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Mopar Crate Engines

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Mopar Crate Engines

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mopar crate engines
Mopar Crate Engines



Many motor enthusiasts don’t realize how beneficial Mopar crate engines can be. Every single year the prices of engines increase, this is the main reason why less and less people can afford to race as the years go by.


Crate engines provide a more cost efficient and convenient alternative to purchasing a whole new vehicle, or to buying individual parts that can make up a new engine. Without crate engines it would be very difficult for people to race, especially those that are new to motor-sports.


Moparrebuilt engines don’t just have advantages when it comes to racing; they can also aid the casual driver as well, giving classic cars the boost they need in order for them to run with efficiency and reliability. In short the crate engine is a cheaper and hassle free way of ensuring that a vehicle stays in top condition.


Mopar have built a name for themselves for providing some of the best crate engines on the market. Not only are they cost efficient in comparison to other manufacturers, but the brand name ensures a level of quality that simply cannot be matched.


The name “crate engine” can be very confusing for some people. The term simply refers to an engine that is delivered in a crate and is ready to install on a vehicle. Mopar crate engines are complete, meaning that no extra parts will be required in order for them to function.


They come with; an intake manifold, carburetor, fuel injection system, block, crankshaft, rods, pistons and heads. Most of them will also include a camshaft and will have been horsepower-certified prior to being shipped to the customer.


The engine is the most important part of a car. Some people like to build engines themselves, however most people either find it difficult due to time constraints, or don’t have the knowledge that is required. That’s why a lot of people choose Mopar crate engines; because they are pre-built and ready to install.


Mopar crate engines are comstructed with convenience in mind. Rather than having to rebuild an existing engine or piece one together from various parts people can just pick up the phone and order a complete and tested engine that’s ready for installation.


Some people can be put off by the prices of crate engines, however they are much more cost efficient than purchasing individual parts and getting an entire engine shipped separately. Not only can people save money on delivery costs, but manufacturers of crate engines, such as Mopar usually purchase the parts of their engines in bulk.


This means that they receive discounts, which in turn allows them to sell complete engines at a cheaper rate than if someone were to purchase the parts individually.

Manufacturing Benefits

The main benefit of purchasing Mopar engines is the reliability factor. They won’t require difficult installations, experimentation with different parts or costly mistakes.


Makers of crate engines have usually had many years developing their craft, and they know exactly what works to ensure optimum levels of quality. Most crate engines are also dyno tested, or at least have it as an option when it is purchased. This again will ensure that there are no issues with the engine, such as leakages.


Regardless of the size, Mopar performance engines have built a firm reputation for providing a quality product; whether it’s Mopar 318 crate engines, Mopar 340 crate engines or Mopar 360 crate engines, the builders will certainly do their utmost to ensure that the model gets the attention that it deserves.


Jeep Crate Engines

People can have various reasons for upgrading the engine of a Jeep. In most cases it’s because their vehicle simply isn’t delivering the power that they require. Drivers looking for extra horsepower for more speed, or people that want a fresh motor that will stand the test of time will be glad to know that they can also purchase crate engines for Jeeps.


With the simple act of changing an engine, a Jeep could be able to deliver new heights of performance that it would have otherwise been incapable of providing.

Ordering Online


Summit Racing is one of the world’s most comprehensive and reliable automotive performance parts companies, providing a vast range of products and services to suit anyone’s needs. They stock a large range of different engines, including Dodge crate engines.


Ordering a new crate engine online is not only the most convenient way to purchase, but allows people to search for an engine that will have the exact specifications that they are after. The internet is also a great place to perform research when looking for new car parts.


This is because there is an abundance of experts that are available to answer any questions that people have about their vehicles and what engine they will need if they would like to upgrade.


Anyone that is interested in upgrading their current car or Jeep; whether they need a completely new motor, or whether they simply want to increase the power of their vehicle will certainly be happy with Mopar crate engines.

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Mopar Crate Engines

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