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Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

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Jersey Devil

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  1. Jersey Devil By: Jenelle Richards

  2. What is The Jersey Devil? • According to myths, the Jersey Devil is a legendary creature that haunts New Jersey and the area around it for over 260 years.

  3. Theories… • There are many theories to how the Jersey devil came about. • One of the most popular theories is a woman named Mrs. Shrouds of Leeds Point gave birth to a deformed child. She kept it in the cellar so no curious eyes could see. One day, it grew wings and flew out of the chimney.

  4. Theories…(cont.) • Another popular theory is that a young woman fell in love with a British soldier during the times of the Revolutionary War. The people of Leeds Point cursed the pair. Their child became the Jersey Devil.

  5. My Theory • I believe parts of each of the two theories. I believe most of the first story. (A child was born and its parents were embarrassed to let the deformed be seen. They locked it in the basement.) • However, I don’t believe it grew wings and flew away. I added my own part of this story. I think that the child went insane and began haunting the woods.

  6. Proof… • Although there are many different pictures that are supposedly the New Jersey Devil, there is some proof that it is real.

  7. Proof…(cont.) • In almost all of the legends, the word “Leed” is mentioned. • It can be the last name of someone (Mrs. Leed) or the place that the myth takes place. (Leeds Point)

  8. Proof… • In writings from Burlington and as early as 1735, the word “devil” was mentioned. • Reports have been confirmed since then that the devil had truly existed.

  9. Is the jersey Devil Real Or just a myth?

  10. We may never know...