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Camo Bathing Suits

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Camo Bathing Suits

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Camo Bathing Suits

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camo bathing suits
Camo Bathing Suits



It can be tough to stand out in a beach where everyone suddenly looks like they stepped out of the cover pages of Sports Illustrated, but with camo bathing suits, you can be unique and distinguish yourself from the crowd.


Earlier than you can think of, the first of these camouflage bathing suits made their appearance in the beaches of the English waters in June 1919. The New York Tribune published two consecutive articles about British women who were dressed in “dazzle-type” swimwear which then signaled the beginnings of the fad.


But a far cry from the photos the NY Tribune had published of those swimwear, camo bathing suits nowadays have evolved into something more fashionable and striking. There are now more variety of patterns to choose from, with some even decorated with eye-catching embellishments.


Not only are they uniquely designed, but they also embody the strength of their military roots. Camo bathing suits can stand up to any strain and wear – whether in land or water. Whether you are an active swimmer or surfer or a beach ball enthusiast, this type of swimwear is your best bet.


Athletic and strong does not mean boring and dreary, and you can pick these hardworking camo swimwear in an assortment of fun and trendy styles. Or if you want something less bedazzling – you can add classy to the selections too. Be warned though, instead of making you blend into the background, wearing camo swimsuit will make you a center of attention at the beach.


Camobathing suits can come in one pieces or separates which can be mixed and matched to suit your particular taste and figure. Still, despite the excitement of being able to wear something fashion-forward, don’t forget to follow some of these basic tips when shopping for bathing suits


Camoone piece will conceal your waist – great for those times when you were not able to have those sit-ups.

  • If you love your waist and want to draw attention from your hips or busts, then choose a tankini because they bring the eyes to the exposed parts of the skin.

Boyshorts, camouflaged or not, make your hips look wider. If you are aiming for an hourglass shape and have large busts, then go for them.

  • If you are short, wearing high-cut bikini bottoms can make your legs look longer.
  • If you have small busts and want them to show more volume, then you can don tie-front bikini tops. They also draw the breasts closer toward the center.

Want to lay your hands on some of these camouflage bathing suits? You can visit, an online clothing store which carries all the major manufacturers of swimwear and bathing suits. The shop has clothes in all sizes, and allows you to order separate sizes for the top and bottom. All of their swimsuits are original and licensed by the manufacturers themselves.


Here are some of the store’s top selling camo bikini and swimwear styles:

First on its list is the Mossy Oak break up string bikini with pink ties. The color is a breath of fresh air from the regular army green-colored bathing suit. This camo bathing suit uses the unique Break Up camouflage pattern which is the basis for the different Mossy Oak items and merchandise they sell.


Second on the most requested is the regular flat bottom Mossy Oak Break up bikini bathing suit. Military outdoors meet a touch of pink. The string bikini has pink strings while the flat bottom bikini has a cute, pink belt.


Next on the list is one of America’s favorite brands – Realtree. They are priced higher than Mossy Oak swimwear, but many women still love them. Realtree has amazing designer lines such as Max 4 and Ap Pink camo bikini which showcase swimwears featuring pink embellishments expertly combined with the greens and the browns.


Depending on your budget and your taste, you may prefer one camouflage swimwear over the other. Still, you do not need to limit your choice to Mossy Oak and Realtree since there are a lot of swimwear brands out there which also offer gorgeous camo bathing suits at affordable prices.

camo bathing suits15
Camo Bathing Suits

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