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Maternity Bathing Suits

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Maternity Bathing Suits

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Maternity Bathing Suits

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maternity bathing suits
Maternity Bathing Suits



If you are expecting a baby and are browsing for good maternity bathing suits for your water exercises, congratulations! First because you are very blessed to have that little bundle of joy growing inside of you, and second, you have chosen a sport which is one of the best and fun ways to stay physically fit when you are pregnant.


With many celebrities showing of their bumps, maternity swimsuits have become more popular. This is something many future mothers must be thankful of – finding a good swimming outfit back in the days is a tough affair which often ends with you looking over a few items which are often unattractive and dreary.


Remember those bikini shopping rules you have carefully absorbed and applied every time you make a purchase? You’ll have to throw them out of the window for the time-being, because when it comes to maternity swimsuits, flattening and lifting specific areas of your body will not really work out. When you are carrying a baby, comfort and support are queens.


In your pre-preganancy figure, you were perhaps more concerned about minimizing and hiding. Now is time for some show and tell. Maternity swimwear is all about celebrating your blossoming body and being proud of your lovely shape.


Flaunt your growing breast and womanly curves, and look for something that will remain comfy in your first and third trimester. Your regular swimsuits may not be able to do this job properly, so you can consider shopping for new ones more suited to your state.


Three key areas must be given enough support – your tummy, hips, and bust. Molded cup bra styles are recommended for proper breast support. Choose ones which are soft for more comfort. If you have large busts, underwire bras can provide more support; though make sure that they are not too tight. Your breasts are particularly sensitive during this time, and you do not want something that will make them sorer.


The straps on the maternity bathing suits should also be taken into consideration. Halter styles can be good for most women, but for more support, wide strapped tanks and swimsuits and empire waist style will do the trick. Look for adjustable straps so you can modify the length as needed.


For those hips, prefer stretchable materials to accommodate growth. The fabric should be flexible and adjustable. You can decide on the coverage and the style, as long as it gives you the support you need throughout every stages of your pregnancy.


The best way to determine if maternity bathing suits are perfect for you is to try it on. Once you have bought your swimwear, make sure that you take good care of it. Rinse it when you get out of the water, wash gently using a mild detergent, and air dry. Read carefully the instructions for washing your suit to make sure that it lasts throughout the duration of your pregnancy and any other future pregnancies as well.


Well-made maternity swimsuit can range around $60s to $70s, while designer maternity bathing suits brands start in the high $80s to $100. One pieces offer the best deals, since you can buy one for a reasonable $40. The following are some of the brands you might like to consider when shopping for your maternity swimwear.


If you are on the lookout for something simple and functional, you can check Speedo. Their maternity swimwear is quite limited at the moment, but many pregnant women have tried their larger sized items and found them convenient and good for the job.


Amoralia, on the other hand, specializes on maternity swimwear. They have cute items which will not only look good at the pool but are sure to hold up to your aerobic classes as well. Many of their products are made from quick-drying fabric and feature fully-lined cups and ruches for extra support and allowance.


Seraphineis also a great brand to check out. Many celebrities have been spotted donning their maternity bathing suits line. They also have supportive, halter necks which have ample ruching on both the bust and tummy to give you more leeway.


Again, congratulations on your pregnancy, and hopefully, this article has given you some helpful advice on how to shop for great maternity bathing suits that will offer you and your baby maximum comfort and support.

maternity bathing suits16
Maternity Bathing Suits

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