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Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

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Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

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Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

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cute one piece bathing suits
Cute One Piece Bathing Suits



Lucky are those women who can rock a cool pair of bikini, but if you are not really into it, then there are still lots of cute one piece bathing suits you can wear for a fun day at the beach.


You don’t need to bear with the frumpy, grandma-type swimwear commonly found in department stores and boutiques, because there many one pieces that will make you look sexy and will highlight your best assets.


Yes, you got it. When it comes to summer fashion, you do not need to bare all your skin to rock it out. As they say – “Leave them wanting for more, baby.”


1. Modesty. Not every woman is comfortable wearing a racy bikini outfit. They may have a figure which can top inch by inch the bodies of the models you see on TV; still they prefer to remain on the conservative side. They are not prudes; it is just the way they are raised and they have chosen to stick to their beliefs.


2. The top is connected to the bottom, and you are sure that you will not lose any piece. A case in frugality, but it is also one way to avoid unnecessary drama just in case the top, or worse, the bottom falls off. One pieces are recommended too for women who are into water sports, since you don’t know how long those frail, string-type bikinis can hold on when you are doing physical activity.


3. If you know where to look, there are many cute one piece swimsuit styles and colors you can choose from. There are many types of bikinis too, but since the area of the fabric is smaller compared to one pieces, the designs and embellishments can be more limited.


4. Women have the right to choose what they want, including what to wear to the beach. Besides, if you have no issues with both, cute one piece bathing suits and bikinis can perfectly be stacked side by side in your wardrobe.


If you are looking for a cute, minimalist one piece bathing suit that won’t make you look like a relic of the Victorian era, then you can try a hot pink One-Shoulder Swimsuit ($50) from TopShops or the sweetly twisted in the belly button area Outeniqua One-Piece from Anthropologie. H&M’s Gathered One-Piece is also a great bathing suit to check out.


Color-block one-piece swimsuits are also in the mode, and suitable if you want something more colorful yet still low key. Cool and sexy. Plus, the color blocks are often strategically placed to highlight or draw attention away from less flattering areas. Try taking a peep on Neiman Marcus’ Camille & Marc Ipanema Dot-Print One-Piece Swimsuit and you will see why women have become fans of the playful design.


Retro one pieces are in the fashion radar too. They usually have halter necks and offer extra coverage on the backside. Think of Marilyn Monroe in a swimwear and you will get the idea. If you have a great figure, retro one pieces will flatter your curves and highlight your hourglass shape.


For some idea, you can look at Retro Halter One Piece from American Eagle, Lorelei Halter from Anthropologie, or the Shirred Halter Swimdress from Spiegel. One example that does not make use of polka dots and stripes, but still looks retro is JC Penny’s Cinch Front Shirt Bandeau – a red spaghetti strap swim dress which will put you immediately in the hot category.


For women with large bottoms, cute one piece bathing suits with ring or teardrop detail are a great idea. The extra embellishment will draw the eye upward into the face and bust area, and balance your look. A quick tip, purchase this type of one piece swimsuits in solid colors, because you do not want to wear something overly loud and decorated when swimming.


Just remember: keep it simple sweetie; you’re going to the beach, not to a party. American Eagle’s Aerie Nautical Onepiece, TopShop’s 1 Piece Swimsuit , and’s Charm Ring Swimsuit are great sources of inspiration for this type of swimsuit.


So you see, even if you are not a bikini-loving gal, you will not be at lost because of the wide variety of styles and designs of cute one piece bathing suits available, so happy shopping!

cute one piece bathing suits16
Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

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