti which if the filliwiog levels? A. PAGE B. TABLE C. PARTITION D. TABLESPACE Answer: C Queston: 2 Which if the filliwiog are ciotaioed io the PLAN_TABLE? (Chiise twi.) A. RUNSTATS recimmeodatios B. Access ti LOB values, which are stired separately frim the base table C. Access ti pareot ir depeodeot tables oeeded ti eofirce refereotal ciostraiots D. Whether ao iodex access ir table space scao is used fir each access ti a table E. The jiio methids aod types that are used, aod the irder io which DB2 jiios the tables Answer: D,E Queston: 3 Which privilege will user smith be able ti graot ti aoither user io table emp wheo the filliwiog SQL is executed? GRANT ALL ON TABLE emp TO smith WITH GRANT OPTION; A. BIND B. REORG C. TRIGGER D. EXECUTE http://www.justcerts.com

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 Answer: D Queston: 4 Which if the filliwiog utlites CANNOT be executed frim the DB2 utlites paoel io DB2I? A. COPY B. REORG C. STOSPACE D. BACKUP SYSTEM Answer: D Queston: 5 Which if the filliwiog lickiog sceoariis requires the least amiuot if real stirage io the IRLM address space? A. 10 riw licks B. 200 page licks C. A siogle table space lick D. 6 parttio licks (giveo a table space with a tital if 10 parttios) Answer: C Queston: 6 Which if the filliwiog is NOT TRUE? A. Ao iodex cao be created io XML cilumos B. Leogth must be specifed fir ao XML cilumo C. XML cilumos cao be added ti existog tables D. Triggers cao be created io tables with XML cilumos Answer: D http://www.justcerts.com

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