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Brazilian Bathing Suits

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Brazilian Bathing Suits

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brazilian bathing suits
Brazilian Bathing Suits



Daring and sensuous, Brazilian bathing suits are for women who are brave and confident enough to showcase what they’ve got. If you are bored by traditional bikinis and one pieces, then you belong to the thousands of woman who will fall in love with this teeny weenie but oh-so-lovely piece of swimwear.


Brazilian swimwear has a narrower cut in the backside which is a far cry from the usual moderate or full coverage styles. The cut has originated from Brazil, but various countries in Latin America, Europe, and other parts of the world have already embraced this already popular but still growing trend.


Brazilian bathing suits are commonly low rise in the front and smaller in size than others. For some people, they are just tiny pieces of fabric, but for the fashionable and the courageous, they are great staple items for the beach.


A word of warning though, if you love swimming or surfing and spend a lot of time in the water, you may be better finding a more stable piece of swimwear rather than a tiny string bikini in order to prevent unexpected incidents from occurring.


Moving on, here is a piece of trivia you may not know of yet. Brazilian swimsuits are also great for women with small busts. Brazilian women are naturally endowed with small breasts, which they can carry off with style.


A lot of Brazilian bathing suits have gathers, pleats, ruffles, and folds in the bust area which can increase the volume of the busts. String bikini tops, halter tops, padded and molded tops, triangle tops are also perfect for women with small busts.


Before you can look gorgeous in your Brazilian bathing suits, you must first make sure that the measurements are precise. Remember that the top and bottom sizes can differ as long as they can go perfectly well together.


Measure your bust line, the smallest part of your waist, and the widest part of your hips – these will serve as your basis when shopping for a swimwear. Double check if needed, because you do not want to invest on something that will be too tight it will be too uncomfortable, or too loose it may fall off.


Note also that Brazilian sizes and United States sizes are different. “P” stands for small, “M” for medium, “G” for large, “PP” for extra-small sizes, “EG” for extra-large sizes.

Because our top and bottom parts are not created equal, you might also want to try out different sizes of the tops and bottoms to find the best possible fit.


This is practical too, since you can buy several different tops and bottoms which generally complement each other, and then mixing and matching them to recreate a unique look each time you go to the beach.


After a rigorous selection process, then you should try them on. Remember that before you go out to buy a swimsuit, take care that you remove all hair from areas which may be revealed when you try out a swimsuit – especially if you are fitting Brazilian cut bikinis. You must also wear underwear, because no sensible swimwear shop will allow you to directly wear a bathing suit you have not yet paid for.


Make sure that the straps stay in place and will not uncomfortably dig into your shoulder. Walk with it to check if it clings firmly when you are moving. Since you are already wearing something revealing, there is no sense flaunting more than what you have bargained for.


Now that you have a good idea of Brazilian bathing suits and how to choose them, you may want to check out the following websites. offers an impressive array of swimwear, whether you are looking for one-piece suits, beachwear, and of course, as its name implies – Brazilian bikinis.


You can even find some leather varieties. They carry many well-known designer Brazilian bikinis brands such as Berrydog and Ujena. Plus, you get free shipping if you spend $69.00 or more.


If you are out for that perfect bikini breasts, then visit The brand’s very popular Envy Push Up line is the very first swim suit line created especially for small busted women or just about anyone who wants a shapelier breast. And because this groundbreaking line of products offers maximum lift and support, you can engage in any beach activity while strutting your collection of Brazilian bathing suits.

brazilian bathing suits17
Brazilian Bathing Suits

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