how long does marijuana last in the system
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How long does marijuana last in the system

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How long does marijuana last in the system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One trick question when it comes to marijuana use is ‘how long does marijuana stay in the system?’ The truth about this question is there is not\n\ndefinite answer. The time frame marijuana depends on a combination of factors.

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How long does marijuana last in the system

One trick question when it comes to marijuana use is ‘how long does marijuana stay in the system?’ The truth about this question is there is not definite answer. The time frame marijuana depends on a combination of factors.

It is best to know that even if you don’t feel the psychoactive effect of marijuana, its component, Terahydrocannabinol, also known as THC can stay in your system for a long time. When marijuana tests are carried out, THC is what laboratory analysts look out for in the urine, blood, saliva and hair. It has the ability to be excreted via those means and be detected easily, depending on when and how marijuana was used.

The major factor that influences how long THC lasts in your body system is the frequency of use. THC is soluble in fat. Therefore, if it enters your system, it binds with your body fat cells. After a few days, it is diffused into your blood and cleaned out.

However, if you continue using, the process is repeated again and again. If you metabolism is fast, this process can take a shorter time.

Users with high body fat, will have THC clinging to their cells and the cleaning process of THC becomes a very slow. The advantage of this is, as THC is diffused into the blood stream, it dissolves fatty tissues as well, leading to weight loss. This has been scientifically proven and researchers are looking for ways to incorporate this into weight loss programs.

In the saliva for instance, marijuana can be detected just an hour after use. The reason is, the mouth is the entry point for marijuana and the saliva binds with THC easily. THC can last for 12 hours before its concentration in the saliva starts to diminish slowly.

In the case of urine, frequency, amount and concentration of marijuana product used determines how long THC lasts in your system. That being said, marijuana stays in the urine for about 45 days. But more often than not, most people are clean 30 days after using marijuana.

If you are a frequent user, it is no rocket science that marijuana will always be in your system. But can last as long as three weeks or more to clear out of your system after laying off marijuana.

One time users shouldn’t think just because they used once, they should expect a negative result. Sadly, THC will appear in your urine just 4 to 5 hours after you have used marijuana.

Do not celebrate after marijuana has cleared off your urine and saliva. It stays for a long time in your hair follicles. The great news about this is, testing via this means is rare. It could be used only when the tester means business.

How does marijuana get into your hair? It is pretty easy. When you use marijuana, it gets into your blood stream. Nutrients in the blood, including THC, are absorbed by the hair. THC then binds with the hair and grows with it.

In just a week, it can be detected in your hair and it take a long time to deteriorate from the hair. The window period for THC getting off hair is about one year. On a good note, hair tests are not as accurate as urine test which is almost a 100 percent accurate.

How to pass a drug test if faced with one

As you are well aware, just a little amount of THC can stay in the body system for days, weeks and even as long as a month.

When faced with a marijuana drug test you didn’t plan for, there are a lot of things you could do like exercise, using a diuretic and taking a lot of fluids.

Although, these work with various degree of success, your best shot is using a clean urine sample.

Why? You might ask, laboratory technicians also know all the gimmicks people use to sabotage tests and the have created systems to ensure the system cannot be beaten.

Consequently, it is great to note that false positives results are rampant due to the style of testing. It is just best to keep your fingers crossed when using any means to get a negative, it could come off as a false positive too.

So when next you want to ask ‘how long marijuana lasts in your system?’ consider the factors above and you will definitely find the answers you are looking for.

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