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Entry Doors

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Entry Doors

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entry doors
Entry Doors



If you want to give your home an extra ordinary look, one major thing you have to do is installing quality entry doors. There are many types of entry doors in the market today which are made from different materials that can give your home the extra ordinary look it deserves.


Installing entry doors has multiple benefits. One major benefit is that it gives your home a stylish, modern and classy look. There are plenty of great designs and incredible concepts available in the market. This gives you the chance to choose among fantastic designs that can fit to your home.


In addition, if you are lucky enough to get best quality entry door, it will highly increase your home’s resale value. Thus, you will get high return on investment. Better security is another advantage you get from your quality doors.


Nowadays, new entry doors with enhanced security features are penetrating the market. As a result, you will benefit from their modern and state of the art security systems.


You can choose from many types of entry doors that you can use as your home’s front entrance doors. There are different designs available. Besides, there are different materials in use to build them.


Depending on the building materials, there are different features and advantages offered. Here are the major materials in use for building front entrance doors with their respective advantages.


1. Fiberglass Entry Doors

Entry doors made from fiberglass are known for their capacity to resist outside elements such as humidity, moisture, rain and snow. In addition, they are suitable for different styles and designs. They can have raised or flat panels.


People choose fiberglass entry doors for their stability, meaning they don’t swell through time. They insulate natural light 3 to 5 times better than entry doors made from wood. This means you can save a significant amount of energy.


Therefore, if you want extra ordinary styles or designs and need to save energy, you can choose home entry doors made from fiberglass.


2. Iron/Steel Entry Doors

If you want enhanced and better security with your home entry doors, you will most likely prefer iron/steel entry doors. Iron entry doors are known for their enhanced security over the other types of doors.


In addition, they will give your home a unique outlook that the other materials won’t offer. Since most iron doors are coated with a special anti rust material, you don’t have to worry about rust and losing the beauty of the door as a result of it.


3. Wood Entry Doors

You may have witnessed for yourself that most entry doors are made for wood. Wood entry doors are very common in most homes. People choose them for their life time service and elegant and classy look. In addition, they can be made in different styles and designs.


Enhanced safety is also an advantage that you can get from wood entry doors. Therefore, if elegant and classy look, with good safety feature is your priority with your home entry doors, doors made from wood are recommended for you.


4. Plain Glass Entry Doors

Extra ordinary and unique beauty is the nature of plain glass entry doors. However, as plain glass is easy to break, they are not advised for homes located at average crime rate areas.


But, if you insist with installing them, your house should be located at very low crime statistics areas or you need to reinforce them with iron grills and security screens.


As discussed above, there are different types of entry doors for your home. However, which door fits your home the best depends on many factors. Here are some points you need to consider;


1. Know Your Priorities

You need to know what your priorities are for installing your entry doors. For example, if you are living on a neighborhood where crime rates are higher, your priority with your doors definitely will be security.


Style and design probably will be secondary issues. If you are living in nice and well secured neighborhood, your priorities could be style or design since you can live with an average security and safety features.


Thus, the first thing you need to do before choosing your home entry doors is, know your priorities clearly. Know exactly what you want from them. Then, the journey will be much simple and easy.


2. Go online

In today’s Internet world, you will find almost everything online. Looking for something online saves you much time and energy. Therefore, before looking your doors in the offline world, look for them first online. You can order your choice of entry door from the comfort of your bed.


3. Compare for prices

Price is an important consideration that you have to take. There are cheap as well as expensive doors available in the market. You have to remain within your budget and do not have to incur extra costs. Therefore, you need to look around to find best deals.


4. Take care with installing the doors

Installing entry doors is not a simple task that anyone can do. It needs professional carpentry skills. Therefore, do not try to install your doors all by yourself unless you have the needed carpentry skills. Otherwise, look for professional and expert carpenters to install it for you.


In conclusion

  • You can’t compromise the importance of installing entry doors for your home’s beauty, stylish outlook, security and energy utilization. Installing entry doors saves you an amount of money through energy saving. They give your home an extra ordinary and attractive look.

In addition, you will increase your home’s resale value significantly. You don’t lose your money by having entry doors. Otherwise, they are quite an investment which earns you high return. However, you need to plan your budget and set your priorities carefully before considering buying your entry doors.

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Entry Doors

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