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School Counseling Jobs in Ohio

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School Counseling Jobs in Ohio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Counseling Jobs in Ohio

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school counseling jobs in ohio
School Counseling Jobs in Ohio



If you are currently practicing as a school counselor in another state and you are thinking of moving to Ohio, you might be wondering if you are going to qualify for school counseling jobs in Ohio.


Granted that most states, including Ohio, have pretty much similar educational requirements, which is at least a Master’s degree in a state-approved counseling program. However, the difference lies in the experience.


Most states does not require relevant working experience prior to being employed as a school counselor however; the Buckeye State does it differently. The state of Ohio requires that an individual must have at least 600 hours contact within a school setting of grades K-12. This only counts the hours that a counselor sits with a student and nothing more.


The state also requires at least one year training under the supervision of a license school counselor or at least two years of teaching experience under a provisional, standard or professional teaching certificate or license. If you are a practicing schoolcounselor from another state, Ohio regulation requires that you should be practicing for at least three years prior to being allowed to continue your profession within the state jurisdiction.


If you find that you don’t fall under any of the aforementioned criteria then you might be required to take the necessary examination, either the National Teachers Examination (NTE) or Praxis II, to qualify for an Ohio counseling license. The test that will given to the applicant will depend on the program that he or she completed.


The state also requires background check and a recommendation from the dean of education or the head of the institution’s counseling program prior to being granted a certification to practice.


The high unemployment rate can really be downer and one can’t help but wonder what the opportunities are for school counseling jobs in Ohio.


While although school counseling in Ohio is not mandated by the American School Counselor Association, the state does have a constant need for qualified school counselors.


Moreover, you can join various local professional organizations like the Ohio School Counselor Association wherein various job openings and postings can be found including opportunities for further studies and training. These organizations also offer workshops and scholarships to help its members develop and improve their skills.


Universities and corporations are also a great opportunities to seek employment since adults likewise need the same guidance and support that children and teenagers need. Non-profit organizations and hospitals also have a constant need for counselors especially for those who are experiencing a great deal of crisis or trauma.


The local community is also another great opportunities to help people in need have their shot at success. Let’s face it, Ohio has a K-12 dropout rate of 30 percent in 1997, can you guess the current dropout rate?


Actually, the government has done a lot to improve the current public school system and more and more Americans are educated compared to 15 years ago. However, the disparity lies in the schools with the most number of dropouts like Cleveland Metropolitan and Columbus City in which they average around 30 percent dropouts between the two districts alone.


A vigilant school counselor or community counselor can spell a big difference in these students’ lives and their families as well. Studies have shown that the primary reasons these children dropout of school are –

  • that they did not like school
  • that they didn’t get along with the teachers
  • that they were failing their classes or couldn’t keep up with the school work

The reasons can be addressed with ample and regular guidance or help from a school or community counselors and it is as great opportunity as any to make a difference in a child’s life today.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a school counselor or community counselor earn an average of $41,000 to $53,000 annually. However, the salary will vary depending on the school counseling jobs in Ohio that you signed up for like whether you work as elementary or secondary school counselor. If you are keen on making a lot of money right away, you can also look into going into the corporate world to practice.


The truth is, you have a lot of avenue to actually make a difference in someone else’s life. There are a lot of people who need guidance but don’t know where to go. Do not let the salary solely dictate your decision in taking on school counseling jobs in Ohio.

school counseling jobs in ohio18
School Counseling Jobs in Ohio

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