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Sonography Schools

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Sonography Schools

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Sonography Schools

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sonography schools
Sonography Schools



Are you looking for Sonography schools? You will get many benefits being a sonographer. You will have many job options with attractive salaries.


The sonographer salary begins on an average of $40,000 per year for fresh graduates and can go up to $90,000 per annum if you have ten or more years of experience and working in states like Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Massachusetts.


There are many medical Sonography schools in the United Sates. From one state to another the schools offer you different degrees beginning from certificates to Masters Degrees. In addition, you will get different salary offers and job options. If you want to be a sonographer, here is a list of Sonography schools found in some selected states.


Sonography Schools In Arizona

Most of the Sonography schools in Arizona are found in Phoenix. There are certificate and associate degree options. The average salary is $56,810 per year for radiologic technicians, which is one of the main streams in the field of Sonography.


Sonography Schools In California

You will find diverse Sonography training programs in California. Sonography schools in California offer from certificate to Masters Programs. If you work as a Sonographer in California, you will get an average salary which is above national averages.


Sonography Schools In Georgia

Georgia offers highly specialized programs in Sonography. If you are looking for pursuing specialized courses in the field, Sonography schools in Georgia will offer you. The average salary for sonographers in Georgia is $58,470 per year according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.


Sonography Schools In Michigan

If you want degrees in Sonography in Michigan, you have plenty of options. There are around 1,800 jobs for sonographers in the state with an average salary of $52,440 per year. Here is a list of Sonography schools in Michigan.


Sonography Schools In New York

In New York, there are many schools offering ultrasound, radiology, echocardiography and cardiovascular technology trainings. The state employs around 3,700 sonographers. Here is a list of Sonography schools in New York.


Sonography Schools In Pa

Sonographyis becoming a very popular and upcoming profession in the state of Pennsylvania. There are many famous Sonography schools in Pa offering different certifications ranging from certificate to Master’s degree. The average yearly sonographer salary in Pa is $52,000. Here is a list of the schools.


Sonography Schools In Virginia

Diagnostic Sonographers earn an average of $63,370 per year in Virginia according to Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 data. Many Sonography schools in Virginia offer general Sonography degrees. If you want to be a Sonographer in Virginia, here is a list of Sonography schools in the state.


Choosing a medical Sonography school may not be easy given the plenty of competitive schools available.

  • Look for accredited programs so that your certificates or degrees will meet the standards of the profession.

Know the success rates of the programs through student recommendations. Recommendations are very important for your decision. You need to know how much percentage of students are successful in the field.

  • Determine which learning environment fits you. There are online, offline and hybrid Sonography classes. Thus, depending on your situation, you need to determine your learning environment.

Consider the school’s facilities and its laboratories. Learning Sonography has its own laboratory equipments and facility requirements. A medical Sonography school needs to have all the necessary equipments and facilities.


Check whether the tuitions go with your budget. Tuitions for Sonography schools vary depending on the level of education and the ownership of the school, whether it is a public or private school. One year certificate could cost you beginning from $4,000 while a degree costs you around $30,000.


Many people think that medical studies need more effort to finish or score. Being one of medical studies, studying Sonography needs hard work. Here are some mechanisms to survive Sonography schools

  • Studying Sonography has plenty of things to do beginning from listening to long lectures to lab work and intensive studies. Therefore, you need to plan every hour of your day very carefully.

Joining a study group will help you share knowledge and learning resources which helps you get more understanding of your training.

  • If you are doing Bachelors or Masters Degree in Sonography, you need to limit your extracurricular activities and social engagements and allocate more time for your studies.

It is advisable if you can find mentors to consult your academic as well as emotional challenges.

  • Stay focused on your goals


  • Sonography is a growing field in many states. People prefer it for its high salary, plenty of job options and multiple non monetary benefits. In addition to those benefits sonographers are guaranteed with job satisfaction.

If helping people is one of your interests and you want to get well paid for it, being a sonographer is a good option. Thus, there are many Sonography schools in the different states with some of them mentioned earlier.

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Sonography Schools

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