peritoneal cancer l.
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Peritoneal Cancer

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Peritoneal Cancer

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peritoneal cancer
Peritoneal Cancer



There are a variety of diseases in the world today. People are suffering from uncountable diseases and getting no cures for most of the cancer. Peritoneal cancer is one form of these cancer. It is a very rare cancer which takes place in peritoneum. This is a thin sheet which lines up the walls of the abdomen. The women who suffer from ovary cancer, and get this it diagnosed with proper medications, are the ones who are attacked by peritoneal cancer after the ovary cancer. This disease is mostly found in women.


Symptoms for this cancer are very unclear at the earlier stages of peritoneal cancer. They are very difficult to figure out the symptoms for this disease. It does not show any signs in its earlier stages and when it start to develop, and reaches it upper level, then we can figure out about this dangerous disease. This is big disadvantage, that in this modern science world, it is difficult to find the symptoms of a disease. The symptoms of this disease are very much similar to the symptoms of the disease known as ovarian cancer.


Below are some of the symptoms listed for peritoneal cancer:

  • 1: too much blood flow from vagina
  • 2: feeling as you are stuffed, although you had a very light meal
  • 3: continuous vomiting
  • 4: loss of appetite
  • 5: nausea
  • 6: continuous and abnormal weight gain

Peritoneal cancer can be diagnosed in multiple ways. It is firstly diagnosed through X Rays or the alternative CT scans. One more method for diagnosing this disease is peritoneoscopy. This is the analysis of peritoneum, which lets you know about the disease and that you are or not a victim of this disease.


These are the major symptoms of peritoneal cancer and they can only be seen when this disease develops at the higher stage. Slowly in your body when this disease matures, the symptoms would be even clearer than before and they would be even more severe.


The treatments for peritoneal cancer are available. There are many treatments for this dangerous disease, although the success rate of these treatments are very low but still, as we say something is better than nothing. The treatments available for this disease include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. These are the mostly used treatments for this disease and patients to get cured with these treatments but the ratio of surviving patients is low.

peritoneal cancer8
Peritoneal Cancer

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