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What is Phlebotomy

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What is Phlebotomy

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what is phlebotomy
What is Phlebotomy



It is important to understand what is phlebotomy for because if done inappropriately, can actually worsen the person’s condition by experiencing severe iron deficiency and increasing your risk of suffering a stroke.


However, side effects in phlebotomy is rare but it exists. There is usually a minor discomfort that comes with the insertion of needles to draw blood and in some instances may cause certain individuals to faint or to feel nauseated. It is also not uncommon for an individual to feel dizzy and tired after a phlebotomy and this may last a day or two.


Furthermore, iron deficiency should be avoided at all costs since it may be depleted if one undergoes regular phlebotomy. Your medical practitioner should monitor the iron levels and prescribe an iron supplement when necessary. In some circumstances, when an individual is unable to take oral iron supplements due to whatever reasons, the iron may be administered intravenously.


After thoroughly discussing in detail what is phlebotomy and what is phlebotomy for, it is likewise important to understand the procedure that goes with it. Phlebotomy can be performed in a laboratory, hospital or even a medical clinic.


The procedure is somewhat similar to blood donation wherein a healthcare professional inserts a needle into a vein and draws approximately 500 ml or 17 fluid oz of blood. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete and does not require any advance preparation like fasting.


There will be instances that the healthcare professional or phlebotomist will request you to lie down but normally, you can sit for the entire duration of the process. The phlebotomist will first insert an intravenous needle into your vein to administer a saline solution which is basically just salt and water.


The phlebotomist or healthcare professional will then insert a second needle to draw the blood and the amount of blood would depend entirely on the requesting physician who are usually cardiologists. The phlebotomist will also monitor your pulse and blood pressure for any sign that your body might adversely react to the process.


The needles will then be removed and the individual will be kept for a short observation until they are well enough to get up and leave.

And that is all there is to know when you ask the question, what is phlebotomy.

what is phlebotomy10
What is Phlebotomy

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