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School Counseling Jobs in GA

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School Counseling Jobs in GA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Counseling Jobs in GA

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School Counseling Jobs in GA

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school counseling jobs in ga
School Counseling Jobs in GA



For you to be eligible for school counseling jobs in GA, you need to check the educational requirements first since each state has its own specific requirements. However, the general rule of thumb for school counselors, in terms of their academic qualifications, is that one should at least have a Master’s degree.


The great state of Georgia has its own state specific guidelines for those who plan to pursue a career as a school counselor. The Peach State has outlined two options for its residents to choose from.


The first option is to attend an approve counseling program from an regionally accredited institution and obtain at least a Master’s degree. The second option is a verified acceptance to attend a state-approve counseling program and at least a Master’s degree in any counseling-related field.


Are you reading the last paragraph over and over again trying to find the difference between the two options?

The first option allows the individual to apply for a Clear Renewable Certificate provided that the individual holds at least a Master’s degree in counseling from an accredited institution in the region.


This simply means that the individual applicant obtained his or her Master’s degree from a state-accredited and recognized counseling program.


In the event that the individual attend a non-accredited institution but holds at least a Master’s degree in counseling, he or she is eligible to apply for a Non-Renewable Certificate upon verification of acceptance into a state-recognize counseling program.


This may seem a little confusing but this simply refers to an individual who might have went out of state to complete his or her Master’s degree in counseling but if the state recognizes or approves the particular counseling program you have attended then you are eligible for the Non-Renewable Certificate.


In this economic crisis, one can’t help but worry about job security and the availability of job opportunities out there. If you are wondering what your chances are for finding school counseling jobs in GA is then you’ll be happy to know that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there’s is a 14 percent jump in the number of of school counseling jobs until 2018.


This is definitely good news especially since you can usually get hired right after graduation without necessarily having relevant working experience although, it is expected that you have passed the school counselor assessment section of the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of EducatorsTM (GACETM). Potential school counselors are also expected to pass the GACETM Basic Assessment for math, reading and writing.


This is especially applicable for individuals who does not have a Master’s degree in school counseling or does not meet the minimum 1000 score on the SAT, 1030 on the GRE or 43 on the ACT examinations.


In your attempt to seek state certification to work as a school counselor, it is also necessary for you to obtain a recommendation from the academic institution prior to your certification. It is not impossible for you to pass the necessary state-mandated examination and still be rejected for certification because of failing to comply on this requirement.


Of course, like most employers, no employment contract can be signed until after a thorough background check has been done so the state also requires a comprehensive background check prior to certification.


The American School Counselor Association mandates that school counseling is required for grades K-12 students in the state of Georgia. Moreover, it also states that the ideal ratio of school counselor to student varies depending on the grade level.


The association recommends 1:675 ratio for grades K-8 and 1:450 for grades 9-12 however, this can be amended depending on the school’s funding.

Currently, there are limitations on qualified school counselors and funding which then results in schools sharing their school counselors especially at the elementary and secondary levels.


You might discover that school counseling jobs in GA might be limited due to funding, it should not discourage you to seek employment elsewhere. While school counselors form an important part of the academic system, they should not be limited to seeking employment within the academe. It is possible for these individuals to know that they can seek full-time or part-time employment with colleges, corporations and even non-profit organizations.


While their efforts in helping children around the country find the best opportunities for themselves is very much appreciated, their skills and talent can also be helpful to a lot of adults that have been experiencing crisis and trauma. You can make a difference in a lot of people’s lives and it should not be limited to school counseling jobs in GA.

school counseling jobs in ga18
School Counseling Jobs in GA

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