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Phlebotomy Jobs

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Phlebotomy Jobs

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Phlebotomy Jobs

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phlebotomy jobs
Phlebotomy Jobs



After training and exam the next goal now is to look for phlebotomy jobs. Phlebotomist is in high demand in many places and with that fact a new phlebotomist can easily find a job.


On the other hand those people with experience have a higher chance to get hired so if you are a newly graduated phlebotomist you can look for a place that you can gain experience and just set aside the earnings for now. If a phlebotomist does not have any experience yet, but with good hands on training and with a certificate you can expect that you can find a job much faster.


Phlebotomy jobs are very essential in many hospitals, clinics, health center and to some private or government agencies. The job of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from the patient and they will do it everyday compared to some nurses that have a wide variety of tasks. Now if you are having a hard time finding jobs in hospitals you can try other ways to find a job that suits you.


Now, to find jobs faster you can ask the school where you train to assist you. If they don’t have a career placement or they don’t offer assistance for trainees you can ask your instructor’s advice. You can also search and apply from the comfort of your home using a computer and the Internet. Looking up in the American hospital directory is another option that you can do.


After doing that you can now make a list of the target hospitals that you can send your application. However, before doing that it is much better that you call the human resources and ask for any job openings for phlebotomists.


You can also contact blood banks to inquire if there’s any open positions, because blood banks are one of the top and best employers of phlebotomists. You can also contact some medical labs or try joining professional organizations. Aside from the Internet you can also use and read newspapers and look for any open phlebotomy jobs.


After training and passing the exam you will have experience, I believe that you can’t wait now to search for phlebotomy jobs, and once you get hired you can’t wait to receive the first payment for those years of studying that you’ve gone through. With this job a phlebotomy can expect that they can earn the same amount of earnings that other expert phlebotomists are earning.


Why? The answer is simple and that is because phlebotomists earnings depends on many things such experience, location, Industry, employer and to the knowledge that they have. Basically if you are just new and fresh in this field don’t expect a kind of salary that the other experienced phlebotomist receives.


If you’re new you can expect an average salary of $18,121 – $40,741, but if you have 5-9 years of experience you can expect $21,657 – $41,460, so in short if you have more experience you can earn more. The location and the employer can affect that average amount of salary in phlebotomy jobs.

phlebotomy jobs11
Phlebotomy Jobs

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