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Crossfit Equipment Reviews

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Crossfit Equipment Reviews

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Crossfit Equipment Reviews

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crossfit equipment reviews
Crossfit Equipment Reviews



You might be wondering if reading various crossfit equipment reviews are important. After all, the typical crossfit equipment are fairly simple so it might seem unnecessary to waste time weeding through the numerous crossfit equipment reviews especially when it is something in the lines of barbells and dumbbells.


Like it or not, crossfit equipment reviews are pretty important because these can affect your customers’ or potential customers’ buying habits.


For example, your company might be in the business of manufacturing dumbbells and barbells and although it seems absurd to write a review about how great your dumbbells and barbells are over your competitors however; it can actually help boost your sales and that I am sure you are interested in.


The revolutionary new media and mediums like the internet and social networking have come to affect how businesses behave. Moreover, it has also opened up a lot of opportunity for consumers to proactively find businesses that minimize the need to restrict your options to one’s geographic location.


A recent survey done by Econsultancy in July 2009 revealed that over 90 percent of consumers trust recommendations and reviews from individuals they know while 70 percent trusts those of unfamiliar individuals.


Moreover, an eMarketer study done in February 2010 found that actual consumer reviews are twelve times more trustworthy than any testimonial or description that came directly from the manufacturers.


Whether you are a manufacturer or patron, crossfit equipment reviews should not be ignored especially since Razorfish discovered, from a survery done in 2008, that 61 percent of the respondents put their faith on consumer reviews prior to making any purchases.


This only reiterates that the internet has provided us with a great avenue to enhance buyer confidence prior to purchasing in a particular product or service.


It is important for both manufacturer and consumer to know where to strategically look and place your crossfit equipment reviews for optimal viewing. Where can you put your various crossfit equipment reviews to be able to reach out to the most number of people without spending a lot of money on page rankings?


The answer is pretty simple really. Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are great equalizers for businesses since everyone gets an equal shot at getting noticed by consumers.


Did you know that almost 53 percent of people recommend products and services via Twitter while almost 48 percent of people actually blatantly state their intent to buy a particular product.


Moreover, 81 percent of survey respondents also admitted to receiving product or service recommendation over various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and 74 percent admitted to being influenced into the purchase through these social networking mediums.


Studies have shown that Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and consumer reviews are by far the most effective strategy in building up the excitement for a new or exciting product or service online.


Unfortunately, not all crossfit equipment reviews are valuable and helpful so it is just as important to know what to avoid. In as much as we’d like to think that all crossfit equipment reviews are candid and honest, there are a handful of fake reviews scattered about. It is comparatively easier to distinguish a lie when you are talking to a person face-to-face however; the onset of online recommendations and reviews have made it difficult to decipher.


It is comparatively easier to distinguish a lie when you are talking to a person face-to-face however; the onset of online recommendations and reviews have made it difficult to decipher.


This inspired a professor of communications from Cornell to review and take on the project that developed an algorithm to weed out fake reviews including some crossfit equipment reviews and it was said to work 90 percent of the time.


I know you think that it is impossible to distinguish a fake review from a real one especially when you hear the word, algorithm however; there is a trick to differentiating the two that Jefrrey Hancock is sharing with everybody.


The team of Jeffrey Hancock identifies that fake reviews have a tendency to be more narrative instead of descriptive with an excessive use of superlatives like best and great. Since it is a fake review, the review would normally revolve around the writer so there would also be an extensive use of “I” and “me”.


However, this should not discourage you from crossfit equipment reviews or reviews in general. It is still an effective tool for both consumers and businesses alike if used properly. So if you haven’t left any reviews previously after your purchases, you should try leaving some crossfit equipment reviews.

crossfit equipment reviews21
Crossfit Equipment Reviews

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