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How to grow weed indoors PowerPoint Presentation
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How to grow weed indoors

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How to grow weed indoors
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How to grow weed indoors

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  1. How to grow weed indoors How to grow weed indoors In the United States for instance, where a number of states prohibit the cultivation of weed for sale or personal use, the best way to grow weed is indoors. As you might expect, it is highly technical; you need a lot of skill and equipment.

  2. Choosing to grow weed indoors should be a well thought out decision. You need to know the number of plants you want to grow, if you are financially buoyant to carry out this operation till you can sell, if you want to go commercial. You also need to let people, especially those you live with, to know if they are comfortable with your decision. Remember they have to be people you can trust with is huge secret which could get you and people who live with you into a lot of trouble which could end with jail time. Growing weed indoors is a very huge commitment, there is no need masking that. You have to go big or don’t go into it if you can’t handle the risks involved. After all the above have been sorted out, you need to work out other modalities for a successful indoor weed cultivation venture. Grow room Temperature and humidity control Temperature and humidity is vital to the growth of your weed plants cultivated indoors. The plant exchanges gases during photosynthesis and other plant biological activities and this increases the temperature and humidity of weed plants.

  3. Depending on the size of your grow room and also the number of plants in the grow room, you can make good choices to give the right temperature and humidity in the grow room. For small grow rooms, opening the windows to let fresh air in can do a lot of good. Be careful not let the smell of the plants get out if you have nosy neighbors. Larger grow rooms will require ventilation, cooling or heating equipments. An air extractor system is also need to bring in new air and circulate it properly. The arrangement for ventilation should be done when setting up the grow room. A CO2 (carbon dioxide) kit is needed because weed plants need more CO2 and this kit can provide the needed amount. 2. Grow medium selection Choosing a grow-medium totally depends on the preference of the farmer. You could go the hydroponic route; soilless cultivation which needs more expertise and technical know-how and, the soil cultivation which is the normal route most farmers go due to easy of application and also low- medium technicality involved.

  4. 3. Water The importance of water when the growth of the weed plant. Water is the medium plants use to move nutrients all over the plant. For the weed plant water is needed during the flowering stage. It should be noted that water shouldn’t be taken for granted as weed plants and over watering can cause to deep root issues leading to the death of the plant. Water can be applied to the plants manually using a watering can or automatically via a sprinkler system which is more preferable for nigger grow rooms 4. Nutrients You need to ensure you can provide the much needed nutrients for optimal growth. Fertilizers are needed and the appropriate one as well. The kind of fertilizers you use determines your weed yield. 5. Grow lights Weed grows best under sunlight which is obviously absent in indoor cultivation of weed. It is very important to provide a condition similar to having direct sunlight. To make this possible, grow light. to add to the effects of the grow lights, fluorescent lights could be used.

  5. lncandescent lights should never be used as the light produced cannot be absorbed by the weed plants. Reflectors are also needed on the walls to ensure light reaches the hard to reach area. 6. Grow tent This is one of the most important aspects needed so your weed plants have the best conditions needed to grow. They can be used for any grow medium; hydroponic or soil cultivation. Understanding what you need to make your indoor week cultivation a success is as important as the passion you might have for growing it. Getting information from a veteran farmer could prove to be helpful as you will be guided so you can avoid mistakes the made as newbies.