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Sonography Salary

Sonography Salary

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Sonography Salary

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  1. Sonography Salary Byhttp://sonographerguide.com/sonography-salary/

  2. If you are considering following a career in Sonography or sometimes referred as ultrasound technician, then you may be wondering about the Sonography salary. There are a couple of factors that determine your salary as a sonographer.

  3. For example, the state you are living in and the experience you have as a sonographer are among the highly determining factors. In this article, we will investigate what determining factors are there to determine your sonography salary, what is expected from you as a professional and from where you can get your Sonography education.

  4. In the US, there are more sonographers every year joining the work force. On average the industry has 20% increases in terms of new professionals. However, in some states like Pennsylvania the number of sonographers joining the job market is shrinking, which as a result contributes for the high demand of sonographers and competitive and attractive salaries.

  5. The state where you are living in or working highly determines your sonographer salary. According to a 2012 data from indeed.com, the national average salary for a diagnostic medical sonographer is $67,000 per year.

  6. States like California, New York and Georgia are among the highest paying states with an average of $74,000 to $79,000 per year, while the other states pay around the national average or slightly above or below that. The sonogram technician salary has shown a 13% national growth rate between the year 2006 and 2010.

  7. The other factor which determines your sonographer or ultrasound technician salary is your years of experience. You can expect a salary range beginning from $45,000 per year as a fresh graduate and $90,000 annually as more experienced you become.

  8. Another determining factor is whether your payment is in hourly, part time or monthly bases. The average hourly pay rate is $30.95 in 2010.

  9. There are a couple of ultrasound technician requirements to get a better salary. As a sonographer or ultrasound technician, you are expected to fulfill all the following requirements, however, the more expert you become, the more salary benefits you will get. • Enjoying your being in the health care industry and taking care of people to the extremes of their illness.

  10. Being compassionate and caring for your patients. • Enjoying life long learning and the ability to adapt yourself to new high tech medical equipments and coping up with their advancements. • Being able to analyze technical information and give your well thought and independent judgments • Ability to work within a medical team environment with physicians and nurses.

  11. Ability to work with sonograms including making the color distinctions • Ability to communicate effectively with your patients and your co-workers. • Enjoying much movement during work and ability to work with your hands and shoulders.

  12. Those are the basic requirements you need to fulfill when you do Sonography jobs. The more experienced you become with the high tech equipments, patient care and effective independent judgment and analysis, the more competitive you become and the more salary you are going to earn.

  13. As a sonographer or ultrasound technician, you can work in clinics, hospitals, physician offices and public health places mainly. You can also work as private/independent technician performing examinations for patients.

  14. There are 252 accredited Sonography schools in the US that you can choose from. Depending on the state you are living you can get to these schools. Almost each state has a number of accredited diagnostic medical Sonography schools. Tuitions may differ from one state to another. You can get information from this website about the tuitions you are expected to pay in some selected states.

  15. If pursuing your education on a classroom setting is difficult, there are online ultrasound technician schools. You can learn almost from anywhere with these online schools. However, learning Sonography needs some extra effort. Thus, you need to allocate all the necessary time and the hard work it requires.

  16. Conclusion • Sonographyis a demanded field. It has shown remarkable growth rates in the past 20 years. People are learning it and earning from it. Working in the field will give you job satisfaction in addition to the attractive Sonography salary.

  17. Sonography Salary For more information, please visit http://sonographerguide.com/sonography-salary/

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