kidney cancer survival rate l.
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Kidney Cancer Survival Rate PowerPoint Presentation
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Kidney Cancer Survival Rate

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Kidney Cancer Survival Rate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kidney Cancer Survival Rate

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Kidney Cancer Survival Rate

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kidney cancer survival rate
kidney cancer survival rate



In gathering their survival rate statistics, researchers take the type of cancer, stage, grade and location into consideration. There are also influential variables that are specific to each patient, including age, general health, and individual response to treatment.


By crunching numbers from such data in recent years, researchers have come up with some generally reliable statistics. Just one type of kidney cancer is shown below, but it is far more common than any other variety. It is known as renal cell carcinoma.


Kidney cancer survival rates are generally shown as the percentage of patients with the same kind of cancer at the same stage who are still alive after a certain period of time.


Naturally, the kidney cancer survival rate is a broad-based generalization calculated from a huge number of cases. No one can accurately predict how long a patient will live after being diagnosed, regardless of what stage the cancer has reached.


In the case of cancer of the kidney and most other diseases, the survival rate is measured in intervals of 5 years. In other words, a certain percentage of patients found to have renal cell carcinoma will survive for a minimum of five years after their diagnosis.


There are a variety of categories that can be listed for kidney cancer survival rates. The statistics below measure the survival rate of individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys versus the general population. Data was taken from a research study done in 1995-2001.

kidney cancer survival rate8
kidney cancer survival rate

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